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Hellowoon: Das Geheimnis des Zauberstabs

Dragonware / Ariolasoft 1987
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 2/6
Licence: Commercial
System: C64

Who or what the fuck is "Hellowoon"? This is exactly what the protagonist also asks himself at the beginning of the game. He got hit on the head badly and is now imprisoned in a dark, moist cell. Putting the strange word aside, this defines the immediate goal: getting out! But how?


Radarsoft 1984
Genre: Puzzle
Rating: 2/6
Licence: Commercial
System: C64

Herbie, the lovable Volkswagen Bug whose whacky adventures everyone has been following in the 60s and 70s, is back on the big screen with 'Fully Loaded'. Haven't seen it, and don't plan to, but I guess it's bad. However, legends can't die, no matter how awful this new version might be. We'll always have the original.


Raven Software / id Software 1994
Genre: Action
Rating: 3/6
Licence: Shareware
System: PC

Heretic is Raven Software's third attempt at the fantasy genre. Like the other two its engine borrows quite heavily from another game (in this case Doom), while offering a very unique and creative setting. It is also their final step away from developing the genre standard, namely role playing games, to more uncommon first person shooters.

Hero Quest 2: Legacy of Sorasil

Gremlin 1994
Genre: RPG
Rating: 2/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga

I'm not going to explain who or what 'Sorasil' is, nor am I going to bother you with what the 'legacy' the title speaks of is. You really don't need to know. Seriously - I've never heard so much boring cliché crap at once.

Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A Hero

Sierra 1989
Genre: RPG, Adventure
Rating: 6/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

Hero season is on! Having graduated from Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School you pack your stuff and seek the nearest station to exercise your valour and might in pursuit of a new respectful title. A swell opportunity was waiting just around the corner. After a short travel and crossing over the mountain range you wound up in Spielburg Valley - a small area surrounded by woods and in the center of it a fictitious medieval/fantasy german town. And lo! There seems to be plenty of work just for a zealous adventurer like you...

Heroes of Might and Magic

New World Computing 1995
Genre: Strategy
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

King's Bounty got a facelift and was combined with the popular Might and Magic series in what somebody thought it was a nice idea. And I don't say it wasn't, they took one strategy game that didn't fare so well and revived it with their best-selling franchise, a common move. It's just that I doubt they expected this to end being their new best-selling series.


Gremlin 1991
Genre: RPG
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga, PC (DOS)

Ah, Hero Quest... We all spent countless hours playing the board game! I still remember the christmas in Hotel Dorint in Hameln when my brother got it. We spent half of our time there playing it. Of course we were genious enough to use the blank map to create our own quest with a permanent and water resistant pen. And the rest of the time we played.... ummmmm...... hockey in the corridor! But back to Hero Quest.


Mr Creosote 1999
Genre: Strategy
Rating: 0/6
Licence: Freeware
System: PC

A remake of the C64 classic Imperator.

Written as a school project together with another wannabe programmer in Turbo Pascal. It's not quite as complex as the original, but still quite nice in multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, the second (extended) version never made it past the planning stage.

Hexuma – Das Auge des Kal

Weltenschmiede / Software 2000 1992
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga

The development team Weltenschmiede made three text adventures, of which Hexuma is the final one. As that, it has got one major problem: The novelty of a decent German language which had carried Das Stundenglas had worn off when this one came out two years later. So it had to be judged entirely by its raw gameplay and writing qualities, in a time when a text adventure was already widely regarded as an anachronism.


Psygnosis 1994
Genre: RPG, Action
Rating: 3/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

An evil wizard has sealed away the gods of the kingdom. Why? Who cares, you are here to kill him as otherwise a horrible thing will happen or something. And by the way don't forget to kill anything that moves.

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