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Icom Simulations 1987
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga

Driving a car at a stormy night can be quite dangerous: Accompanied by your little brother, you're on a quiet and lonely road through the open country when suddenly an unrecognisable figure appears before you. Trying to avoid hitting it, you pull the wheel aside and crash into a tree. Everything goes black.


Core Design 1994
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 2/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga

As so often, bribing / threatening (or whatever they did) magazines into giving the disastrous Curse of Enchantia good reviews worked. Sales were apparantely good enough to warrant a sequel. And so, Universe was made. Another monster let loose on humanity or did they get it right this time?

Vengeance of Excalibur

Synergistic / Virgin 1992
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Strategy
Rating: 3.5/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga

[Wandrell] When Excalibur is stolen, it's clear who is behind the crime. The… Oh, wait. The Muslims? Actually, here we have a game based on Arthurian myths, which by itself is in no way is a new thing, but it manages to actually give it an original twist.

Victor Loomes

Promotion Software / LBS 1993
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 3/6
Licence: Freeware
System: Amiga

"Victor Loomes" is a private eye in the Chicago of the 1920s. And his sponsor is..... the LBS (a German "Bausparkasse" - if you don't know what that is, visit their homepage for a good laugh)! If you're asking where the temporal (at that time, the LBS didn't exist) and local (the LBS doesn't exist anywhere outside Germany) link is, you've already understood the whole problem of the game.


Infogrames 1988
Genre: Action
Rating: 3/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga

Do you also sometimes have these incredibly positive memories about a game? Always thinking back how great it was and how you would love to play it again? Doesn't happen at all to me for the simple reason I still have all my games and keep playing them constantly - no misleading emotions.

Warlock: The Avenger

Millenium 1991
Genre: Action
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga

Druid in its third round. War rages again in Belorn - how original. Lone magician (this time not called 'druid', but 'warlock') battles his way through and ends the threat.

After the relatively fresh and original Enlightenment, Warlock is a complete turn towards the original again. No more complicated spell management and also no non-linear levels anymore. In fact, the best description is this: New levels for the original Druid.


SSG 1990
Genre: Strategy
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga, PC (DOS)

Warlords is a very basic game. Some parts of Empire mixed with a little bit of Risk and finished with a fantasy touch. Up to eight different fractions are struggling over supremacy in Illuria. Illuria is a relatively small country with 80 cities which is completely flat and apparantely has some kind of impenetrable borders - this is where the map just ends.

Wetten Dass..?

PCSL Software 1991
Genre: Puzzle, Action
Rating: 1/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga

Warning: Even though I normally try to treat both language versions of the site equally, there are situations in which this is impossible. This review is such an example. This English review will be a boring read to everyone who isn't familiar with German television, because it mostly consist of references to the popular TV show which the game is based on. You'll still learn something about the game, but I won't promise it'll amuse you much.

Wild Cup Soccer

Teque / Millenium 1994
Genre: Sport, Action
Rating: 2/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga

To us Europeans, American Football is just a big slaughter anyway. So when we play Brutal Sports Football, we don't even notice much of a difference to what's offered in the NFL. Who cares if a few weapons have been added? Don't those suits make living weapons out of the players anyway (dramatic pause...)?

Wild Streets

Titus 1989
Genre: Action
Rating: 3/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga

What a mediocre game! Walking from left to right and beating up evil guys. There's also some kind of 'story' behind it, but I have to confess I don't know it exactly. When playing it again for the review, I couldn't find the intro, no matter how hard I tried!

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