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Piranha 1987
Genre: Action, Adventure
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: ZX Spectrum

In this game you assume the role of a servant who was bold enough to apply for a job in Buckingham Palace, to serve each member of the royal family, and is willing to please them in every way, just to get their… autographs?! Well ain't that crafty. They don't call you Mad Flunky for nothing! But beware, they do not tolerate indolence and miscarriage. They expect you to be clever and resourceful, otherwise what the hell are you doing in the palace?! Remember, this isn't your grandma's house, and perhaps your own life is at stake! But if you play your cards right and show the best of your wits and dexterity, you may get to take orders from The Queen herself!

Formula One Grand Prix

Microprose 1993
Genre: Sport, Simulation
Rating: 4.5/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

This was IMHO the first racing game which came up with great graphics, sound and decent realism concerning car handling and setup. Although quite a number of the tracks in the game are not in today's race calendar or have been modified this game is still a lot of fun due to the lots of options.

Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist

Sierra 1993
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 3/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

There's lots of prejudice against Sierra's Adventure games floating around. Weak game design, embarrasingly childish wannabe-humor and often also (talking about the 'classics') graphics worse than any amateur could do. As much as I support this kind of prejudice, there are exceptions.

Frederik Pohl's Gateway

Legend Entertainment 1992
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

Aeons ago, a technologically advanced alien race called the 'Heechee' had already mastered the secret of faster than light spacetravel. They explored several planets and constructed space stations. Then, they just disappeared.


Anonymous 2008
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 2/6
Licence: Freeware
System: Interpreter

There are games which aren't very professionally made, but which have a strong personal message to them. Freedom is one of them. It is about a student suffering from social anxiety disorder trying to get on with her life. The actual tasks at hand might not seem very hard: buy groceries, check if a book you ordered has come in and attend a meeting at your college.

Frontier: Elite 2

Gametek 1993
Genre: Simulation
Rating: 5/6
Licence: Shareware
System: PC

Frontier is the sequel to The classic space trading game "Elite". Elite offered one of the first truly open ended games. A game of freedom where you could go and do whatever you pleased with no set storyline or levels. However Elite was also pretty dated by 1993, especially the original polygon wire looking BBC version. So Elite II hit the shelves.

Full Contact

Team 17 1991
Genre: Action
Rating: 2/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga

The Triads have murdered your whole family, so already as a young boy, you had to go into hiding. Training your fighting skills for decades, you only live for revenge. Until finally (as a white-haired man), you emerge to beat them all up. Not sure the Triad people will really see the link between some everyday murder they committed 50 years ago and that guy challenging them now, but anyway…

Full Throttle

Lucas Arts 1995
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 4.5/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

To get this off my chest right from the start: I'm neither a teenager, nor in any sort of midlife crisis. Not the best prerequisites to enjoy a game about middle-aged, burly (and apparantely a little simple) men whose life consists of driving around on comical, impractical vehicles. At the risk of being beaten to pulp to bald guys with beer bellies: bikers are not cool!


Firebird 1986
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Rating: 3/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Plus/4

Don't worry, this is not a cheesy game revolving around a horse and an annoying child (I'm watching too much TV). This Fury is a Lode Runner version with a small twist. Instead of searching for treasure, the player is put in the role of one of the few survivors of an atomic war. Like the others, he lives underground to avoid death from radiation. However, there are also evil mutants in these caverns who must be destroyed (it's "us or them" apparently). So the objective is not getting rich, but killing the mutants.

Fury of the Furries

Kalisto / Mindscape 1993
Genre: Action
Rating: 5/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

Fury of the Furries is one of the best platform games of the time. You control small, lovely, furry balls with hands and feet, called Tinies. The objective is to overthrow 'The Wicked One', who has captured the king and turned all other Tinies into mindless beasts.

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