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Railroad Tycoon

Microprose 1990
Genre: Strategy
Rating: 5/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

Nowadays everybody relates Sid Meier to Civilization, but there was a time when one of his most characteristic games was not about raising yet another culture, but about building your own railroad empire.

Railroad Tycoon Deluxe

Microprose 1993
Genre: Strategy
Rating: 5/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

In 1993, Microprose decided to re-release some of their earlier hits as so-called Deluxe editions. Railroad Tycoon, not an old game by any standards at that point, was one to receive such a treatment. As expected, it is almost exclusively a graphical upgrade, and not even a particularly attractive one; although the screen resolution is increased, apart from a couple of digitized photos at special events, the main art is not actually qualitatively improved. The other main change is the inclusion of three new scenarios: North America (in its entirety), South Africa and South America. The latter two being particularly hard scenarios. They come at the expense of the England scenario which does not appear anymore.


Bally Midway / Activision 1986
Genre: Action
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Atari ST

This is gonna be a short one, as there's not much to describe in terms of storyline and plot. Straightforward coin-op/arcade stuff here, which is a genre I usually won't rave about. Rampage has that little something that makes certain games so addictive, though.


Electronics Arts 1992
Genre: Action
Rating: 3/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

As an adaptation from an arcade, Rampart is a simple game, a simple, fun and hard game in which you will build the castle walls inside which will be placed the cannons to fight back an invading float.

Raptor: Call of the Shadows

Apogee 1994
Genre: Action
Rating: 3/6
Licence: Shareware
System: PC

You know the saying, “seen one, seen all”. Well, in this case if you have played any airplane shooter, like those that used to be on the arcade halls, you have already played this one. And more than probably in an improved shape.

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny

Attic / Sir-Tech 1992
Genre: RPG
Rating: -
Licence: Commercial
System: PC
English version of Das Schwarze Auge: Die Schicksalsklinge.

Realms of the Haunting

Gremlin Interactive 1997
Genre: Adventure, Action
Rating: 5/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

Ok, you have a dream of your dead father asking for help, then a weird guy gives you some obviously (yet broken) magical amulets, and when the morning ends everything makes you think you must pay a visit to the obviously haunted mansion. I smell genius behind this story.

Rebel Planet

Adventure Soft 1986
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 3/6
Licence: Commercial
System: C64, Gamebook

In the year of 2453, the secret organisation SAROS (Search And Research Of Space) tasks an undercover agent to destroy the Arcadian supercomputer. Without this central "brain", the Arcadians will be helpless zombies who cannot exert their power over Earth and its space colonies anymore. In the disguise of an space trader, the player takes over the agent's role in order to liberate mankind from its oppressors.

Rebelstar Raiders

Julian Gollop / Red Shift 1984
Genre: Strategy
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: ZX Spectrum

Not many games can claim the honour of having started something really big and immensely popular for themselves. Rebelstar Raiders is one of the notable exceptions. It spawned a whole modern genre and has to be recognized as the seminal work for countless others. Games like UFO (X-Com) and Jagged Alliance wouldn't exist without RR. Talking about UFO, RR was even made by the same person, so it's even a direct descendant.

Red Baron

Dynamix 1990
Genre: Simulation
Rating: 4.5/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

With the advent of new technologies comes a time of innovation, a time when pioneers set out to explore the potential of the latest inventions. Red Baron is remarkable in this concern because it is not only about the early days of a new kind of warfare, but because it was in itself one of the first dedicated combat flight simulators for home computers set in this era. And so it helped to lay down the basics of the genre just like the historical biplanes in it did for the aerial combat. A very fitting combination so to speak which gives the game a timeless appeal: Entering this world of rough 3D graphics and simplistic flight models seems to have a lot in common with taking off in one of those fragile flying machines of WWI. But let us take a look at how exactly this works to the game’s (dis)advantage and what else makes it a classic.

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