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Igelsoft 1986
Genre: Strategy
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: C64

You may smile ironically about the graphics of C64 games. You may even consider them ugly. I won't protest much. In fact, I have to confess I don't value the 'multimedia' capabilities of this computer too highly myself. I can understand everyone who appreciates these extremely blocky looks, but I've been 'socialized' by other machines mainly. One thing is undeniable, though: The C64 had and still has the most creative 'user scene'! Even today, new programs are being written by the followers of this small computer, some even released commercially.

Marble Madness

Electronic Arts 1986
Genre: Puzzle, Action
Rating: 5/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Amiga

Marble Madness was one of the first games on the new and fresh Amiga system. And what a way to get a system started! Although the game was also released for pretty much every other system out there at the time, it was the Amiga version which outshone them all. Closest to the original arcade machine (and even with the two player feature), it showed off the new computer's technical capabilities perfectly. A killer application, especially considering the direct competitor, the Atari ST, only had a greatly inferior port.


Infocom 1986
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: PC

The player takes over the role of an American detective who has attained some fame by solving tough cases. One day, he receives a letter from his old friend Tamara Lynd who's going to marry an English Lord soon. Back in her fiancée's castle, a ghost has started to appear again, targetting Tamara in specific. Is it actually the legendary 'White Lady' or the ghost of the recently deceased Deirdre? Or does everything have completely worldly causes? To solve all these questions, you've been invited to join your old friend over in the 'old world'.

Murder on the Mississippi

Activision 1986
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 5/6
Licence: Commercial
System: C64

Famous detective Sir Charles Foxworth is taking a holiday on the Mississippi with his servant Regis. He's just taking a stroll around the upper deck of the ship when he discovers an open cabin door. Behind it: a dead man. As it turns out, the body of Raleigh Cartwright III. Sir Charles has three days to find the murderer, because then, the ship will reach New Orleans, giving the culprit a safe chance to escape.


Mastertronic 1986
Genre: Action
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Plus/4

P.O.D. - Proof Of Destruction. A game in which you're indestructable? Great idea, will take advantage of that immediately! Nah, nah, you can't hurt me, evil monsters! Oops? What was that 'boom' sound? Aw, crap - look for yourself what happened :(

This is a fraud! It clearly said 'Proof Of Destruction' on the box. I demand my money back!


Konami 1986
Genre: Sport
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: C64

Yeah, I know… I'd rather play normal tennis :) but for those without enough space or without the physical condition, the Ping Pong (table tennis) would do. And, to be sincere, table tennis is a pretty decent way to lose you evening.

Prospector Pete

British Software 1986
Genre: Action
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Plus/4

At dusk, somewhere in a dusty desert village, the work of Prospector Pete begins. As always, he descents to the dark tunnel, and as always, a colleague takes the ladder away after him to corral him. He knows the feeling of being jailed.


Graftgold / Hewson 1986
Genre: Action
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: ZX Spectrum

Paradroid had been a huge hit on the C64, so ports were the logical step. For the Spectrum, Graftgold decided a straight port wouldn't be possible, as the game very much depends on the smooth scrolling into all directions. And while they were at it, they decided to change quite a few more things on the way.


Meisters 1986
Genre: Strategy
Rating: 5/6
Licence: Freeware
System: C64

Tired of all these modern 'anti-terror' - games? Hunting evil guys of whom you have no idea what kind of evil they've done gets boring? You're fed up with working for an anonymous 'government' with more than questionable ideals? Then choose the other side: become a terrorist!


Bally Midway / Activision 1986
Genre: Action
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Atari ST

This is gonna be a short one, as there's not much to describe in terms of storyline and plot. Straightforward coin-op/arcade stuff here, which is a genre I usually won't rave about. Rampage has that little something that makes certain games so addictive, though.

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