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Hunted by faceless corporations – nothing more than an imperfection in the matrix – stripped of corporeality by rays and nanobots, I step out of my hover car and leave the Neon Noir scenario to jump back in time to 1938. With my friend Lorry, I get off the Greyhound bus at an old abandoned gas station somewhere on the road to Seattle on 30 March. A werewolf howls in the distance and we enter Hurlements.



A stylish game from today's vibrant indie development scene, Neon Noir is an entertaining diversion from our all too complex times. Go play!


Cute games are more of a niche product these days, where every new FPS game has to be even bloodier and more brutal than the previous one. In fact, even a famous plumber with a moustache can hardly keep up. But in the early days of computer history. brutality wasn't so important and you could lure children and teenagers in front of the console with a cuddly clown. Comic Circus transported the players into the exciting world of circus clowns.



A background story in the form of a thick comic book as in the Sworquest series can also be found in this early title for the Amstrad. The vivid colours of the CPC made Antiriad not only graphically a forerunner, but also in terms of the game mechanics that foreshadowed the Metroidvania genre. This made Antiriad became almost famous among the users of this home computer.


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