News Archive - 2002


Must.... review.... more..... games! Today, I took the easy way and wrote about a well-known game called Powermonger. But did you know you can play this game in a World War 1 setting? Either way, check it out!


Added one of the most thrilling games ever: The Hound of Shadow. One of the few games which actually caused sleepless nights for me - because I just couldn't stop thinking about possible solutions of the points where I was stuck ;)


Wrote a new editorial. Those who know me a bit should know what that means: bashing of some defenseless group. Enjoy!


Added a user-contributed comic: Der Weg nach Mizar. Activated the downloads for this series of course, too. Please keep in mind that the more 'complete' what you send in is (e.g. containing the scan with 'correct' file names in good quality along with a review), the faster I can put it up!


As announced earlier, the comics series which are for download are subject to constant rotation. I now disabled all downloads for minicomics (don't worry - they will be back again later) and enable the Star Comics.


Added AddressMate for Windows to PC Apps section.


In my last updates, pretty new games were clearly dominant. That is why I dug a bit deeper this time and found Kult.


Seems like at least one of my 'job adverts' worked quite quickly: the apps count has almost doubled with today's addition of three new-old programs contributed by Guzzardo.


Two more games which are in fact really new ones. One of the two was one of the last games I bought for full price when it first came out! Guess which: Cross Check or Lords of the Realm?

Just for the record, in case anyone is wondering: Of course I didn't review all these four games only yesterday and today, but I started with these four on last Thursday! Adding even only one game a day with such a long review and so many screenshots is impossible without a big crew or a lot of free time, two things we/I don't have. So please don't expect this growth rate to be maintained.


Two new games today: Wanted, a game in classic arcade style, and Mag, a quite unique business simulation.

Concerning the previous news, I will from now on mark the sections which currently are not maintained with a 'job advert'. If anyone feels like taking over, contact me.


The latest additions were all 'successful', each in their own way. Lords of the Rising Sun easily surpassed the download count of several 'older' games in no time. Police Quest stirred up a bit of a controversy in the forum (deservedly - I wrote the review to provoke after all :P). While discussion is always good, the site should mainly be about good games, so I tried to continue the first line today: Mega Lo Mania.

And now for something completely different. It is no secret our crew situation has been better. We're down to two crewmembers again, Tapuak will be out for at least another few weeks and my own free time doesn't really increase, either. That is why we need your help! So once again: if you're interested in helping out (either on a regular basis as a crewmember or only as occasional contributor), just give it a try! All you need is some solid knowledge about classic gaming (no matter on what system) and a not-so-bad writing style. No technical requirements apart from an Internet connection (how would you be reading this otherwise?). There is nothing to be afraid of, I won't bite! At least not immediately....


Yet another update. Not bad. The same can't be said about the new game though: Police Quest.


Today, I added one of the first games I ever had as an original version. It is also one of the best ever: Phobia.


As announced earlier, I checked the bandwidth usage since the downloads have been re-enabled and evaluated it. It turned out significantly less transfer has been used than I anticipated. That is why I increased the file size limits today: 3 MB for PC, 6 MB for the rest. Looking at the download statistics, this is still not fair towards the emulation fans who are causing only a tiny piece of the overall bandwidth, but I don't want to 'discriminate' PC users too much. I'll continue monitoring the bandwidth and maybe adjust the numbers again later.


Just a note you can disregard the previous news now. Thanks to all the people who offered to send me the scans, the response was overwhelming! Special thanks to the first two guys who made the collection complete again: swgreed and Lord Deimos. I'll put them up for download again tonight.


This is a bit of an unusual update: a request. I was notified there are some comic downloads missing on the server. So I browsed my hard drive, but couldn't find them there, either! Must have uploaded them from somewhere else and then forgotten about it :( Now I could of course scan them again, but probably, there is a way around it: If any of you has downloaded one of the following files before, please contact me:
Thank you!


Today I present you a real 'classic' with 'great' graphics, 'easy accessability' and so on and so on: King's Quest: Quest for the Crown. Hint: Don't read the review.

Make sure you didn't miss the news post before this one!


The Spam Club members have decided to start a Micro Machines II championship! If you want to join, you can sign up here. Don't be afraid and join the races!


Updated all SNES emulators to the latest versions: ZSNES 1.36 for Windows, DOS, Linux and SNES9x 1.39 for Windows. Also, I added a new Mac version of SNES9x.


We now have our new file server up! That means there are game downloads again. Before you all run leeching now, please read these explanations:
File size is restricted to 1.5 MB for PC and 3 MB for the other computer sections. This is to lower the costs which have gone straight through the roof lately. The difference between PC and the rest is based on the obversation that PC games are downloaded way more often than the stuff for any other system (for whatever incomprehensible reasons) - so this is the section which has to be cut down most. We will monitor the bandwidth usage and if it again goes out of hand, the limits will be lowered even more. If we find out however, that we're now using less bandwidth than anticipated, the limits will be loosened. You should not expect monsters like the old 40 MB - rip of Death Gate anymore though!
No whining - no matter if in the forum, via e-mail or ICQ - will make us reconsider. No personal requests to send you a bigger game privately will be answered, so don't waste your time trying. If you want to get one of the games which are too big, search for them at ebay or (if you're too cheap to buy an original) use the search box on our welcome page or request it in the forum.
Somehow I have the feeling only the people who understand and accept this all anyway will read until here and therefore I could have saved all the words... ironic, isn't it?


Redid the Amiga FAQ. Instead of just the few hints for emulator settings, there is not a short historical synopsis, some technical help for users of real Amigas and a lot of specific links.


After "Gesetzgebung" the second publically supported game on this site: Dunkle Schatten.


Added 40 more screenshots for Darkseed. And once again the warning: the screenshots in the archive can give away a lot of these games! For Adventures, they're usually in chronological order, so you might at least consider skipping the last page if you haven't completed the game yourself yet. It is up to you, but don't complain to me afterwards :P


We have a new regular section webmaster for the C64 section: Dr Ramesch. His first contribution is something you might know already: The Great Giana Sisters.


Today's new game is Brutal Sports Football. Brutal Sports Football? Didn't we already have that one? Well, yes. Didn't we already have that twice? Indeed. So now it is featured on the site three times? Exactly!
As for the reasons: first, I added the PC version which, to be quite honest, I never played much. I wrote the review based on my experiences with the Amiga version. Later, when the Amiga section was open, I added the Amiga version. The Amiga version I had played so much and really knew a lot better. And which is better than the PC version.
A few weeks ago, I came across yet another version: Brutal Sports Football for AGA! In case you don't know what that means, AGA was the advanced graphics chipset of the Amiga 1200 and the CD32 console. It can be roughly compared to the VGA chipset concerning the resolution and colours, just that AGA had/has additional specialized chips for certain hardware acceleration (the fore-father of 3D chips if you want to put it like that).
Anyway, this AGA version of Brutal Sports Football is hands down the best of all. So I thought it would be unfair not to share this knowledge! And since this is such a good game, it deserves the amount of attention ;)


Here we are again! The situation with the old host became intolerable, so I cancelled that contract. For now, we're not on a dedicated server anymore and until I get all the money the old host unjustifiedly billed me with, I won't be able to finance a new one. That means no downloads for now! Yes, all you stupid leechers can go away now, there is nothing to get here. Just pure information and some misc stuff (docs and so on).

If you want to support us, please take a look at the whiney button above. I know it's not the greatest style, but well - there isn't much of a choice for me anymore. Everything is going directly into the financing of this site of course.

Short version of the mysterious three lost newsposts: Added Chaos Engine 2 and Darkseed, wrote a new editorial, hate PC.


Here we are with the next system in the Hall of Fame: the Spectrum! All the work was done by non-crewmembers, that's how it should be ;)


Added Wild Cup Soccer. Changed the news system so that news are displayed for one week on the main page, but at least always the two latest posts.


I know this is 'against the rules', but I just had to add P.O.D. - Proof of Destruction to the Plus/4 section! This was planned to be added there from the start, but I just didn't know what to write about it. This afternoon, an idea struck me - and now you can read an (not quite, but almost) true story there ;)


After a long time, a PC game again: Parashooter, a great remake of the classic Paratrooper. Second addition: a boxshot of Terraquake.


Tapuak and I decided to add additional Amiga versions of two games we've added to the PC section back when it was the only existing one: Brutal Sports Football and Chaos Engine. Both games originated from this system and they are also way better on the Amiga than the crappy PC versions, so it only makes sense to offer them. I also added boxshots of Soccer Kid and Discovery.


Finally! Tapuak and I finished the Hall of Fame entry for the Commodore 264. In case you aren't familiar with that name (nobody will blame you for that...), maybe Commodore Plus/4 rings a bell? Yes? No? In any case, head over there and enjoy the games!


Next game: Discovery. A vastly overlooked and underrated strategy game! I will add a boxshot later (don't have the box here).


Added a classic point & click Adventure today: Cruise for a Corpse. The true premiere is something else though: when playing the game, I just made more and more screenshots. With a PC game, that wouldn't have been a problem, but in all the non-PC sections, the number of screenshots is limited by standable file size which can be loaded with one page. So I added the 'screenshot archive'. So whenever we can offer more screenshots than the normal amount, we'll show them from now on! Check out the 'More Screenshots' link on the game page :)


I put up the most current versions of UAE and Fellow for MS-DOS, Linux and Windows. They're available in the Amiga section.


As promised, here is the first 'wave' of boxshots: Beach Volley, Chaos Engine and Z. All from my own collection, just had to blow the dust off ;) In the box of Chaos Engine, I also found these great cards with character profiles, so I scanned and added those, too.


In case you're wondering about the progress of the Hall Of Fame (and seeing the results of the above poll, most of our visitors care - and we don't care for the rest :P), I can assure you it's still all going. In fact, Tapuak and I have already finished yet another system, but we can't publish it yet because of my stupidity. I.... forgot to take the texts I wrote up with me when I went to visit my family :( So look out for the C264 (in case you don't know what that it, better look it up ;) section in two weeks!
In the meantime, we'll work on the next system and provide you with some other new contents. Like today. I went through my Amiga disks and got hooked to a game which I then reviewed and uploaded: Beach Volley. I'll add a boxshot of this one (and probably a few other games) tomorrow or at least within the next few days when I can be bothered to dig out the boxes I need from the huge pile ;)


<img src="ikonboard/emoticons/party.gif" alt="Party!"> Tada! This is what we've been working on for quite some time now. Tapuak made the great design, all the regulars discussed it in the Spam Club (there you see what the use of being a forum regular is: you always know of any plans first and can influence the decisions). Some of those even went as far as writing up articles, doing research along with Tapuak and me for this (huge thanks to you guys)! And now you can finally see the first results: I hereby declare the Hall Of Fame open!

Hall Of Fame? Isn't the whole site a kind of Hall Of Fame? Well, yes. But this particular Hall Of Fame deals with all the classic computers and consoles we can't cover as extensively as the ones which have their own sections. Still, they deserve their spot on this site - and this spot is the Hall Of Fame!

Each system there will be presented with a general introduction and between three and five typical games. Games which are linked to their system in some way. Games which stand for many others. In addition, there are a few emulators of course to give you the chance of a 'sneak preview' into the specific system.

At the moment, only Game Boy and Atari ST are covered. But those are in fact just the only ones whose sections are finished - more contents is already partly done, even way more is planned!

It is not possible for us to cover everything on our own though. Thus, the usual question: Who can help with this? You don't have to join our crew permanently or hang around in our forum all the time. All you have to do is share your knowledge! Every review, every article about a system, every hint at possible game candidates, every hint at possible emulators is welcome! Now enjoy our new contents :)


Today I discovered (literally!) a fully reviewed game in the user upload directory. It might have been there for several weels (or maybe months...). Why I didn't put it up? Because I didn't know about it! The guy who contributed it uploaded the stuff, but didn't send me an e-mail. So please, every contribution is more than welcome, but it can't work if you don't tell us about it!

Anyway, the game is Paratrooper, sent in by johann67. Enjoy!


Added about 100 (?) "related links"...


This is how teachers in the mid-90s could have filled their lessons without preparing anything in advance: Gesetzgebung.


Found a txt manual for Mad TV on an old disc, so I added it. Furthermore, I've decided to give the 'related links' more importance. I'll add more of those myself and in addition, you, the visitors can now post them! Just like with the comments. Thanks to the Spam Club guys for suggestion it :)


What a coincidence! Added Spiderman only two days after watching the movie in the cinema ;)


Another Adventure: KGB. It is not so well known, but generally liked a lot. Undeserved as my analysis proves.


Now that the structural renovation is finished (wiped out more errors over the last few days, I'm fairly sure it's all working now), I'm 'free' to concentrate on the contents again now :) First result is the addition of Shadow of the Comet - an Adventure I had on my 'to-do' list from the very beginning of the site, but somehow there were always 'more important' things...


Switched to a new 'Game of the Day' script. The old one was a completely static one, displaying the images according to the date - always in the same order and it always had to be 31. The new one randomly chooses a game from the 'Games of the day' which has been displayed least. I also replaced the upload script. The old one was giving more trouble than anything else...


I already found & fixed several bugs, most of which were caused by file names not matching the new name conventions. This resulted in broken images for some screenshots mainly.

But to the additions. The old poll script which had already been giving me trouble for several weeks (didn't let me log in to the admin panel without direct file manipulation), but now it refused to work alltogether. "File found. Moved here" - very intelligent error message :(

In conclusion, I've replaced it with another one and it's working great :)

I also programmed something new myself: you, the visitors, can now share your views on the featured games by adding comments which will be displayed right under the 'official' reviews! Use it as much as you like, but please keep it clean - abuse it, and you lose it!


Grand Reopening! I've redone the whole site in PHP with a database system. Everything should look as before. Almost at least: a few details have been changed. More listings in the PC section, more than one genre per game, a more accurate search. But that's about it. Please report any errors!


That's right, you can see today's update in your browser's address bar. Our new URL is! That's the domain I wanted to register two years ago already - but it only just got free again. So I grabbed it and now you'll have to live with it. The old URL ( will of course continue to work. I've set it up as an alias to the main URL.
Mr Creosote


The action-adventure Desperabis is the right game for friends of monster spiders, blood hounds, and other abnormal creatures. Besides, it is freeware and better than most "full price" games nevertheless!


Switched to a new poll again. I'm afraid this one's outcome will be a pretty clear majority :( Anyway, the result of the former poll: our average visitor is 22.8692 years old. That is if I calculate 'under 14' as 13 and '29 and older' and 29. Since the latter group is of course way bigger (hi to our visitors above 50!), the average is in fact even higher. I feel so young suddenly ;)
Mr Creosote


Dregen Rocks reviewed Super Tennis for SNES. A nice game, apparently perfect for wasting your time in the office. ;)
Furthermore, there's a manual for Shadowrun now!


This addition is the result of a discussion I had with another webmaster some time ago. I would have never added Vroom otherwise. But now it is here, so you could as well take advantage of it :P
Mr Creosote


Relaunch of the Spam Club! After a downtime of approximately 3 minutes, your favourite forum is now back in a new and improved version - check it out!
Mr Creosote


The month is over, but we're here to stay! Urgh... baaaaaad one! Anyway, let's better get over with this and forget that embarassing statement. Have a look at Knight Games!
Mr Creosote


The weekend was certainly productive :) Little Computer People is the newest member of our family of games. Another thing: would you please only submit your e-mail address to the newsletter if you really want to receive it? You don't have to submit your address if you download anything - it's an extra service for those interested! It's really annoying to find all these dead addresses in the database all the time.
Mr Creosote


Today's addition is a game many people will already know or at least have heard of: Paperboy. I switched to a new poll today. Some demographics. The results of the old one were so close (55% for lowercase text) that I will have to decide against half of the visitors in any case. So I'll just keep it the way it is for now (my own vote counts more ;).
Mr Creosote


Yet another one: Superstar Ping-Pong. That game is a good example of how simple many games were many years back.
We need your help! A new section is coming up, and it is a big and unique project - something which has never been done before. If you have any knowledge about any old computer or console, please check out this forum thread, this one and this and reply.
Mr Creosote


Started another update yesterday, but got hooked by the game, so I could only finish it today: Sherlock Holmes: Another Bow is maybe the game which is closest to being an 'interactive book' ever! Both in positive as in negative meaning...
Mr Creosote


Hello, it's me again. And I have a new game in my baggage: They Stole A Million, the forefather of all gangster games. This poll will be up for another week, so if you have an opionion on this issue, use the remaining days to vote!
Mr Creosote


After a hard week full of work, I've finished something by myself again: Imperator, a classic strategy game you shouldn't miss! Don't forget to vote on the above poll.
I also feel like plugging our newsletter again, so I'll tell you that I've just sent out an issue. If you want to learn about the updates the easy way, why not enter your address into the box below? Come on, you know you want it!
Mr Creosote


Main update comes from Jeff today. After some time of inactivity, he's been digging through his collection again and apparantely found two gems which you can now find in the apps section.
Second update is related to the C64 section. There has been a controversy about the text being all uppercase in the forum. So what do you think about this? Vote above!
Mr Creosote


The German version of King of the Snake Men has been added. Thanks to Marvin.
Mr Creosote


I have to push the C64 section more, give it more contents. That's what I've done today again with the addition of RAF, a highly controversial game which on the other hand features undeniable gameplay value.
Mr Creosote


To bring your attention to the C64 section again, I've added another game, Terraquake, which is recommended for all those who come here for the comics.
Mr Creosote


After a long time, we have a completely new section again! It deals with the C64, your favourite computer. After all this time with several people offering to take over this job and make such a section, I've finally given up hope. It's always the same: people offer something, I say ok, and then I never hear from them again - they don't even reply to my e-mails anymore! Happened not only once and not only in relation to a C64 section. I've stopped counting at some point, but it should have been between 20 and 30 of these 'incidents'. So it was again up to me.
But enough of that negative ramble! The important point is that the C64 section is now up and running! For a start, I've added three emulators and Hot Wheels - one of my favourites on that system. More to come soon of course.
This has of course also influence the site-wide navigation: a C64 link has been moved to the menus. I've removed the Fraud-link instead which was in fact only still there as a placeholder until something replaces it. The little story about the Abandonware Ring is of course still available through the editorial page.
Mr Creosote


Added a comic, but of course not scanned by me. It's a German version of Energy Zoids.
Mr Creosote


And - again as promised - I've finished my own addition today. It's a game I've played over years, starting it up again and again, sometimes just to listen to it talking: Colossus Chess X. Check it out, it's really a great one, historical value galore!
Mr Creosote


To avoid the temptation of spouting extremely lame jokes, I didn't update yesterday. But today, I present you - as promised - a PC game. It is Hollywood Pictures, reviewed by Hoffe, a visitor. Take this as a reminder that you can contribute reviews if you want :)
Mr Creosote


I'm in a good mood because of yesterday's exam, so I broke my 'promise' and already did it: Revenge of the Snake Men completes the collection of minicomics! Mission complete. Additionally, I added a German version of Clash of Arms ("Einer gegen alle").
And now the bad news for you: I'll let the comics be for a while. Sure, there are still more than enough series', I even started with some already. But I really have to take care of the other sections of the site more again! Conclusion: There won't be any new comics, only if anyone sends in scans, I'll of course process and use them. But nothing from me.
Mr Creosote


Ok, that was fast! Here is the rest of the 5th series: Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Eye of the Storm, The Flying Fists of Power and The Warrior Machine (all in English, some also German). There you see how well it all goes when you help :)
Now there is just one minicomic still missing: Revenge of the Snake Men / The Snake Men's Revenge (for some reason this one has two different titles). It'd be great if anyone could send a scan, because I don't have any time to scan it myself at the moment - a lot of exams :(
Mr Creosote


Today, the 4th series of minicomics is completed with the addition of Hordak - The Ruthless Leader's Revenge, Skeletor's Dragon and The Stench of Evil (all in English and German). I hope I've credited all scans correctly, if not, please accept my humblest apologies and let me know so that I can correct it.
Next will be series 5 of course. I already have scans of a few of those: Between a Rock and a Hard Place (English and German), Eye of the Storm (English and German), The Flying Fists of Power (English) and The Warrior Machine (English). So I could start putting them up whenever I feel like it. If you have any other language versions of those, please contact me, I'd be more than happy to put them up! This is not restricted to English and German, just give me what you have :)
Mr Creosote


Taking a break from all that comic business (not quite correct ;), I've added a game again today: X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse. Enjoy!
Mr Creosote


Two pieces of good news. Firstly, I've activated the comic downloads again. But please don't abuse it by leeching everything dry again, ok? Secondly, I've completed the 3rd series of minicomics with the addition of Siege of Avion, Dragon's Gift and Spikor Strikes. Credits go out to Hellspawn, Ravenscribe and eastpaw. On to series 4 :)
Mr Creosote


The long awaited version 1.10 of The End of He-Man is finally up. All known bugs have been fixed. If you still discover more, just let me know :)
Mr Creosote


Oh well. Sad news. The comic downloads are down for a while. Not for any legal reasons or something like that, don't worry. It's just that the we've already used half of our monthly bandwidth in just a quarter of the month, so we have to do something! The downloads will be back of course, but for now don't request the comics!
Mr Creosote


Ok, you're waiting has now come to an end. I've finished writing the walkthrough for The End of He-Man. Some people have already notified me of some more bugs, those will be fixed as soon as possible. Nothing really fatal though.
Mr Creosote


As promised, here is the next step. I've added a scan of The Tale of Teela which makes the 2nd series of minicomics complete. I guess it'll be a few hundred downloads every minute ;)
Mr Creosote


I'll now approach the comics section more systematically: Minicomics have top priority because they're after all the 'official' basis of the series! Furthermore, I'll complete the different series' collection one after another. I will take care that English versions of the comics are available. For any other language versions, I completely depend on you, the visitors. The more variants, the better. But I can't take care of that all by myself.
Logically, I've completed series 1 today with Battle in the Clouds and The Vengeance of Skeletor (each in three languages). Furthermore, I've added the English version of He-Man and the Power Sword at last. Huge thanks to Hellspawn and Ravenscribe!
Next step will of course be the missing comic of series 2 - you know what I'm talking about and I can already see your mouthes watering for the rarest minicomic in existence ;)
Mr Creosote


Important: I've discovered a bug in The End of He-Man. If you've downloaded the game before tonight, you'll have to download it again. Your saved games shouldn't be affected by this.
Mr Creosote


Tada, tada, tada! Official birthday of The Good Old Days! Two years ago, the very first incarnation of your favourite site got online. And not much has changed since then ;)

One year ago, I already did a detailed look back on the first year. Just to remind you (I bet you all remember that anyway ;): On February, 26th 2001, The Good Old Days featured 100 games, a few hundred apps and about 15 comics. Now we have 150 games (more about this later), 14 apps and 61 comics.
So you can see we halved our growth on games. That is mainly due to higher quality standards we've applied to our game reviews this year.
The apps section saw an overall decrease even! I'll explain for you new visitors who didn't follow the story: The apps section was once massive, featuring over 350 titles. But it was a pure download list, the programs only roughly categorized into genres. That was lowering the overall quality of the site drastically, only I confessed that to myself almost too late. In an 'overnight-effort', I pulled the whole section down because it was just crap! After some more trouble with several people, Jeff took it over to revoke it again. Slowly, but a lot better this time :)
For comic fans, this was certainy a good year. A lot stuff, a lot of it rare. Hope you continue to enjoy it! A very positive trend developed here: a lot of visitors have begun donating scans of their collections, saving me the time of doing everything myself and sometimes even giving me alternate language versions I didn't have myself - thanks to you all :)

Then there was the IDSA stepping in last year. The effects can still be seen all over the site: many downloads have been disabled. I don't think I have to repeat all that sad crap all over again, and I don't feel like doing it. Browse the news archive if you want to learn more.

Of course there has been an addition today. I personally added the 150th game to the site. But I did not only add it. I did not only write about it. I wrote it completely! Yes, after years, I actually pulled myself together and did something productive again. I hope you like the result. Of course it's not perfect, not anywhere near being 'professional'. But it's way superior to all my older games. Check the result (hint: something for comic-freaks) out and don't forget to give me feedback ;)

On to the next year!
Mr Creosote


Grmbl. You're trying to be nice and stuff, but what happens? Your nice offers get misused! That happened to the downloads on this site. For a long time, I offered them as ftp-links which ensured full compatibility with download managers. And what happened? Some stupid idiots log in with their ftp clients and leech the bandwidth dry! That is not how it was meant to work! Well, bad luck. I've moved the files back to conservative http downloads. Thank those lamers for it.
Mr Creosote


Driving, shooting, and eating Snickers: Biker Mice From Mars for Super Nintendo!


Here I am again, this time with an alternate language version of The Cosmic Key which was nicely contributed by warbird. Thanks!
Mr Creosote


Today I received word from David Perrel that he's in fact still marketing his Mo'Slo. You - the visitors - should know what that means: I won't provide it for download anymore. Just like all the other 'buy'-links on the site, I strongly encourage and ask you to buy this program if you want to use it! If you can get something the official way, do it - that's (in short) the concept of Abandonware. Oh well, I guess I'm just not enough into apps, otherwise I wouldn't have that let slip through...
Mr Creosote


The direct follow-up: Issue No. 3.
Mr Creosote


Started with another series. The UK Magazines are easily one of the rarest series of the Masters! These days, top prices are being paid for them all over the world - in the USA just as in Germany. For a start, I've put up issue no. 2 (sorry, but even I don't have no. 1).
Mr Creosote


Another one from the same series, but not fighting fantasy, only an ordinary comic: He-Man and the Asteroid of Doom.
Mr Creosote


Yes, I know I've been neglecting my TGOD-duties a bit, but I have my reasons. First of all, I hardly have any free time anymore anyway. And lately, I've been pushing Abandonweb a lot, so not much time left for TGOD. But today I bring you a quality update: a role-playing game called He-Man and the Memory Stone. It's a very good one, so check it out! Marvin was also so nice to contribute an alternate language scan of Masks of Power. Thanks!
Mr Creosote


Wow! So many nice people helping me out - I can't thank you all personally, it was just too much :) Thanks for clearing it all up, people! In case anyone's wondering what I'm talking about, read the news archive ;)

Don't forget to visit Abandoned Shrine! ;)
Mr Creosote


Something strange is happening! Since yesterday evening, this very page ( has become our biggest refferer by far! The hits are boosting, something like that doesn't happen 'over night' normally. This is my theory: Some huge site put up a link to us, but instead of linking to the front page (index.shtml), they considered welcome.shtml as the start page and linked directly to it. We're running a script against 'deep linking', so these visitors coming directly to welcome.shtml are thrown back to the index and there, the trackers pick them up as coming from welcome.shtml.
So far, so good, but the big question is who is linking to us? If you've just come here for the very first time or you have today, please drop me a line to let me know who the mysterious refferer could be!

For another great site, visit Abandoned Shrine! ;)
Mr Creosote


Now I made the Dommelsch trio complete: Dart 'm Up must be one of the most brainless games ever!
Mr Creosote


Well, I hope you all didn't break your promises for the new year yet. I know I didn't because I just didn't make any ;)
So, what happened today? I added a nice new feature: the Abandonweb Searchbox! Using it, you can search other sites' collections from here. Very handy. Made by me ;)
The database still needs some more sites, but this will come. And yes, I am aware that this box doesn't really fit our design. I'll make another box in the next days. But this way, you can't help but noticing it - so submit your sites now, webmasters!
Mr Creosote

Party A happy new year from the whole crew to all our visitors! Party


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