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Plot: In der Gewalt der Spinnen: Webstor sneaks into the royal palace and reaches Adam's chambers. Before the prince can reach for this sword, the spider-man has already overpowered him. Using this royal hostage, the guards have to watch him leave without being able to do anything about it. Stratos follows the evil guys in their Roton and notifies the king: Skeletor has built a secret hideout in a huge mountain. In there, Adam manages to get away from his captors, but only to run directly into the lair of the giant spiders living here. Man-at-Arms, Teela and Ram Man arrive at the mountain, but even the Battle Ram isn't powerful enough to gain them entry. Skeletor magically projects images of Adam fending off the spiders to the outside and he offers to exchange Adam for He-Man. Man-at-Arms sends Stratos to Castle Grayskull, knowing that this demand can't be fulfilled. The Sorceress changes into Zoar and carries the Power Sword to Adam. He changes to He-Man, hacks the spiders into pieces and defeats Webstor and Skeletor.
Invasion der Geister: On a reconnaissance mission, Mekaneck's Talon Fighter is attacked by flying green goblins with their energy-shooting eyes. They come to Eternia through a dimensional portal. The heroes attack them, but their weapons aren't doing the invaders any harm. He-Man flies his Wind Raider right to the portal where he meets a titan who supplies the monsters with unlimited energy. The most powerful man in the universe recognizes the attacker's one weakness, though: He seals the portal to the other dimension with his sword, thus cutting off the titan's own power supply. The seemingly unbeatable creatures are crumbling in the air.
Comments: Skeletor captures Adam to lure He-Man into a trap. We've seen that one quite a few times - a few times too often, actually. Then again, the spiders and the generally good executing make this one of the better versions of this standard plot. The second story is alright considering its shortness, even though it's basically exactly the same as the second story of the first issue.


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