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Caverns of Fear

DownloadPlot: Feeding Battle Cat, He-Man hears strange sounds emerging from the well in front of Castle Grayskull. Climbing down, he finds huge caverns. The sounds which lured him there are caused by Skeletor and Teela having a sword fight. Of course, He-Man tries to help, but he's attacked by Beast Man. This foe doesn't last very long, and the duel between the mightiest man in the universe and the Overlord of Evil begins while Teela is attacked by Trap Jaw. Man at Arms and Stratos take care of Trap Jaw. As the tide of battle turns against him, Skeletor teleports away. He-Man seals this entrance to the castle with rocks.
Comments: Stupid story with people appearing out of nowhere making you wonder why all these characters didn't do anything before. It's kind of explained for all the heroes, but why were Skeletor's henchman just standing around when it was just Teela defending the castle? And why didn't anyone ever notice a vast array of caves below the castle before?
Thanks to Mordred!

Mask of Evil

DownloadPlot: Lady Irena, an old friend of Adam and Teela, visits the Royal Palace. She exhibits some strange antics, playing with weapons and hurling abuse at Orko after a minor clumsiness. Adam gets suspicious - an investigation worthy of He-Man. The Sorceress comes to the conclusion the person in question is not Lady Irena, but an imposter sent by Skeletor. He-Man unmasks the beast and fights of the Overlord of Evil and his other cronies. The real Irena has been imprisoned in an impenetrable globe by Mer-Man. He-Man and his friends free her, too, using a magic flute.
Comments: A very basic story without much finesse. Skeletor's plan is somewhat clumsy. And the solution? Too easy.

Meteor Monsters

DownloadPlot: A huge meteor enters Eternia's athmosphere. Man-at-Arms is the first to feel the effects: He turns into a giant monster. He-Man recognizes the only way to save him is to destroy the meteor fragments which caused the change. Duncan changes back, but the danger is still there: pieces of the meteor scattered across the land. Of course, Skeletor wants to take advantage of this situation. He orders Beast Man and Kobra Khan to send the beasts and snakes respectively to expose themselves to the radiation of the meteor to gain its horrible strength. Finding the next two meteor pieces, He-Man has to fight off mutated beasts and serpents. After doing so successfully, he heads off to the last fragment. Skeletor has already teleported his warriors there, though. Even the combined forces can't stop the mightiest man in the universe. The threat of the meteor is gone.
Comments: Skeletor and his men are just stand-ins in this story, and final confrontation is especially unrewarding.
Thanks to Matt!

The Trap

DownloadPlot: Skeletor ambushes He-Man, knocks him out but then vanishes. As it turns out, the Overlord of Evil has dropped his half of the Power Sword. He-Man combines it with his half and heads off to enter Castle Grayskull at last. The jaw bridge opens and He-Man and Stratos enter the mystical castle. They pass several deadly traps. Entering the cellar, they find Skeletor who has been controlling these dangers all along. Apparantely, Skeletor took the real sword from He-Man while he was unconscious. However, even with the real Power Sword in his possession, Skeletor is overpowered by the most powerful man in the universe.
Comments: Obviously a very early story (halves of the Power Sword,...) constructed to show off the features of the Castle Graskull playset.
Thanks to Mordred!


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