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» The Good Old Days - Comics - Interpart - #6


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Plot: Die Reiter von Morc: Out of the blue, a group of riders appear in front of Castle Grayskull, challenging He-Man and disappearing again as quickly as they came. The heroes decide to accept and fight, but first, they have to track their opponents down. The Sorceress and Orko open an portal to their home dimension, Morc. The Masters follow the horse track through this strange world until they finally encounter the riders. Unfortunately, it happens just as the heroes are standing on a long wooden bridge. Only He-Man manages to jump off before the riders cut the ropes, sending the heroes into the chasm. He-Man himself is stunned with a gun and carried away. After recovering, the rest of the heroes set out to free He-Man again, who has been taken to the riders' impressive fortress. He's sent into an arena where he faces a huge beast. Meanwhile, the others meet some non-monstrous inhabitants of this world. In the struggle with the monster, He-Man throws rocks at it until one of them bounces off in the direction of the balcony on which the riders' leader stands. Falling down and being crushed, the beast is now free of his mind control and goes on a rampage in the city. He-Man uses this opportunity to escape. Reunited with his friends, he watches the riders' fortress being reduced to rubble by the monster. Free of the riders' rule, the humans can now build up their own kingdom again. Fisto is speechless.
Der geheimnisvolle Karatemeister: Jitsu, a scout from a great empire in the east, meets Skeletor who immediately sees the potential in the karate master. Under the Dark Lord's influence, he challenges He-Man, showing the mightiest man in the universe some of his strength by smashing things, like for example running into a nearby tree head first. He-Man, unimpressed, reacts by lifting the complete group which Jitsu is standing on. The latter recognizes he won't stand a chance in a real fight and walks off under Skeletor's screams of protest.
Comments: Alright first story, but it should have dwelled longer on the nature of this other world, e.g. its vegetation, the riders' rule and so on. The second story is just a promotial item for one particular new action figure, and that figure doesn't even come off well.