Dragonsphere (1700)

System: PC
Company: Microprose
Year: 1994
Genre: Adventure
Theme: Sword & Sorcery
Language: English
Licence: Commercial

Dragonsphere (ID: 1700)

7 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
Raw (.IMG)
SHA1 Hashes:

e2e03c4fd8a4e9217f6d2f60e34ca3831845132b  disk01.img
425fa708f64f2134c4e8f4ee1126e2c6a1b7ddd7  disk02.img
f43eca93e92cdea865456824321daa209a90b24f  disk03.img
d215dc48b9d6ed696a1f8f4d4acbf1f4edc54e21  disk04.img
583a3adf9a8a9b384d132f19045f974ba91897d9  disk05.img
35386a32e017a40bbf73ae87d7a89a68dc4d69cb  disk06.img
0639e04d8379d1428f38d881c58950cd85b58640  disk07.img
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Wandrell (2012-11-16):

Well, you know, once you go beyond the apex of the 18 years old, life is a hard down road.

But getting to the point, why is it random? Because I went, did choose one or two of the pixies and suddenly I solved the puzzle not knowing what happened.

And why is it also random? Because when you get into a labyrinth you are expecting at thematically related puzzle, not one about checking color pixies that keep moving around.

cheez (2012-11-16):
I like how logic puzzles are "random" to Wandrell. Speaks volumes of the reviewer... I solved that thing when I was 10, the proper way.
Mr Creosote (2010-08-06):
It's funny. In all those three Microprose Adventure games, my initial 'first impression' was a lot more positive than what I thought about them after sleeping on it a couple of times. There seems to be a certain undefinable quality about them which fades on closer inspection.
Wandrell (2010-08-05):
Well, I added a small paragraph at the end. And decided that 5 may be too high, as a game with a 5 would be fun to replay. So I lowered it to 4. Not too bad, not too good.
Mr Creosote (2010-08-05):
Ah, so it's another negative aspect. And here I was foolishly hoping for the opposite :)
Wandrell (2010-08-05):

Now I look at a dictionary, it's a false friend. Tópico in spanish means topical, typical, but also refers to something so typical that everybody expects it and became a stereotype.

The correct word seems to be trite. So I'll solve it.

Mr Creosote (2010-08-05):

The shortness is not really a positive quality, either, is it? It's just the avoidance of another negative characteristic (dragging on too long).

Also, I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'topical' (both in the review and here). This implies there are some issues addressed in the game which are of current relevance. Yet you never name them. What are they?

Wandrell (2010-08-05):

I suppose I centered too much on the negative. I think it was enjoyable due to it being so short, otherwise it would end being an easy and monotonous game, which would only stand for looking good.

But being so short you don't end getting tired of it, even if the game is so topical.

And that puzzle, it seems you should talk to the pixies and follow their clues. I didn't even know I had to talk to them, found it on a guide. Talked to the first, asked if I could continue and went forward. Later I found I had to talk to a red one with a certain name and ask to pass, so I was just lucky.

Mr Creosote (2010-08-05):

Maybe I'm reading too much (or too little) into your words, but what is it you actually like about the game? You've given it an excellent rating, but it seems you've got quite a bit of criticism while saying little positive.

There's just this:

And doesn't even add some labyrinths to try to make the game last longer. There is a labyrinth, but luckily it just ends being a completely random puzzle (that or I solved it by chance) on a small corridor.

Which sounds quite negative, too ('completely random').

Wandrell (2010-08-05):
Return of the Phantom. I always make the same stupid mistake with that game.