The End of He-Man! (he-man_sol.txt)

The End of He-Man!
Written by Mr Creosote

There are many ways to finish the game. I've tried my best to structure
this solution as logical as possible, but with all those different branches, it
is of course hard.
Keep in mind that these are just the 'quickest' ways through the game.
I strongly recommend you also try other things which come to your mind -
sometimes you'll get additional background information, sometimes
it'll just be something stupid or funny.
If you don't want to spoil your fun, only read here if you're
completely stuck. And only read the paragraph you really need!

The palace:
Man-at-Arms looks worried. But why could he be worried about? Why not ask him?
He holds something in his hands, that could be something to ask him about.
He'll tell you the King wants to see He-Man. You're Adam though. So
you'll have to transform into He-Man.
A quick look into your inventory reveals you don't even have the Power
Sword with you! So you'll have to search for this first. Where would a sane
person normally store his most valuable and secret possession? Of course, in his
own room! So go east to your quarters. Of course the Power Sword doesn't
lie around openly. There is a secret mechanism in this room. To activate it,
you'll have to check out the drawer in the table first. But it's
locked and there is no visible way to open it! So another secret mechanism: sit
on the chair and the lock will spring open. Now open the drawer, stand up again
and look inside. Get the book. Under it, there is a button. What do people
normally do with buttons? Right, push it. Search the secret closet and tada: the
Power Sword. Before you use it though, you'll have to make sure nobody is
watching. Close the curtain. Now at last the time has come to raise the sword.
Having accomplished this, go west and north into the gallery. Examine the
portraits. Go north again to meet King Randor. He, too, is holding a note which
you ask him about. He tells you about your mission.
Man-E-Faces turns up in his monster form. Now the ways through the game split
for the first time...

Getting away from Eternos the quick way (Talon Fighter):
You can't get out of the palace's main gates. So you'll have to
find another way out. Go south twice, then east. In your room, climb south out
of the window.
You're facing Man-E-Faces now. You make his death painless by a swift blow
with your Power Sword. Zodac appears. He wants to talk to you about Man-E-Faces,
so you do him the favour and ask him about your late companion.
After some explanations, he leads you to Point Dread. Go up into the Talon
Fighter and activate it. You've made it to the village.

Saving Man-E-Faces:
If you think Man-E-Faces deserves another chance, you'll have to do a bit
more. Go west from the entrance hall into the conference room. Examine the big
table, examine the map, get one of the tin soldiers.
Go back east, east again and south out of your room's window. Ignore
Man-E-Faces for now - the strong gates are keeping him out. Go south again into
the city.
Read the book. Read the sheet. Show the sheet to the fruiterer and she'll
give you most of the necessary ingredients. But what could this last ingredient
be? Some metal of course. There are several pieces of metal lying around in this
game, but only one has the desired effect: the tin soldier. 'Mix' the
vegetables with it (in fact, the court magician will do that ;).
Go north to face Man-E-Faces once again. Pour ("put") the potion into
him. How is that done? Remember you're the most powerful man in the
universe - you can easily hold him in your grasp and at the same time fill him
up. Now you have a companion.

Leaving Eternos via Wind Raider:
From the compound, go east to Man-at-Arms' workshop. Examine the Wind
Raider. You can try it out if you want, but it's broken. Ask Duncan about
the Wind Raider. He'll tell you he needs some rare metal to repair it:
Go west twice, straight into the guards' barracks. Pick up the helmet.
Leave the barracks again and go south into the city. Examine the fence. Try
asking him about his goods. You won't get far as either He-Man or Adam. So
you'll have to disguise your face somehow. Wear the helmet, ask the fence
about his goods again. Examine the jewellery. Get the necklace.
Visit the king again and show the necklace to him. He'll tell you it
contains Strentum. Give the necklace to the smith in the city and he'll
melt it for you.
Hurry back to the workshop, give the wire to Man-at-Arms. Enter the Wind Raider,
activate the launch switch. You lift off and fly away.

Leaving Eternos via Battle Ram:
From the compound, go east to Man-at-Arms' workshop. Examine the Battle
Ram. You can try it out if you want, but it's broken. Ask Duncan about the
Battle Ram. He'll tell you he needs new wheels to repair it.
His story smells fishy though, so you'd better consult another person who
was involved in this. Man-at-Arms said the guards helped him. So visit them in
their barracks. Ask them about the Battle Ram and you'll get the full
Back in the workshop, Man-at-Arms won't let you search the rubbish in which
the wheels are supposed to be. So you'll have to lure him away from here.
Go back into the palace and into the conference room. Open the small table and
get the card. Read it.
Again into the workshop. Give the card to Duncan. He'll think it's
really meant for him and leave. Search the rubbish. Just as you discover the
wheels, Man-at-Arms comes back after he has discovered it was a fraud. Give the
wheels to him and he'll fix the Battle Ram grudgingly.
Get into the Battle Ram, turn on the motor switch and off with you.

The voyage via Talon Fighter:
There is no voyage if you take the Talon Fighter. You get straight into the
village without further ado. Didn't I tell you NOT to read paragraphs which
you don't directly need?

The voyage via Wind Raider:
You're above the Mystic Mountains, and some nasty prehistoric birds block
your path. So you'll have to distract them. Examine the Wind Raider again
to make sure you remember all its controls. Push the laser button. Shoot the
laser at the trees. Now you can safely travel on to the north.
Saving the birds from extinction:
Maybe you don't want to commit genocide after all. If you want to, you can
save the animals (after causing all that pain and sorrow yourself). Shoot the
laser at the rocks. You'll see some water flowing out. Activate the hook
lever. Grab the rocks with the hook and deactivate the lever again. You're
too nice. Fly north.

The voyage via Battle Ram:
Your path is blocked by rocks. Examine the Battle Ram again to get aware of the
controls. Turn on the artillery by pushing the button. Shoot the artillery at
the rocks. Push the energy cannon's button and shoot the rats. If you
don't want to kill the rats, shoot the artillery at the walls instead.

The village:
Get out of the Battle Ram. Go west into the church. Listen to the preacher until
he mentions a prophecy (wait and he'll mention it without you doing
Exit the church again and enter the town hall. Ask the elders about the prophecy
and about Skeletor. Grab the statues and get out.
Go north to the harbour. Get the sails and the rope. Try to enter a boat.
You'll have to get rid off the villagers first.
In the town centre again, you'll have to get the preacher's attention.
Drop the statues. Hit the preacher with the sword and tie him up with the rope.
If Man-E-Faces is with you, you can now go back to the pier and take a boat.

Getting out of the village without Man-E-Faces:
In this case, you'll have to remember about the prophecy. Fulfill it! Hang
("put") the sails on the church windows. Now you can safely sail away.

The caves:
Follow the sound to the north.

How to get the Mystical Crystal of Eternal Life from that force field:
Divert the Behemoth's attention by hurling a spear in the direction of the
Ara. It'll fly up shocked. Now cut the power supply of the Ancestron with
the antistatic knife and put it in the murky water.
The electric eels will re-awake, swim over to the bridge, kill the Explorer on
it. The latter will fall into the water and get fried. Just right for the giant
Crocodile of Niangra.
It'll swim to the corpse, giving way to the portal. Enter it. You'll
find yourself in the Twilight Zone........... and since all this has nothing to
do with this game, I'll stop here. Never read any hints you don't
currently need again!

The central cave:
Don't try to rely on He-Man's powers here. You simply can't
change back into him because the ancient magic of this place is stronger.
Examine Skeletor, the symbols and the Hydrotidon, then the painting.
Now it depends. These are the things you can do (in no particular order): kill
Skeletor, kill Randor, crush the Hydrotidon, ask Skeletor and/or Randor about
the symbols, about the painting, about the Hydrotidon, about the Sorceress,
about each other. Eventually, you can leave the cave to the south again (once
the conflict between Skeletor and Randor is solved). Depending on what of those
choices you do - and on the order you do it in - you'll get one of the
different endings. There are too many to describe them all in detail. Experiment
a bit and you'll soon see!

That's it. You've successfully read this walkthrough. Congratulations!