Dungeon Master (Dungeon_Master_Secrets.7z)

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best rpg, just this game made me buy my atari st
Herr M.:

This has to be one of the RPGs I tried playing the most – without ever finishing it. I think the farthest I got was level 3 or 4 (I vaguely remember fighting some mummies?). There is something about it that keeps me coming back… yet there is also something that always puts me off.

It is also a game I only knew for the longest time by stories from a good friend back in school. One of those games you get told a lot of stories about and get your very own image of how it must look and play like. Maybe it is the discrepancy between this and the actual game that is still letting me down after all those years.

Big Alex:
Couldn't agree more - quite possibly the greatest game I'd ever seen on the Atari when it came out