Hugo's House of Horrors (HHH_manual.txt)

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??????????????????????????  HUGO'S HOUSE OF HORRORS 
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	  Copyright 1990-1992, David P. Gray, Gray Design Associates

			      All Rights Reserved

?????????????????????????????  C O N T E N T S  ???????????????????????????????

		  1.   Specification
		  2.   System requirements

		  3.   USER GUIDE
		       3.1   Starting program
		       3.2   How to play
		       3.3   Function keys
		       3.4   Help hints

		  4.   Copyright notice
		  5.   Disclaimer of warranty

?????????????????????????????  1.  SPECIFICATION  ?????????????????????????????

HUGO'S HOUSE OF HORRORS is an exciting and challenging adventure game that
a combination of colorful 3-D animated graphics and text.  Great graphics are
accompanied by music and a good sense of humor along the way.

You control HUGO'S destiny as he tries to rescue his sweetheart who is
imprisoned somewhere inside the haunted house, and you must solve the various
puzzles and challenges encountered during his quest.  You will be glued to the
screen for hours as you track your way through the haunted rooms.

Other features include save and restore, sound options, inventory keeping,
on-line help and the all important boss key.

??????????????????????????  2.  SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS  ??????????????????????????

HUGO'S HOUSE OF HORRORS requires an IBM compatible computer with EGA or
graphics, at least 360Kb of ram and 850Kb of disk space.  A hard disk is not
essential but highly recommended.

?????????????????????????  3.  U S E R   G U I D E  ???????????????????????????

北北北北北北北北北北北北北  3.1  STARTING PROGRAM  北北北北北北北北北北北北北


To finish the game early, type either QUIT or EXIT at the prompt.

北北北北北北北北北北北北北北  3.2  HOW TO PLAY  北北北北北北北北北北北北北北北

To move HUGO, use either your arrow keys or the numeric keypad (remember to
turn the Num-Lock off).  If using the keypad, diagonal movement is possible.

To stop HUGO simply type the same cursor key (or numeric keypad key) again.
Remember there is no need to hold down the button for HUGO to keep moving.

Use simple English to instruct HUGO to perform an action.  For example
around" or "look at door" to look at things.  To pick
something up try "pick
up the gold" or "get gold" or "take
gold" etc.  Many synonyms are allowed but
if HUGO doesn't seem to understand, try re-phrasing your command.

Certain actions carry a bonus score when carried out, as does picking up
useful objects.  When you have successfully completed the game, your score
should match the maximum score shown on the status line at the top of the

If you have trouble solving some of the puzzles in this game, there are a
couple of hints in section 3.4 of this manual which cover the places most
likely to cause problems.  There is also a file called HINTS which you can
look at if you get stuck.  It contains clues for all the puzzles in each
room.  You can TYPE or PRINT the HINTS file.

北北北北北北北北北北北北北北  3.3  FUNCTION KEYS  北北北北北北北北北北北北北北

F1  ..........  Press once for a reminder of the other function keys.
		Press twice for help.

F2  ..........  TURNS SOUND ON OR OFF.  Note that sound does not play
		continuously.  The status of this button is shown in the
		status line at the top of the screen.

F3  ..........  REPEATS LAST COMMAND.  This key is useful to enable you to
		repeat a command or edit the last command.

F4  ..........  SAVES A GAME. If you have to leave the game early but wish to
		save your current position, use this feature by pressing F4.

		You will see a text box appear with eight rows of dotted lines
		and an arrow pointing to the first.  These are empty
		which enable you to save up to eight versions of the game.
		Press return and the arrow will flash by the first slot,
		prompting you to enter a short description of your current
		game, e.g. "In the Kitchen", press return to save the game
		then either continue or leave the game by typing QUIT or EXIT.

		When you return to run the game again, use the F5 button to
		restore it.  You may re-use any slot and either retain the
		same description or type another.

F5  ..........  RESTORE A PREVIOUSLY SAVED GAME.  Select a
"slot" as described
		in function F4.  Note you may not select an empty slot!  Hit
		return to restore the game.

F6  ..........  INVENTORY.  Pressing F6 puts up a text box to show you what
		objects you are currently carrying.

F9  ..........  BOSS BUTTON.  So-named because it instantly removes all traces
		of the game from the screen and places you in a normal DOS
		environment from which you can perform your regular work-like
		commands.  Note, however, that the game is still lurking unseen
		in the background and the amount of memory available to you is
		reduced by about 280Kb.  Resume your game at the next opportune
		moment by typing EXIT.  [Note:  You must have sufficient
		memory (at least 512K) before running HUGO for the boss button
		to work, and must either reside in one of your
		PATH directories or have a suitable COMSPEC or SHELL command.
		See your MSDOS manual for an explanation of these terms.]

北北北北北北北北北北北北北北北  3.4  HELP HINTS  北北北北北北北北北北北北北北北

There are one or two places in the game where a large number of players have
got well and truly stuck.  For this reason here are some clues for the most
popular areas of befuddlement.  Remember only to read further if you need
help, otherwise it could spoil your enjoyment ...

If you have trouble solving the other puzzles in this game, there is also
a file called HINTS which you can look at if you get stuck.  It contains
clues for all the puzzles in each room.  You can TYPE or PRINT the HINTS file.

CAN'T GET IN THE FRONT DOOR ...... although this is an easy problem for
experienced adventurers, to a novice it will be extremely baffling.  The key
to the front door is hidden inside the pumpkin.

First move close to the pumpkin and say "get pumpkin" then say
"drop pumpkin"
or "break open pumpkin" to reveal the key.  Now pick up the
key ("pick up key")
and walk over to the front door and say "unlock door" and
finally "open door".
You can now move HUGO through the door with the cursor key and you are in the
hallway of HUGO'S house and ready to continue the game.

THE OLD MAN'S QUESTIONS? ......... while some people have thoroughly
tormenting their local library assistant while researching the answers to the
old man's riddles and trivia questions, others have stayed up all night
their hair out.  To these, my sincere condolences and the answers are (1)
(2) Narnia, (3) Bram Stoker, (4) Man, (5) C, (6) Bullet, (7) The last one is up
to you!

????????????????????????????  4.  COPYRIGHT NOTICE  ???????????????????????????

should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be distributed to individuals or companies in
any form nor transmitted electronically to bulletin boards.  It retains all
copyrights for the author.

Also registered versions may not be copied except for the sole purpose of
making a backup copy.

????????????????????????  5.  DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY  ?????????????????????????

This software is provided "AS IS" and the author makes no
warranty of any
kind, expressed or implied, including without limitation, any warranties of
merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose.

Good data processing procedure dictates that any program be thoroughly tested
with non-critical data before relying on it.  The user must assume the entire
risk of using the program.

In no event will the author be liable for incidental, consequential, indirect
or other damages including any lost profits or lost savings arising from the
use of, or inability to use the software even if the author has been advised of
the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by any other party.  And in
no event shall the liability for any damages ever exceed the price paid for the
license to use the software, regardless of the form and/or extent of the claim.

????????????????????????????  END OF MANUAL.DOC  ??????????????????????????????