Knights of Xentar (Knights_of_Xentar_Map.7z)

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TheDOSKid (2014-08-20):


BTW: I used DOSBox to take the images since it was alot easier then taking them from the actual computer.

Herr M. (2014-08-20):

I still remember when I saw the high ratings for this game and lured by the cool sounding name I decided to give it a try, expecting a great RPG… boy was I in for a surprise. :D Actually I never finished it, because it seemed far too juvenile to me.

Unlike any other RPG that I've played, you don't make your character attack enemies, instead, your character attacks the enemies for you.

Can't remember this at all, but it does sound like a cool twist.

looks beautiful, especially when playing on a CRT monitor

Totally agree on that one: There are graphic modes which look so much better on a CRT. Maybe it's the more intense colours or the clearer picture.

Interesting setup you used to test the game. Did you take the screenshots on it or did you use DOSBox?

Nicely detailed review btw. ;)