The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes (LostFiles_Manual.7z)

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I have CD images both for the Spanish and English version. Can't assure the Spanish CD-Rom is the CD version instead of just an installer, but if I recall correctly the voices where translated for the intro, so there may be a Spanish CD.
Mr Creosote:
The German CD version has got the voice of Homer Simpson as Sherlock Holmes. I can't say this fits ;)

[Mr Creosote]: It was in spanish. The translation was good, for what I saw.

[Wandrell]: The floppy version has speech on the intro [like DotT]. The CD
version is 75 Mb, so I think you are right: it's too small to be a full
talkie version.

The 3DO version is a complete CD in lenght, with live-action video as I
mentioned, but I don't remember if it had full digitazed speech.

About the CD version. There is a PC CD-Rom one, for what I know it adds voices only to the beginning and ending, and maybe to one or two important cutscenes.
Mr Creosote:
Out of curiosity: You mentioned you played a translated version. Which language was this in?
It's true. Repetitiveness can kill a wonderful tune if you heard it for 909th time. Sometimes it seems better to turn off the music temporarily until you've got right that pesky puzzle you've been working in for almost an hour...
Mr Creosote:
Oh, I absolutely agree! The problem, as with other pacing and mood elements, is that it's hard to pull of in an interactive narrative. Things can get repetitive fast, outside of cut scenes, there can never be an exact timing correlated with the visual events and so on. All the more fascinating if a game gets this right.

Thank you. I like music very much, so I do pay special attention to it in games and movies. I suppose it's no coincidence that all the games that top my ranking have a superb soundtrack...

Music is half the experience one gets in audiovisual media, and creates most of the emotions that are perceived, but we shouldn't underestimate the importance and power of good dialogue and well crafted scenarios.

Mr Creosote:
You make it sound as if (music-wise) this is The Long Goodbye of gaming history :D
Keeper of the Blue Flame:

I`ve found a Sequel to this game!! if anyone`s interested in the "great legend" detective... it`s title is "lost files of Sherlock holmes: case of the rose tattoo", a windows 95/98 game.
happy searchin` detectives ;)