Weird Dreams (Weird_Dreams_Novella_alt.7z)

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Moebius (2015-08-12):
Only those normally wear striped uniform ;)
Mr Creosote (2015-08-11):
He looks like an escaped cartoon convict!
Moebius (2015-08-09):
especially the suit!

That's supposed to be pyjamas ;)

Herr M. (2015-08-09):
Even with the mentioned shortcomings this looks and sounds like an incredibly cool game… especially the suit! :D Goes right on my "Must Give A Try!"-list
Moebius (2015-08-08):
My guess is, mobygames made a mistake and Wiki somehow incorporated it. Although the former doesn't really say which version it is, and wiki editors decided it's PC for some reason, while if anything it indeed should be the last on the list. I think that alone is enough to dismiss it. Don't forget, Wiki is maintained by ordinary people mostly, and not someone who can take responsibility for inaccurate entries. Every other source says it's 1989, so i think it's best to join the herd on this particular matter.
Mr Creosote (2015-08-08):
Weird indeed. I would be tempted to question the independence of these two sources (Wikipedia/Mobygames), but I also don't have definite proof of the opposite.
Mr Creosote (2015-08-08):
Apart from Wikipedia, is there any indication that this one was actually released in 1988? There seems to be zero press coverage from the time and several reviews even hint at the ST version being the first one released whereas some articles mentioning the PC version call it a port (making it impossible to be published before the others).