Shard of Inovar (story.txt)


Many  centuries  ago  when  the  Earth  was  still evolving, a plague as  the 
Nagroma  would  descend  upon  the  land  every year as winter approached, and 
devour  every  living  thing in sight. The people lived in dread of the winter 
months and every year they prayed that spring would arrive early and drive the 
pestilence  away for good, but every year without fail it returned. About this 
time  an  ancient Elfin race known as the Eharin from the realm of Mantierion, 
fashioned  a  beautiful  and  powerful  starform elfstone which they named the 
Inovar. Aided by the power from this multi-coloured stone the Eharin were able 
to  create  the Cairnrue, a protective barrier which covered the land and kept 
out  the Nagroma. When spring arrived, the Cairnrue had to be lowered to allow 
the rain to fall and this task was the duty of Varwield. 

And  so  Varwield Arthemin carried out his duties throughout his years but now 
grows   old.   You   are  commissioned  by  your  people  to  become  Varwield 
Secunda-apprentice to Arthemin. You learn that Inovar is kept within the chest 
of  Kiron  the Protector, a mighty statue of awesome power. To take Inovar you 
must  utter the ancient Ritual of Release known only to the Varwields, then go 
to the Dais of Cairnrue and utter the Ritual of Decaim at the appropriate time 
in spring. 

For  many  years  you  served  under  Arthemin  but he began to change. In his 
dotage  he  became  bitter  and  disillusioned.  At  the last time of Nagroma, 
Arthemin  raised  the  Cairnrue with his sceptre but sought thereafter to take 
the  power of Inovar to himself and corrupt it to his own uses. However, Kiron 
the  Protector came to life and wrested Inovar from Arthemin but in the battle 
a shard was split from Inovar and Arthemin managed to drain much of its power. 
Kiron  placed  Inovar in his chest and fled westwards. The Shard of Inovar was 
placed upon the Dais of Cairnrue. 

Arthemin  retreated  to  his  fortress,  Caernast  and  created the Naslava to 
protect  him.  They were creatures from the Earth's core - pure laval
states - 
but  they had no mobility. Rimarlion, Daughter of Earth, battled with Arthemin 
as  he attempted to create the Naslava. She was defeated and cast into rock in 
the  Oasis  of  Rest. Before she was imprisoned there she cast her Amulet into 
the  hands  of the Laryx - a goatlike people who inhabit Mount Hiakron and the 
shores  of Adklaart Mire. They entrusted it into v the safekeeping of Sunquat, 
Leader of the Eharin, People of Light. 

Kiron  fled  over  the  Adklaart Mire. Rumour hasit that he stands immobile in 
the  land  but  the Singard, evil soldiers in Arthemin's power, have found
and stand guard over him. 

The  storm  clouds  gather overhead. The rain is absorbed into the Cairnrue as 
it  falls.  The  time  has  come  for  the  Ritual  of  Decairn, you, Varwield 
Secunda, must attempt the Decaim.