Pirates! (Pirates!_552.7z)

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GranNaniwa (2016-05-22):
Is there a version of this game that runs on PCjr? The one I have gives me garbled graphics :(
AKK (2012-05-09):
Ich wollte nach diesem Spiel auch immer eine Schatzinsel finden...
Rob S. (2004-04-05):
The graphics for the CD32 version are identical to the Sega Genesis port. Both games have more in common with the original Pirates! than with the PC/Mac "Gold" versions in terms of content. The PC version adds a few towns/cities on the southern Texas coast that were never there in the original game.
trad.a (2004-03-13):
This game is beyond imaginetion (sp?). I have been searching abandonware sites for 4 months for the perfect game. I have found it. I hope you do too. Download ASAP.
Dude on the other side (2000-12-11):
This Game Rocks