Warlords (Warlords_789.7z)

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Herr M. (2020-08-16):

From a very recent replay I can totally agree on the game's wonderful simplicity: There are a couple of rules which are easy to learn and it is very comfy to get into.

Yet they lead to a fascinating complexity that can make the game difficult at times or lead to some really tense and exciting situations. E.g. sneaky units that you simply did not have on your radar, lucky strikes in battles, finding one of the more powerful artifacts and changing the tide with it.

So, still worth the one or the other game even today. If it were not for the dusty graphics and the somewhat clunky interface you might even say it is somewhat timeless.

One strange thing happened to me though: While conquering the island in the NW corner of the map, I summoned all my heroes and best units (dragons, demons, ghosts) and tried to conquer one of the last three remaining castles. The heroes were no nobodies: They had increased strength, some of the strongest artifacts, all of them attacked at once… yet they were vanquised by a two simple heroes a dragon and some infantry. Must have been some kind of bug or I simply do not know how the combat system works.