Skool Daze (skoold-hints.txt)

_Skool Daze_

A few hints to get you started (written by Mr Creosote,

Q - Up
A - Down
O - Left
P - Right
(Holding CAPS SHIFT with any of these makes Eric run, alternatively you can use
the cursor keys for the same effect).
F - Fire catapult
H - Hit
S - Sit/Stand
J - Jump
L - Leap

Avoiding getting lines:
- In geography class ('map room'), stand behind the teacher (there
aren't enough seats). From there, you can use your catapult to shoot the
other boys.
- Shooting a teacher with the catapult, make sure another boy is nearer to him
in the moment he gets up. That way, he'll be blamed.
- Do not touch the 'hit', 'fire' or 'jump' keys
when a teacher is watching.
- Do not sit down on the floor.
- When knocked down, get up again immediately.
- If you're told the swot is going to tell on you, stall him at all costs -
even at the expense of a few lines for hitting him. If you can't prevent
him from reaching Mr Whacker, stay clear of that evil teacher if you can. After
the break is over, he'll forget about your punishment.

Hitting the shields:
- Stand under them and jump up.
- Knock a boy down, jump on him and jump again.
- Fire the catapult when standing on the stairs.
- Fire the catapult at a teacher so that he falls down beneath a shield. Fire
the catapult again and the pellet will bounce off his head, going straight up.

- Activate all the shields.
- Shoot the teachers to reveal their part of the safe combination.
- For the history teacher to reveal his part, find out his year of birth (he
asks a question about what happened in the year he was born in his class
sometimes, that should give you a clue) and write it on the blackboard before
his class starts. When he enters the room, he'll reveal his knowledge.
- The history teacher's number is always the first part of the combination,
the others have to be put into the correct order. All you can do is try out all
the permutations. Write the numbers on a clean blackboard, stand under the safe
and jump. If nothing happens, you got the order wrong.
- After getting the report card, you have to turn all shields off again...