Dogs of War (dogs_hints.txt)

Dogs of War (Elite)
A few hints by Mr Creosote

First, and probably most important, thing to understand is that you don't
actually HAVE TO kill everybody. You win a mission just by reaching your target
(killed enemies count for the 'revenge bonus' awarded at the end of
the mission, though).

This is important, because survival is often hard enough. On many screens, it is
actually enough to get to the side of the enemies. They'll still be running
to where you came from and firing in that direction. However, note that this is
not true for stationary structures, like turrets of bunkers: they WILL aim at
you whereever you are.

As for weapons, don't bother with any whose shots don't go all the way
across the screen (unless the game is too easy for you). The flame thrower is
the obvious exception: although its flames don't reach that far, they
don't have to hit the enemies directly. Just getting close is enough to
burn them alive. This is great, because real aiming isn't usually possible
anyway in the heat of battle. Also, the flame thrower can shoot through / over
many obstacles (fences, walls,...), so you can just stand behind one where the
enemy bullets can't reach you and still roast them (watch out for grenades,
though). In two-player mode, the flame thrower mustn't be used, because
you'll kill your partner with it.