Law of the West (law_hints.txt)

Stranger (arrest / knows about train robbery)
You the sheriff of this stinkin' town?
* What's it to you, punk?
  You lardbelly lawmen are all cowards.
  * Hey, I seen your face on a wanted poster
    I didn't commit that crime. I'm leaving.
    * Son, now let's just do this peacefully.
      I surrender, sheriff.
      => stranger is arrested
    * Drop your gun, or I'll drill you.
      Don't shoot. I'm dropping my gun.
      => stranger is arrested
    * I'm takin' you to jail, son.
      Don't shoot. I just want a fair trial.
      => stranger is arrested
    - No, son. I'd have to shoot you.
      Please don't kill me. I don't wanna die.
      => he goes away
  - I don't like your looks. Get outta town!
    Sodbuster, we're gonna get you someday!
    - I can take you anytime, anywhere.
      You can't bet on your guard forever.
      => he goes away
      ==> he goes and shoots from saloon door immediately
    - Slimeball, draw or shut up!
    - Get out of my town, buffalo breath. Now!
      I'll be back with some of my boys later.
      => he goes away
      ==> he shoots out of the window
    - I never want to see your face again.
      I'll get you someday, Mister. Just wait.
      => he goes away
      ==> he turns around and shoots
  - You young punks are all alike. All talk.
    I'm gonna kill you, you old fart.
    - Make my day.
    - Son, i'm sure that I'm faster than you.
    - I spit on scum like you.
      I'm givin' you just five seconds to draw.
      => he shoots
    - I ain't afraid of you, pilgrim.
  - You're kinda young to be carrying a gun.
    I've killed ten men. I liked doing it.
    - Your momma wears cowboy boots.
    - You belong in a mental institution.
    - You're pathetic. Nothing but a crazy kid
    - You're crazy, kid. A born killer.
      Kill you. Kill you all.
      => he shoots instantly
* Yes, son, and it's a pretty nice town.
  Yeah, I think I'm gonna love it here.
  * I've faced the toughest hombres around.
    Do you know Jesse James?
    * I hear his gang might be comin' to town.
      The train is going to be robbed soon.
      => he goes away
      ==> shoot train robber
    - Yeah. I chased him out of here before.
      I think I'll just leave town.
      => he leaves town
    - Yeah, and i don't like him.
    * Yeah. He and Frank are friends of mine.
      Jesse's comin' to town to rob the train.
      => he goes away
      ==> shoot robber
  - You can stay if there's no trouble.
    Oh, I promise, Sheriff, no trouble. Haw!
    - That's a good attitude. I'm glad.
    - Horse Puckey!
      I don't like your face. Draw!
      => he starts to shoot
    - I don't believe you.
    - We'll see about that.
  - Yes, it can be quite nice here.
    What would you do if I robbed the bank?
    - We'd get a posse together and get you.
    - You wouldn't do that to me, would you?
    - I'd have to shoot you.
      Well, I don't think i will.
      => he goes away
    - I wouldn't like it.
  - Don't get any ideas, lowlife.
- Yes. What may i do for you?
  You must be the nicest lawman alive.
  - The last man that said that to me died.
    Weel, sir, I didn't mean any offense.
    - Good. Heard any news about the Daltons?
      The James gang is goin' to rob the train
      => he goes away
      ==> shoot train robber
    - Are your pals planning anything?
      The James gang is goin' to rob the train
      => he goes away
      ==> shoot train robber
    - I heard Jesse James might be comin'.
      I ain't no squealer.
      => he goes away
    - I'm sure you didn't.
      I'll be leavin now.
      => he goes away
  - No, but I don't go lookin' for fights.
    Well, this fight's come lookin' for you.
    - No, please, not that!
      Haw, haw! Eat lead!
      => he shoots
    - Good! I need the practice.
      Well, I was only funnin' you.
      => he goes away
    - Are you sure you want to do this?
      Yeah, chicken. Draw!
      => he draws
    - I'd really rather not.
  - I try to be as helpful as i can.
    Haw, haw! I bet you're chicken.
    - No. I'm merely preserving my dignity.
    - I'm going to tell the mayor about you.
    - No, I'm just performing my duty.
    - Oh, no, I'm not.
      A chicken for a sheriff. Haw, haw, haw!
      => he goes away
  - No, I ain't, ya stinkin' varmint.
- You got a burr under your saddle, boy?
  Yeah. You want to make something of it?
  - Why don't you just ride out of town?
    No, I'm stayin' a spell.
    - Well, ok.
      Good. Now I'm gonna find me a woman.
      => he goes away
    - Jus?.Keep your nose out of trouble.
    - I said leave!
    - Don't stay too long.
  - Maybe.
    Well, I don't really want trouble.
    - Ok by me.
      I'm gonna find me the dancehall.
      => he goes away
    - Glad to hear it.
    - Oh, I'm so glad!
    - Good. Let's keep it that way.
  - It's my job, idiot.
    Yeah, I guess it is.
    - Well, then, draw or calm down.
    - It sure is and I don't like you, punk.
    - Why don't you just go have a drink?
    - Stay as long as you want, but no trouble
      Don't worry I won't.
      => he goes away
  - Yeah. Put your gun where your mouth is.
    I think i will.
    - I didn't really mean it.
      Well, you said it. Now draw, turkey!
      => he goes away
    - Well, quit jawin' and draw.
    - I've killed twenty men. What's one more?
      Well, maybe i was a bit hasty.
      => he goes away
    - My deputy's right behind you.

Miss Rose (date / knows about stage robbery)
Well, hello there, big boy.
* How's the saloon business doin' lately?
  Business is fine, except for the Daltons
  * Are they planning something?
    Well, I really shouldn't tell ya, sheriff
    * It's ok, Rose. I'll protect you.
      Ok. They're gonna rob the stage.
      => shoot bad guy
    - Why not? Are you in cahoots with 'em?
      Yeah, lawman. Eat lead.
      => she draws
    - It's your civic duty to tell.
      Civic dity, my ashcan.
      => she goes away
    - I'll have to force it out of you.
      Over my dead body. And maybe yours.
      => she draws (not immediately)
  - You'll have to take care of 'em yourself
    What a yellow bellied chicken you are.
    - Well, i got a whole city to protect.
      You're a disgustin' coward.
      => she goes away
    - There are at least five of them.
      A real man would take them on.
      => she goes away
    - I got more important things to do.
    - Who you callin' a chicken?
  - What can I do to help?
    I'd just like to see you around more.
    - Well, I don't know. They're pretty rough
    - Well, Miss Rose, I'd be happy to.
      Well, see you tonight at eight, then
      => date
    - Sorry, ma'am, I don't drink.
    - How about if I send my deputy around?
      Sendin' a boy to do a man's job, turkey?
      => she goes away
  - They been breakin' up the place, again?
    No. It's that they're not comin' in.
    - Do you know where they are, Rose?
      I'm no squealer. Take that!
      => she shoots
    - I hate them. They're pure trouble.
    - Not sellin' enough liquor, eh, Rose?
    - Are you a friend of theirs?
- Mind if i come and visit you sometime?
  Well, I don't know if I'm interested.
  - I kind of hoped we could be friends.
    I really think I'd like that.
    - Well, can we get together later?
      Maybe. Drop about nine.
      => she leaves
      ==> date
    - You aren't hustling me now, are you?
      You really are insulting.
      => she goes away
    - If you ever need me, I'll be there.
    - Me, too.
  - I'm sorry lookin' for a real good time.
  - Sorry, Ma'am, I ain't the paying kind.
  - Anything you want, sweetie!
    I don't think I'm interested.
    - Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
    - Get in your way, woman.
    - No woman talks to me that way.
      I do. Try and stop me!
      => she goes away
    - Stucks up wench.
* Uh, hello, Miss Rose.
  I like the strong, silent type.
  - Well, you're not my type!
    Nobody turns their back on me!
    - Haw, haw, haw! I was jokin'. Come here.
      I ain't gettin' near you.
      => she goes away
    - Sorry, Rose, I didn't mean to hurt you.
      You men are all alike.
      => she goes away
    - Well, I just did!
      Oh, yeah, then you won't feel this.
      => she draws
    - Are you threatening me, Rose?
    You ain't too bright, are ya?
    - I guess I'm just shy.
      Shy and handsome. See you.
      => she goes away
    - You callin' me dumb?
    - Smarter than i make out.
    - Smarter than any saloon girl.
  * How'd ya like to feel my muscles?
    Ugh, no, ya big smelly galoot!
    - At least I'm pure in thought.
    * How about if I took me a bath and shaved
      Well then, I'll see you tonight.
      => she goes away
      ==> Date!
    - I had a bath just last month!
    - I think you're just afraid of me.
  - Thanks, but i already got a steady.
    I know all about that ugly schoolmarm.
    - She's quite beautiful and you know it!
    - Hey, don't call my gal ugly.
    - Yeah, you got a point there.
    - Hah! You're just jealous.
      No one calls me jealous.
      => she goes away
- Get off the street, you painted jezebel.
  Who are you to be talkin', liver lips?
  - Just head on back to the saloon.
  - Get back to your den of iniquity!
  - I am, woman.
    Well, at least ya got some backbone.
    - Yeah, but maybe I was too rough with you
    - You bet. Now git!
    - Too bad it couldn't be different with us.
      Well, it can't.
      => she goes away
    - On your way, evil woman.
  - Whoa, there, ma'am, or I'll take you in!
    I dare ya to try!
    - What could you do to stop me?
    - I don't really want to.
    - Well, I'm gonna have to take you in.
      Never, lawman. Just try.
      => she shoots
    - Look, Rose, can't we just drop it?
Mexicali Kid (arrest / kill)
Eh, gringo, i hear you got a fast draw!
* You can't believe everything you hear.
  I agree, amigo, but i hear it everywhere.
  * Well, I've heard some things about you!
    What have they said? I'll kill them!
    * They say you're a liar and a coward!
      Please don't kill me! Here's my gun!
      => he gives you the gun
    - I think I'm gonna take you in!
      You'll have to kill me!
      => he draws after a while
    - Don't do any killin' in my town!
      I do what i want!
      => he goes away after a while
    - Mister, drop your gun!
      Oh guy, i surrender [?]
      => he draws after a while
  - I've had to use my gun a few times.
    They saw you've killed ten men.
    - I've lost track of how many.
      ...gulp.. well, I think I'll leave.
      => he goes away
    - I'm tryin' for Billy the Kid's record!
      I think you are loco, gringo. Adios.
      => he goes away
    - Yeah. And I see 'em in my nightmares.
      I see my share, too. Adios.
      => he goes away
    - Actually, it's quite a few more!
      More glory for me, then. Draw!
      => he draws
  - Say, can we change the subject?
    No, Gringo. I came here to kill you!
    - You aren't the first this week!
      Well, maybe I'll be the last!
      => he shoots immediately
    - Can't we just talk this out?
    - Oh, please, I've got a wife and ten kids
    - Put up or shut up!
      Take this, Gringo!
      => he waits and draws
  - Heh, buddy, are you lookin' for a fight?
    Si. I want to make a name for myself.
    - I'd reconsider this, if I were you.
    - I ain't afraid of you!
    - You'll be one more cross for Boot Hill!
      Maybe I should just walk away.
      => he goes ... and shoots
    - You'll have to earn it!
- Say, aren't you the Mexicali Kid?
  Si, some call me that.
  - What're you doin' up in these parts?
  - I've heard some good things about you.
  - Aren't they looking for you down south?
  - There's a price on your head, I bet!
    Si. But you will never take me alive!
    - That's fine with me!
    - I'm gonna be rich!
    - Drop your gun or else!
      => he draws
    - I'm not interested in reward money.
      Gracias! I'll be leaving. Adios.
      => he goes away
  - What're you doin' up in these parts?
- Oh, no. I really don't like gunfights.
  Well, then, it looks like I'm in luck!
  - I will fight, though, if I have to!
    Well, Gringo, it looks like you must!
    - If I must, I must.
    - Come on, friend, just go have a drink!
    - Ok, pardner, slap leather!
      Take that!
      => he shoots
    - I try to avoid gunfights.
  - Why don't you go play some poker, then.
  - Wha...wha...what do you mean by that?
  - I think I'll go check out the bank now.
- Yep, as fast as they come.
  You want to prove that, hombre?
  - I prove it every chance I get!
    Senor, I want to give you that chance!
    - I ain't lookin' for a fight.
    - Anytime, anywhere, my mexican friend!
    - Well, you'll get it if you keep trying!
      I was just testing you, senor. Adios.
      => he goes away and shoots anyway
    - Why don't we just get this over with!
  - Yeah. I think it's worth killin' for.
  - Not with a guy as tough lookin' as you!
  - Me against you! What a laugh!  Haw! Haw!

Doctor (knows about bank robbery)
Kill any more people lately, sheriff?
* I try to avoid gunfights, if possible.
  You sure wind up with your share.
  * Heard any good rumours lately?
    Yeah. The Daltons were comin' to town.
    * What are they comin' for?
      I hear they're gonna rob the bank.
      => he goes away
      ==> shoot robber
    - When?
      They're here now, down by the bank.
      => he goes away
      ==> shoot bank robber
    - Too bad. I was just goin' on vacation.
    - I hope my deputy's around.
      Yeah, you could use a lot of help.
      => he goes away
  - Here's a buck. Why don't you get a drink
  - It comes with the job, Doc.
  - Well, don't you need the business?
- My, aren't we hungover this morning.
  Yeah, I guess I am a mite grouchy.
  - I'd say drunk and disorderly.
    Are you threatening to run me in?
    - No. Just making a comment.
      You're right, though. So long.
      => he goes away
    - Haw! No! I was only jokin'.
      Haw! Haw! That's a good one.
      => he goes away
    - I will if you don't cool off.
      Goodbye. Hope I never see you again.
      => he goes away
    - Yeah!
      Well, maybe I was out of line. Sorry.
      => he goes away
  - Here's a buck. Go get a drink.
  - Yeah. Why do you drink all the time?
  - I've heard my share of hangovers, too.
- Well, Doc, it's part of my job.
  Yeah, well, you seem to enjoy it.
  - No. I hate to kill for no reason.
    Yes, I know, but i hate to see the waste.
    - You and me both.
    - I dream of them, the ones I've killed.
    - I wish i knew a better way to stop 'em.
      That makes two of us. See you later.
      => he goes away
    - Most of them are just drifters anyway.
  - I do get satisfaction from my job.
  - What do you care? You're usually drunk.
  - Yeah, I just love to shoot 'em.
    And i have to try to save them later.
    - You don't seem to have much luck.
      You callin' me incompetent? Hrumph!
      => he goes away
    - Yes, we each have unpleasant tasks.
    - Why even bother to try?
    - Sorry, doc, but i must keep the peace.
- Yep. Two more notches for my gun.
  You're just a sadistic killer.
  - Heh! Heh! Heh!
  - I only kill in self defense.
    You're right.I'm just tired of gunfights
    - I'm tired of them and scared of them.
    - You're tired! It's my life at stake!
    - Someday someone's gonna shoot me.
    - That makes two of us.
      Well, be seein' you. Bye.
      => he goes away
  - Yeah and that's what this town needs.
  - No, I'm not. Are you drunk again?

Man with a shotgun (arrest / kill)
Sheriff, how do you like my new shotgun?
* It's right pretty, son, but put it away.
  Aw, c'mon, sherrif. I just bought it.
  * Drop it right there.
    Why don't you just drop your gun, sherrif
    * Son, you're in a heap of trouble.
      Oh, no. I'm dropping my gun.
      => gives you the weapon and goes away
    - I can't do that.
      I mean now.
      => he shoots
    - How about if I let you go peacefully?
      How about if I drill you?
      => he draws
    - Never, you young hooligan.
      Well, then draw, if you got the guts.
      => he draws
  - I'm sorry. You'll have to put it away.
  - Put it away or I'll take it away.
    Oh, ok. I'll do what you want.
    - I knew you'd knuckle under, punk.
    - It is a lovely shotgun.
    - That's better.
    - Thanks.
      So long.
      => he goes away
  - All right, you can keep it out.
- Drop it right on the ground!
  Not on your life! Make me!
  - Drop it or I'll drop you.
    Make your move, Mister.
    - Nope, it wouldn't be fair. Your move.
    - I don't want to do this.
    - There's another way to settle this.
      No, there isn't!
      => he shoots
    - Son, I'll only shoot in self defense.
  - Son, I've faced dozens just like you.
  - I don't want to make a big issue of this
  - Calm down, son. We don't need to fight.
-'s quite nice.
  Haw! I think you're afraid of me.
  - I really think that's a beautiful rifle.
    It ain't a rifle, ya Sissy. It's a shotgun
    - Who you callin' a Sissy?
      You, ya varmint!
      => he starts to shoot
    - Uh...Uh........
    - Oh, my silly mistake.
    - Still, it's lovely.
  - More disgusted than afraid.
  - Well... not really afraid.
  - I'm not. Just had something in my throat
- Gee, is that the new remington ten guage?
  It shore is. Ain't it a beaut?
  - Mind if I try it out.
  - Yep. I'd appreciate it if you put it away
  - Yep. Beautiful and deadly.
  - Yep. Wish I had me one.
    It cost me twenty dollars.
    - How'd you ever get that much money?
    - It'll take me a while to save that up.
    - That's pretty expensive.
    - Well, good huntin' to you.
      Thanks. To you, too.
      => he goes away

Willie            (knows bank robbery)
I've got a secret I won't tell!
* Howdy, Willie. What's your secret?
  My momma made me promise not to tell.
  * You can tell.It's my job to know secrets
    Ok, but only if you give me a buck.
    - How about a nickel?
      Boy, what a cheapskate.
      => he goes away
    - Ok, here you little swindler.
      Boy, what a sucker. See you.
      => he goes away
    * I will, but only after you tell me.
      Ok. They're gonna rob the bank.
      => he goes away
      ==> shoot bank robber
    - Never, you little brat.
  - Look, ya want me to beat it out of you?
    You couldn't catch me anyway, fatso.
    - I could shoot you, though.
      Ok,I'll tell. They're gonna rob the bank
      => he goes away
      ==> shoot bank robber
    - Who you callin' fat?
      You, big belly. Bye bye.
      => he goes away
    - Hey, Willie, did I ever call you names?
      No. I'm sorry.They're gonna rob the bank
      => he goes away
      ==> shoot bank robber
    - Come over here, you little rascal.
  - Your momma said you could tell me.
  - Ok, Willie, beat it.
- Hey, Willie, would you like some candy?
  Gee, thanks, Sheriff!
  - Is your mom goin' to the dance tonight?
    Yeah, that's part of the secret.
    - Get on with it, you little brat.
    - What's the rest?
    - Who's she goin' with?
      She's going with the doctor.
      => he goes away
    - Well, I don't care. I'm not goin'.
  - Can we talk, Willie?
  - Now, Willie, Tell me your secret.
  - Now, about that secret....
- Well, is it an important secret?
- Scram, pipsqueak!
  Up yours, sheriff!
  - Does your momma know you talk like that?
  - Look, you little delinquent, beat it!
  - Go away kid. Ya bother me.
  - Son, how'd you like me to run you in!
    Gee, would you? That would be neat!
    - Only if you tell me your secret.
      Sure. They're gonna rob the bank today.
      => he goes away
    - You would like that, you little urchin.
    - You'd be a real badman. Now what's up?
    - I don't think you mom would like it.

Miss April (date / knows about train robbery)
Why, hello there, sherrif.
* Hello. Did you let school out already?
  Yes, i heard a rumour and had to see you.
  * Oh, what's that?
    Well, it involves a possible crime.
    * Tell me more.
      I hear that they're gonna rob the train.
      => she goes away
      ==> shoot train robber
    - Where the heck did you hear about it?
      I never reveal my sources. Good day.
      => she goes away
    - Aren't you makin' this up?
      You think I'm lying? Good bye!
      => she goes away
    - I hope it's not true.
  - I hope it's nothing dangerous.
  - You're always spreading rumours.
  - What is it this time?
- Hello, Miss April. How are things?
  Good. I hear there's a hoedown tomorrow.
  - Would you like to go with me?
    Well, I've sort of promised Doc.....
    - But you didn't really promise, did you?
      No, not really. I'll go with you.
      => she goes away
      ==> date
    - Oh, come on. I'm a lot more fun than Doc
      Yes, that's true. But I promised him.
      => she goes away
    - Doc's a drunk and a womanizer.
      Don't talk about him that way.
      => she goes away
    - Oh, well, if you've already promised.
  - I'd love to go with you.
  - Yech. Dancing.
  - Too, bad. I'm gonna be out of town.
* Howdy.
  Lovely weather we're having.
  - I think it's gonna rain.
  - Yes, it is lovely.
  * Yes, springtime, the time for romance.
    Yes, it's in the air.
    - How poetic.
    - Well, I've got to get back to my duty.
    * Would you like to go on a picnic?
      Oh, yes, Sheriff, tomorrow would be fine.
      => she goes away
    - The only things in this air is flies.
  - Hrumph.
- Yes. What may I do for you?

Gambler (kill)
Those boys sure can't play poker.
- Gamblin' is the devil's way to poverty.
  Maybe for some, but it's very good for me
  - I think you're disgustin'.
    Bet I make ten times more money than you
    - Yeah, but I make it honestly.
    - You're nothing but a civilized thief.
    - Bet you don't.
    - Clear out of my town, you filthy gambler!
      So long, sucker.
      => he goes away
  - May the lord have mercy on you.
  - I think I'm gonna run you out of town.
    New, Sheriff, I'm havin' a good time here
    - Well, I guess you can stay.
    - You're stealin' these folks' money.
    - I said get out of my town.
      I'll get you someday.
      => he goes away and shoots from the window upstairs
    - Well, have it somewhere else.
  - In the long run it'll catch up with you.
- How much did you take 'em for this time?
  Oh, about two hundrer bucks. Why?
  - That's a lot of money to be carrying.
    Well, you'll just have to protect me.
    - You look like you can protect yourself.
      Yep, I can.
      => he goes away
    - You're a big boy now.
    - That's my job.
    - I don't help vermin like you.
  - Why don't you give some to the orphanage
  - You carrying a gun?
    Of course. And I used it a lot.
    - Well, good luck.
    - You ever shot a sheriff?
    - Your face does look kind of familiar.
      I didn't think anyone remembered.
      => he shoots
    - You'll need it with that much money.
  - Those boys aren't gonna be too happy.
- You been cheatin' 'em again, gambler?
  Heh! Heh! Heh!
  - I asked if you'd been cheatin'.
    I'd deny it to my grave.
    - Everyone knows that you cheat.
    - Are you sure?
      I'm wastin' my time here.
      => he goes away
    - I guess I believe you.
    - That might not be too far in the future.
  - Pretty soon someone's gonna catch you.
  - I ought to run you in just on principle.
  - You're disgustin'!
- You're just too good for them.
  Yep. I know the odds and they don't.
  - Don't you ever lose?
  - Odds are someday you'll get shot.
  - I wish I had your luck.
    Luck ain't got nothin' to do with it.
    - Hah! You're just plain lucky.
      Your just a jealous loser.
      => he goes away
    - Well, what is it then?
    - Don't get all heated up, now.
    - You're right, I know. It's skill.
      You're right there. So long.
      => he goes away
  - Do you help the odds in your favour?

 9) Deputy            (knows bank robbery)
Where the heck you been, sheriff?
* Why? What's up?
  I think we're in for some trouble.
  * Why do you think so?
    There're a lot of strangers at the bank.
    * Well, let's go then. about if you cover it yourself?
      => he goes away
      ==> kill the robber
    - I have important things to do.
      Like what? Chickening out.
      => he goes away
    - Do you think you can handle it yourself?
    - Probably just some businessmen.
  - Do you think you can handle it alone?
    Why? Are you yellow?
    - Well, I'm a little tired.
    - I thought you'd like you some experience
      I would. Wish me luck.
      => he goes away
    - Who? Me? Never.
    - No, but I wonder if you are.
  - What do you mean we?I handle everything.
  - I'm tired of your false alarms.
* I should ask you that question, deputy.
  Why, I've been watching the bank.
  * Anything happening there?
    There're some strangers hanging around.
    - Where there's smoke, there's fire.
    * Well, let's go then.
      Not me. They look plenty though.
      => he goes
      ==> shoot the robber
    - Probably just some cattlemen.
    - Think you can handle it by yourself?
  - I told you to cover the train depot.
  - You're lyin'!
  - A likely story. You been drinkin'?
- On my rounds, as usual.
  At your usual table at Rose's saloon?
  - Well, maybe I did have one or two.
  - Why, you little snake in the grass.
  - You're too smart for your own britches.
  - No, really. I was on my rounds.
    Do I have to check on you all the time?
    - Get back to work, deputy! I'm your boss!
      No anymore. I quit.
      => he quits
    - What are you, my wetnurse?
    - No.
    - Just leave me alone.
- Don't get uppity with me.
  Someday I'll be Sheriff. You're worthless
  - That day will never come.
  - Over my dead body!
  - Haw! Haw! Haw! You`re real funny.
  - Oh, don't be so hard on me.
    Quit your whining!
    - Just leave me alone.
    - I need a drink.
      So do I.
      => he goes away
    - I ain't whining.
    - I just don't feel so good today.

10) Belle                   (arrest / date?)

Well, if it ain't the tinhorn sheriff.
* I told you to never to come back here.
  I don't take orders from any man.
  - I'm gonna have to arrest you.
    - That can be arranged, woman.
      => arrest
  - Well, just consider it a request then.
    Well, if you put it that way....
    - Get on your way then.
    - If you stay, I'll have to arrest you,
    - I'd much rather be on a friendly basis.
      So would I. Be seein' you.
      => she goes away
    - I don't mean to be hard on you, Belle.
  - You'll take 'em from this man.
  - I'm the law in these parts, woman.
    No, you're just one man with a gun.
    - Yeah. And I'm real good with it.
      I know you are. How about if I leave?
      => she goes away
    - This star says I'm the law.
    - I'm takin' you in just on principle.
      No way, sucker. How're you gonna do it?
      => she goes away
    - You thinkin' of takin' it away from me?
  - I'm gonna have to arrest you.
- Who you callin' a tinhorn?
- Howdy, belle. Nice seein' you again.
  That wasn't your attitude last time.
  - So i shot at you. I missed, didn't I?
  - I thought you were gonna shoot me,belle.
    You were right. And I might try again.
    - Are you threatening me?
      No, just warning you.
      => she goes away
    - Drop your gun, woman!
    - Well,uh..You wouldn't do that, would you?
      What a chicken.
      => she goes away
    - I'd hate to have to shoot you.
  - I'm just tryin' to be polite.
    You were right. And I might try again.
    - Well, wouldn't do that,would you?
    - I'd hate to have to shoot you.
    - Are you threatening me?
    - Drop your gun, woman!
      Ok. I'm dropping it.
      => arrest
  - Well,you was rustlin' cattle at the time
    I guess i was in the wrong.
    - Can we be friends?
      Yes, I'd really like that.
      => date (?)
- Doin' any more cattle rustlin', woman?
  A woman's got to make livin'.
  - Do you have to do it illegally?
    It's tough for a woman on the frontier.
    - It's tough for anyone alone out here.
      I think maybe we could get together.
      => date (?)

Assassin (kill)

You're the sheriff here, aren't you?
- Yep.
  Say your prayers, sheriff.
  - I only say 'em bedtime.
  - I've faced dozens like you, mister.
  - What?
    I came here to kill you.
    - Why?
      I got no time for explanations. Draw!	???
      => he shoots
      ==> just a flesh wound
    - Are you serious?
      Dead serious. Draw!
      => he shoots
    - Oh, no, please.
    - Well, then kill or be killed.
  - I ain't afraid of you, bub.
- Those are mean lookin' guns you have.
  Yeah. And I'm pretty mean myself.
  - So Am I.
    Well, we'll soon see who's tougher.
    - Do you really want to do this?
    - I don't need to prove myself.
      Me neither. It's just my job. Draw!
      => he starts shooting
    - I'm lookin' forward to it.
    - I don't have any doubt who is.
  - You sure do look tough.
  - Can i buy you a drink?
  - Are you a hired gun?
    Yep. And I've been hired to kill you.
    - I'll pay you more not to kill me.
    - Oh, no, please.
    - Well, then make you move.
    - By whom?
      Never mind. Just draw!
      => he draws
- What's it to you, punk?
  I came here to see the sheriff.
  - You're lookin' at him.
  - I don't like your looks.
  - Are you sure that you want to find him?
  - What can I do for you?
    - My pleasure.
      No, my pleasure. Draw!
      => he starts to shoot
    - Oh, please, no.
    - Ok.
    - Wait! Why?
- No, I'm only the deputy.
  No, you're the sheriff all right.
  - Oh, no. The sheriff's down at the bank.
  - I think I'll be moseying along now.
  - ...gulp... what do you want?
  - Ha. Ha. Just funnin' you.
    It wasn't funny.
    - Time for my rounds. See ya.
    - Sorry.
    - What do you want?
      Your life. Draw!
      => he shoots
    - Oh, I thought it was.