Little Blue Men (bluemen_solution.txt)

Walkthrough by Mr Creosote

Preliminary remark: the hint system in this game is extensive and excellent. You
really shouldn't need this walkthrough at all.

There are various endings - this is only the way to the one which unlocks the
authors comments on the ending. Whether you consider it a 'good'
ending is entirely up to you.

Now on to the solution. Comments are in parantheses.

open drawer
get stamp
get gray bottle
get white bottle
stamp paperwork
put paperwork in the out-tray
wait (until Furman drops more paperwork)
get paperwork
get memo
read memo
examine copier
open lid
put bill on glass
close lid
push button
get copy of bill
push button (Biedermeyer disables the photocopier)
open lid
get bill
look under scattered papers
get scissors
cut copy of bill
examine machine
examine merchandise
examine key
insert counterfeit bill into machine
push J button
get dimes
get quarter
look under machine
get shim
examine coffee machine
push black button
get cup
open white bottle
put pill into coffee
give coffee to furman
wait (until Furman falls asleep)
close white bottle
examine furman
examine glasses
examine earpieces
get glasses
get jacket
get hanger
get form
get coffee
stamp form
given form to benson
get nougat bar
eat nougat bar
wait (until Benson leaves for the vending machine and is buried by it)
get stool
get key
examine benson
examine glasses
examine earpiece
get glasses
open gray bottle
eat pill
wait (until you feel the effect of the pill)
drop stool
get on stool
smash smoke detector
cut innards
get off stool
get fire extinguisher
pour coffee into sink
open stall
examine stall
put hanger into gap
open stall
enter stall
sit on toilet
examine dispenser
insert key into keyhole
ask robertson about memo
ask robertson about furman
ask robertson about benson
ask robertson about biedermeyer
ask robertson about glasses
ask robertson about blue
ask robertson about love
examine robertson
ask robertson about scars
(...whatever else you want to talk about...)
hit robertson with fire extinguisher
get letter opener
punch water cooler with letter opener
get letter opener
fill cup with water
enter drawer
push gray button
answer phone
open door
wait (listen to Biedermeyer for a while, but not too long; alternatively, ask
him about the usual subjects)
throw water at Biedermeyer
get glasses
examine desk
touch drawer
look inside drawer
get tile
examine tile
put on glasses
examine tile (remember the number)
take off glasses
open door
enter (the number read on the tile)
open door
wait (until the game ends)