The Secret of Monkey Island (mi_codewheel.7z)

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A timeless classic with an ingenously twisted sense of humor, gorgeous pixel art and a main theme that gets stuck in your head for decades to come.

Where Maniac Mansion set the bar for solving puzzles by different approaches to get to the goal, Monkey Island was paramount in its effort to avoid player frustration by eliminating death of the player character and carefully designing the puzzles so they don't become unsolvable by accident, something the competition didn't bother with at the time.

There is actually one spot where you can die, but it's actually more of an easter egg rather than a threat to the player. And later on the game actually spoofs the infamous Sierra adventure death screen only to put you right back on the screen, which had me cracking up so hard back then.

Thank you Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer, Mark Ferrari and Michael Land for crafting this beautiful game.

yes the old monkey island that was a real cult game
If I got any other kind of answer I was planning to say "If it's known, there it is not a secret". But seriously, Ron Gilbert said there is really a secret of Monkey Island, just I suppose it's a reference that only makes sense to him.
Mr Creosote:
There is... but if you knew what it was, it wouldn't be a secret, would it?
Was there even a secret on Monkey Island?

Dueling insults was one of the most creative ways to get around violence in games I have ever seen and one of the funniest too.

Just when you think you seen the best part of this game another scene comes along that is even better and it plays like that all the way thru the entire game.

This was a great time for computer games. I only hope that some day designers learn how get past the traps of building games for the graphics and special effects instead of designing them foremost to be entertaining and fun.