Dune (dune_de.7z)

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And one of mine, too! :D Nice to see it here.
I'm so glad you have this game. I've been trying to find it for ages since my CD broke back in the early 2000's

We won't whip your back in anger, but telling somebody to keep their opinions outside a review, where they give opinions, because they are atheistics, as shows the mention of the bible, doesn't make you look like a very friendly person. And calling people you don't know vain isn't giving you many more points.

Also, since when Christians aren't allowed to talk about their religion? A few days ago there was still a Pope preaching around the world, in my city there are a bunch of churches, there is even an important national radio here in Spain that is owned by a christian group, and this forum doesn't forbid any religion.

As you said, this is game website, so we offer reviews even of games that do not need review when you already know it. And as we are human beings, and these reviews are for human beings, you will get reviews with a lot of personal opinions instead of just numbers and a few images.

This is a very good game, it doesn't even need a review. The only reason I am commenting is to point out that this is a gaming website, keep your atheist views out of it. You don't believe in God, fine, keep your religion off of the site, since Christians aren't allowed to talk about theirs. But it's the internet of course, ah, if only half of these users were as smart as they actually thought themselves to be. Thank you in advance (even though the probability that you will just whip back with anger is all too high).