Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash (mt.txt)

Page One

Escape from Mt.Drash

Vic 20 Version
Keith Zabalaoui

Escape from Mt. Drash is a game of life, and unless you can prevent it, a game 
of death. You are a prisoner of the evil, wretched, Garrintrots whose
 is high atop the treacherous Mount Drash. The mountain is honeycombed with old

mining tunnels that have been long since abandoned by humanoid life. The
 Garrintrots have stocked the caverns with all manner of creatures, and now use
 the caverns as gaming arenas where you are the main attraction.

The mountain is divided into 15 levels, and on all levels, there is a dimension

door through which you must pass to appear on the next level.

Level 1-4       All the same and easy to overcome
Level 5-12     Gems appear and you must get one before you enter the next
Level 7          Overhead view of the maze disappears.
Level 9          Monsters can no longer be seen.
Level 11        Direction indicator now absent.
Level 13        Use your instincts and get both gems.
Level 15         This level is your only obstacle left.

You can cast only three until you reach level 15. They can be in any 
combination, but use only three per level.

<B>  Blast - This spell is NOT always effective, but when it is, it will
a section of the wall 
         in front of you. Even if not effective, it will count as one.

<S>  Sleep - This spell will induce sleep in your opponents, who will then
for short period of 
         time, while you attempt to make good your escape. This spell will 
always work.

<T>  Teleport - Upon casting this spell, you will usually find yourself at
different location on the same level. This has its advantages as well as 
disadvantages. You will never be killed as a direct result of using this spell.

Rarely does this spell not work.

Remember these spells and use them prudently - you'll need them. The
have you locked in a cell at the top of the mountain, and they are about to let

you fight your way to freedom. You have three lives, but squander none of them.
The life you save will be your own.

Page Two.

1. You will need an 8k memory extension cartridge inserted in the memory 
2. extension slot.
2. Be sure the cassette player is plugged into the computer.
3. Be sure the monitor is connected to the computer with the cable, and the 
4. power is turned on.
5. To load the program, insert the tape cassette in the cassette player. Be sure

6. the tape is rewound. The screen will say "Ready". Then
                                        Hold down the <SHIFT> key and
press the 
                                        <RUN/STOP> key at the same time.
5. The screen will say "PRESS PLAY ON TAPE"
                                        Press <PLAY> on cassette player
7. The screen will say "OK"; the computer will search and find the
game, and 
8. then load it. The program will take approximately three minutes to load.
7. The game begins when you move the blue square in the maze on the red field in

the upper quarter of the screen.


<CRSR>  (Lower right on keyboard) Key will change movement direction
                (North, East, South, West on the screen).

<CRSR>  (Lower right on keyboard) Key will change movement direction 
                (North, West, South, East on the screen).

<RETURN>  To move in the direction in which you are headed.

<X>  To turn and go in opposite direction

<B> To blast a new hallway if desired (Only three per game).

<T> To teleport you to a new place on the playing field (use with

<S>  To put monsters to sleep for three moves.


<Z>  Ready position key.

<C> Thrust movement key.

<X> Counterthrust movement.

Turn the computer off and on again, rewind the tape, press <SHIFT> and 
<RUN/STOP> together, and then press the <PLAY> button on the
cassette player.
The game will then reload.

TM - Lord Brittish and Sierra On-Line, Inc.