Cool Spot (cool_cheats.txt)

Cool Spot

On the numeric keypad, press 1, then press Ctrl or Alt, then press on of q, e,
i, o, p, a, d, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, c, b, n, or m. This will take you to any
level or the bonus level. To skip levels totally press the plus key, on the side
of the keyboard.

Unfortunately, I never managed to make the codes work, no matter what I tried. I
hope you have better luck. But since I cannot stand to not cheat, here's a
more unorthodox approach to cheating in Cool Spot (if you can't beat it,
cheat it - no matter the way) that works:

Get a Hex editor (I recommend Hex Workshop from

In your Cool Spot folder, locate the file ZX.BUM. Make a backup. Then open it
with the hex editor and do the following:

At offset 00001C8E: Change 29 to 90 At offset 00001C8F: Change 06 to 90 At
offset 00001C90: Change DB to 90 At offset 00001C91: Change 41 to 90

This will stop the timer so you can spend as much time on a level as you want.
But be warned that this has a rather nasty side effect. See bottom.

At offset 0000A060: Change FF to 90 At offset 0000A061: Change 0E to 90 At
offset 0000A062: Change F9 to 90 At offset 0000A063: Change 41 to 90

This will give you unlimited lives (you don't lose a life when you die).

Warning for the stop timer cheat: this will also stop the timer on the bonus
levels. And the only way to finish a bonus level is to run out of time. So
you'll be stuck forever and will have to exit the game and screw your
progress so far. In order to _not_ get a bonus level, be careful not to collect
75 cool points or more. The only benefit from a bonus level is an extra life,
but with the unlimited lives cheat you don't need it anyway.

If for some reason you cannot do this hex editing, there's an already
patched ZX.BUM file supplied (separately). Just make backup of your original one
and replace it with the patched one.