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Posted at 00:34 on June 2nd, 2024 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Ah I remember it well. I have a original copy as well. I think the box as well. Really unique game. Because they went b+W, a lot of features could be added that weren't possible in color (if I remember right). And added to the one-of-a-kind design.

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Posted at 10:24 on June 1st, 2024 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Reborn Gumby
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Another one of these extremely obscure games from the past which very few remember and even fewer have any nostalgia for. Safe to assume that this one will remain at the bottom of the pageview statistics. Though that is one of the nicest things about doing this for no commercial interest at all: it doesn't matter. Those who want to have a look, enjoy Intrigue!
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