for PC (DOS)
Also available for: Amiga (OCS/ECS)

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Company: Logotron
Year: 1989
Genre: Puzzle
Theme: Apocalypse
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 98181
Review by state_trooper (2015-08-27)

Archipelagos is a strategy game where the player has to clear islands of the poisonous “Blood of the Ancients”. In order to achieve this, the player has to find a certain number of stones on the computer generated islands which then must be destroyed. Once this is done, the player must find an obelisk and destroy it as well to bring about peace and tranquility again for the island.

There are quite a number of challenges which make this task rather daunting, especially in later levels, most importantly moving plants that spread the Blood of the Ancients across the island and are thus making navigating all the more difficult.

While the premise of the game is rather simple, it becomes quite addictive since every new level is just a little bit trickier than the last one. There’s always this “oh, just one more level (island)” feeling which is an important sign for any good game. Later levels are very tough with a lot of hazards throughout the island, so it's all the more rewarding when you finally see the obelisk destroyed.

The game graphics are pseudo 3D and let you navigate fluently and freely across the island. While not necessarily super impressive, they are quite good for their time and definitely get the job done. So all in all, Archipelagos is an enjoyable experience and everybody who likes a strategic challenge should give this game a look. It's worth it.

The game also came with a soundtrack on cassette that absolute catches the mood of the game and is very recommended when playing it. It really manages to transport the player to the world of Archipelagos so when you want to give this game a try, be sure to get the soundtrack as well. It will definitely enhance your gaming experience!

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