Mine Cave
for C64

Company: Elmar Wenners
Year: 2017
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Theme: Abstract / Humour / Unique
Language: English
Licence: Freeware
Views: 7849
Review by LostInSpace (2018-02-26)

To me, retro has always been associated to fun. The Youtube video made by the guys who created this gem was fun. They are not trying to impress with wastefully expensive animation played on a 100+Hz screen and orchestra sounds booming from the speakers.

The guys from the Netherlands stick to the basics. Using only the Basic language, they invite us for a gaming trip on the good old C64. The title screen surprises the spoiled player with its basic cleanliness. A short introduction explains the game and the controls completely without graphical knick-knack. The colour scheme based on earthy tones prepares the enthusiast for what is coming and – a quick tap on the space key – you dive right in.

The player takes over the role of “Ores”, a gold digger, who not only digs for coal and gold in his mine, but also finds diamonds. The final goal is clear: the huge red ruby diamond. Which, of course, is buried all the way down. You will need the appropriate tools to get there. Financing those is a matter of first selling other valuables unearthed. Ores is also able to build ladders to circumvent obstacles down below and also to climb up quickly again if he is running out of air. Though you can also fall down, even into the holes you have dug yourself. Here, too, the challenge is not to waste the valuable hearts which are strictly limited and will put an end to the fun otherwise.

This basically covers the complete gameplay and here I am digging and drilling dutifully. Usable lodes are plentiful and strategy is hardly required going deeper. Just make sure to catch some air on the surface from time to time and not to even tumble down. For a person of our time, with an attention span of 8 seconds, i.e. way below the level of a meditating goldfish, this game is really gripping. Let's get that red diamond!

Once this is done, the player even receives some important philosophical revelation which puts the greedy lust for riches into another light and teaches us: “Money can't buy happiness!”

Translated by Mr Creosote

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