Ein ganz normaler Schultag
for PC

Mr Creosote:
Company: Mr Creosote
Year: 1999
Genre: Adventure
Theme: Humour / Text-based
Language: Deutsch
Licence: Freeware
Views: 20910
Review by Mr Creosote (2000-08-22)

Compared to my previous Adventure games, this one offers a vastly improved 'engine' which allows the player to move around freely through the (admittedly few) locations. Puzzles have been included as well this time.

The plot circles around my old school, and if you didn't attend it as well, it'll probably be incomprehensible to you. I can assure you it's funny, though ;)

My last game written in Quick Basic 4.5. A few weeks later, I ported it to the TI-92. For this 'calculator', there are two versions: one with the classic typing interface, and one which uses the TI's native menu interface. The latter version is too big for the TI's common amount of RAM, and so it'll crash somewhere in the middle of the game. You can continue where you were by running cheat() after the crash.

Disclaimer: This is not a review, because I made this game myself and therefore can't be objective about it. Hence the rating.

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