The Immortal
for PC (DOS)

Company: Electronic Arts
Year: 1991
Genre: RPG, Adventure
Theme: Sword & Sorcery
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 20073
Review by Wandrell (2006-01-22)

Inside the dungeon below the ruins of an ancient city your old master, Mordamir the immortal, is imprisoned and seeking help. Traps and denizens of the underground will be on your way. Only your skills and spells will be on your side as you venture to the deepest cave.

In each level there is a puzzle or problem to be solved in order to continue. It may be some kind of labyrinth where you must find the only and hidden way to cross alive through room. Other times an object will be required, to be used in a way you have to discover. Many times the magic will take part of them, commonly through the spells scrolls you will find around the dungeon. They give you a powerful capability, but only good timing and knowledge of when are they to be used will make them useful.

All of this will require a lot of trial an error, which means many deaths and going back to the beginning of the level, making you start it back from scratch. Luckily, the levels are short, but not so luckily, the puzzles may take a good deal of time. Mainly thanks to the awkward control the game suffers from. Travelling through rooms filled with fire traps in a flying carpet with braking problems or fleeing from acid slimes can become a feat when you must clumsily make precise movements. In the other side are the fights, they can be very easy if you time your own movements to the slow ones of your enemies.

Even though they have faults, those puzzles end being the main part of the game as they are well done, but with them there is another good point in this game, the story. Told slowly as the game advances, mainly in dreams and sometimes through the characters, it tells about the past of the city. Sadly the mood of being in an underground world is limited by the rooms that do not give the impression of being part of a huge dungeon.

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