Abrams Battle Tank
for PC (DOS)

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Company: Dynamix
Year: 1988
Genre: Simulation
Theme: Driving / War
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 55408
Review by NetDanzr (2006-05-08)

The M-1 Abrams is by far the most advanced tank in the current battlefield. While still using manual loading, everything else in the tank is very modern, making it a most formidable opponent. Originally designed for the European theater of war, the Abrams was, ironically, first deployed in the Persian Gulf for the Desert Storm. There, it proved to be one of the decisive weapons in the US military arsenal. While always on the forefront of the action, very few vehicles were damaged, and not a single member of the tank crew was killed. The Abrams proved both in long-range and short-range combat. In the long range, the tank could find and hit Iraqi tanks that were dug into the desert sand from a distance where the Iraqis didn't even see them. In its first skirmish, the tank proved itself in short range as well, when eight US tanks took out 38 Iraqi Republican Guard tanks. In addition to all, this, the Abrams was very safe. At one instance, shot from a point blank range into the side by an Iraqi tank, none of the tank crew was killed.

It comes as a surprise that Abrams Battle Tank deviates so far from reality. Instead of the minimal strength of 4 tanks, all your missions will be solo. Instead of surviving several hits, one hit is enough to kill you. And instead of outshooting anything else on the battlefield, you will have to close in to hit the target. This game is by no means a simulation. It is a mix of a tank simulator and arcade, where you get to shoot at everything, including helicopters. Even so, or maybe that's why, Abrams Battle Tank is very enjoyable for the average game player.

Released in 1988, the game has featured revolutionary graphics. Dynamics wanted to test its new 3D engine, which was later used in Betrayal at Krondor, and Abrams Battle Tank was the perfect testing subject. Even though the maximum output was EGA in this game, everything was in 3D – all terrain and all units. The interface, while a little weird (you move to the direction you pointed to until you apply a counter-move), was seamless, and the game ran like a charm. The sound was a little lacking, with only the customary sound of shooting and explosions.

What really hurt the game, though, was the linearity of the missions. There was no A.I. in the game to speak of – every enemy had a scripted route, and with a little trial and error you were able to complete the mission without serious problems. At only eight missions, the gameplay was around 25 hours, way below the game's fair value. The main historical value of this game lies in the usage of very advanced 3D graphics. It is only unfortunate that so few games used the same engine later.

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Yes, this game is definitely legendary. All good except for one thing, which i never really liked.. and not only about this game. It suggests real sides, and forges an opinion other than your own.. you fight against nation which is immediately assumed hostile. I mean.. it might be so, but i think games should stay out of it. For many reasons which i'm reluctant to provide here.