Soccer Kid
for Amiga (OCS/ECS)

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Company: Krisalis
Year: 1993
Genre: Sport, Action
Theme: Cartoon & Comic / Humour / Science Fiction
Language: English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano
Licence: Commercial
Views: 19581
Review by Mr Creosote (2000-11-17)

It's 1994, the year of the world cup! All the teams of course want to win it. But there's also another creature who wants to own the cup: the evil alien 'Scab'. He's searching the galaxy for trophies to add to his collection. So he steals this one. But when he tries to beam it up to his ship, it collides with a rock and is smashed into five pieces which all fall back to earth but land on completely different continents. It would be a sad final without the ultimate trophy, so Soccer Kid (What kind of name is that? His parents must have been high or something!) decides to find the missing pieces.

The equipment he uses is quite limited: Dressed in ordinary soccer clothes (the player can choose the colours of these) he only has his football with him. But this is in fact his most powerful weapon. When he encounters one of his countless enemies he just kicks the ball so that it hits the evil guy and kills him. Some enemies of course have to be hit several times.

Soccer Kid is not only an average player, but he has a huge talent for tricks with the ball. High shots, low shots and headers are just the basics - he can perform incredible stunts with a little practice.

The game is seperated in five countries. After completing one third of a country (i.e. two long levels), there is the possibility to find a piece of the world cup in a bonus level. But this level is only accessible, if you've collected all the “cards” in the levels before. This way it is made sure that you have to complete the whole levels. In case you've missed one card somewhere, there's always a second chance in each country because it consists of four levels.

The setting and the enemies should be typical for the countries. Starting in England, Soccer Kid also visits Italy, Russia, Japan and the USA. So there are a variety of levels, it's not really repetitive.

This is an above averave Jump 'n' Run because of one unique element: the ball. Usually, you kill your enemies by jumping on their heads or shooting them with something. Well, you could also call this “shooting”, but it's different. The ball is always moving, it comes back after it hit a target, it bounces after high kicks and so on.

And while you do have an unlimited number of them theoretically, you're awarded bonus points the less balls you use. So you'd better be careful.

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