Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess
for Amiga (OCS/ECS)

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Company: Draconian
Year: 1989
Genre: Adventure
Theme: Misc. Fantasy / Humour / Science Fiction
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 12385
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This is an English-only alternative version of Kult, released in the USA. Apart from the title, there are no differences to the game.

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Will be done tomorrow. First I have to find my scanner. We moved not long ago. And until now. I didn´t needed it.

Just uploading the Boxshots from the PC version. PNG Format is a little bit to big so I send the JPG´s.

Mr Creosote:
I usually scan boxes at 300dpi and save them in a lossless format (png), but then resize them to about 1000 pixels width and jpeg format for display on the site. That way, I always have a better version at hand if the standards of the Internet should allow for higher resolutions file-size-wise.
Prefered format and resolution?

Only the cover of the Manual is different. It shows the same picture like the box itself which is extremely differnt from the Amiga version.
Interrested in Scans?

Mr Creosote:
Go ahead - the scans on the site are from my own box and my own pages, made with my own scanner, so in this case, I can guarantee they're as close to the originals as it can get. Nothing left out, nothing added ;)
Thanks. I wanted to check if it´s identical with the PC Versions Manual because the Box Artwork is complettely different.
Mr Creosote:
Ah, yes, the alternate download server... the one thing that's still not automatically supervised. Should be ok now.
I wanted to download the Manual but the Link seems to be broken.
Das Game war gar nicht übel, das hatte irgendwie was. Und humorvoll war es auch. Ich geb zu ich konnte es nie sein lassen die Protzorq Typen mit PSI Kräften zu vermöbeln nur um dann in Stücke gehackt zu werden :-)

The game box, in the european version only, has been drawn by the french comic author Caza. Right now I can recall four of his comics, but only the name of two of them, Arhk, about the creation of the last planet of the universe, wich may be part of a series; and the stories of the Hom, about the end of a world inhabited by degenerated humans, which is brought by their forgotten myths.

He published in Metal Hurlant (a french comic magazine, which only changed the name in America for Heavy Metal), but it may be hard to find nowadays.

Using comic drawers for the boxes was not too infrecuent in the eighties, I think it was Cadaver the game that had a Simon Bisley draw, and in "Beneath a Steel Sky" worked Dave Gibbons, known for Rogue Trooper and Watchmen. Another example I know for proximity was Opera, that had many covers, and even designs, of Azpiri, and some of the south american Juan Gimenez, which where very popular in the country.

Well, it ended pretty big for just a comment.



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