for Amiga (OCS/ECS)

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Company: Core Design
Year: 1992
Genre: Action
Theme: Cartoon & Comic
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 12661
Review by Mr Creosote (2011-09-03)

A movie has been stolen – save the premiere by retrieving it. In the usual spirit of the genre, this is just an excuse for regular Jump & Run gameplay: The 'plot' only defines the setting; in this case, a film studio. Which, in turn, is yet another excuse to have some out-of-this-world settings: Apart from the 'behind the sets' levels, there are, among other things, haunted castles, a giant room and a space level.

All this is presented in excellently drawn graphics which are also well animated. At the end of each level, a boss (or some other 'special challenge') is waiting: Usually, the idea to beat that stage with some sort of simple, but special trick or move. Nice, but not overly exciting.

Concerning the regular gameplay, there isn't anything particularly noteworthy which would surprise anyone who has played a Jump & Run before. The levels are relatively complex, with both the film sets themselves and areas behind the scenes being connected through a number of doors. So the levels are three-dimensional – yet never too complicated to finish. Maybe somewhat special: The player can move a little bit 'into' and 'out of' the screen, too, thus avoiding some threats.

The controls are responsive and the difficulty level is moderate. Maybe my only gripe is with the very first boss (the cowboy): That guy is really hard to beat. You have to shoot him a couple of times, but you may only draw after he has started moving his hand. You better have lightning fast reflexes! It is unfortunate that this is the very first boss – if you quit at that point, you will miss some more very nice levels. Which would be a pity, but of course, this is Core's fault: a plainly bad design decision. After that, it ironically gets easier in the subsequent end-of-level challenges.

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