für NES

Firma: Taito
Jahr: 1989
Genre: Denkspiel
Thema: Abstrakt
Sprache: English
Lizenz: Kommerziell
Aufrufe: 10436
Rezension von Wandrell (09.04.2012)

All you have to do for winning is breaking a wall of blocks. But be careful, because what sounds simple, with a bit of bad planning will end being unsolvable on this quick puzzle game.

How? You may ask. Well, skipping ahead a bit, without having explained anything yet, you should know that if you ever end with the last block of a kind, and the requirements for finishing the levels haven't been met, you lose a life.

Still, planning is not as much for not losing as it is for increasing your score, because bigger lines mean bigger points.

Now, I'll explain a bit why. The game works in a simple way: you have a wall of blocks, and your objective is reducing it below a number. For this you throw a block to a row or a column, and all the blocks of the same kind as the one thrown dissappear.

Easy? Well, there is a trick. Once it hits a block of another kind it swaps places. Now you have the new block, and the old one is taking the place of the one you received. On a few cases, when you clear the lowest row or a column, you may end getting back your block, but that's an exception.
Then you start again, after the blocks above any gap have fallen, making the wall change a bit of shape.

Taking advantage of this is what makes the puzzle fun. But then you add the limit of throws, to increase difficulty, and the fast and simple gameplay and you end with a fun game to play at any moment.

And if you want a bit of change, there is the advances mode. To me, it looks like the advanced mode sorts the blocks in a much less random way, giving clearer patterns for clearing the screen. In exchange, you only have one life, something at first, on the first easy levels, may not worry you, but once you start finding the patterns are no longer so obvious a mistake can easily end bad.

But no need to listen to me, the game is really quick to get into. May not be for a few days of playing, but it is fun when all you need is a quick puzzle.

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