Impossible Mission
for C64

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Company: Epyx
Year: 1984
Genre: Action
Theme: Police & Gangsters
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 38678
Review by Mr Creosote (2003-08-12)

“Another visitor... stay a while... stay forever!”

This is how Elvin Atombender welcomes you to his lair. Mr Atombender is the stereotype of a mad scientist. He's currently plotting to destroy the world (once again). You are a secret agent with the mission to stop him. You leave the elevator, enter a room and...

“Destroy him, my robots!”

Uh-oh, this doesn't sound very nice. Sound? Yes, Elvin Atombender can actually talk! No text obstructing the screen, just a very scary voice commanding its mechanical lackeys. You're a professional, so empty threats can't impress you. One robot is approaching, its death ray sparkling. You jump, and one salto later, you're on the other side of the platform. You take a lift down. There is computer terminal there. Entering the password, you disable the robots. One quick jump to the cupboard. While you're searching its contents, the robots awaken again. One is rushing towards you. In the very last moment, you're finished - there was a puzzle piece in there. You take another lift to the lowest platform. Another robot is already on your heels. You run, jump and...


That was too far. You fell into your doom. But are you dead? No, you've just lost another valuable 10 minutes to stop the villain. Going back to the elevator, you're already heading for the next room...

Impossible Mission was a technical revolution. Clear speech from the speakers of your TV attached to a C64! A fairly big sprite animated absolutely wonderfully! Not only running, but also jumping. But not just plain jumping, but amazing salti!

Graphics and sound are of course not everything, even though in this case, they would have been enough to make the game an instant classic. The gameplay is absolutely top-notch, too! First of all, the villains headquarters are randomized every time you start a new game. Using elevators, you go from room to room. In each room, there are platforms, smaller lifts, robots, terminals and furniture. Your goal is basically to search all the furniture to find several puzzle pieces which are needed to stop Elvin. Other stuff is lying around, too. For example passwords for the computer terminals which let you disable the robots temporarily or reset the lift positions. Just what you need to survive.

Every room is a little puzzle in itself. How to be able to search everything without being roasted? How to get to the exit on the other side to reach the next elevator? As you can see, Impossible Mission isn't the ordinary platform game.

Since you can't really die (when you do, you're always resurrected in the same room), you play again the clock. After a certain time, Elvin's plan will be ready and the world will be destroyed. You 'only' have to be faster. A very fair way, better than a limited amount of lives.

You owe yourself to play this classic. Even in the unlikely case you don't like it, you'll at least be able to honestly claim you've tried it - because otherwise, nobody will take you seriously anymore. Oh, you wanted that job? Well, you shouldn't have confessed you don't know Impossible Mission then! Bwahahahahahahahaha!

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I finished this game without any crack help. I loved to play this. Hahaha Batman and Impossible missions are my best 2d action games

this game consumed hundreds hours of my childhood :)
good old days indeed!