Mad City
for NES

Company: Konami
Year: 1988
Genre: Action
Theme: Driving / Fighting
Language: Japanese, English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 13000
Review by Wandrell (2013-12-22)

We have this Crocodile Dundee wannabee, who is actually an action hero, and a kidnapped woman, who we will try to rescue, but... who cares? What you want to know is that this is considered as one of the worst games of the console, but is that true? Or is there more behind this genre-mixing game?

Is it really worth of that medal? Well, I suppose it is subjective, after all it's true this is one of the picks for the “Worst of the worst” lists, but I suppose the problem is on that it attempts mixing different play styles. It never worked so well when you wanted to play a game and suddenly got another one into your hands.

It starts as a short of Double Dragon game, but on a jungle. Then it changes around between that, an arcade shooter, and some sort of racing game. So you have three unconnected games on a single package, and they are all quite short, just finish a single scene and then jump to the next game.

So you are taking turns, but taking turns between games is not that bad, the problem is the quality and they are not gems. Still, they are not bad per se, you get what you can expect, nothing more but also nothing less. The beat-them-up part is the usual punch and kick mix, with a few weapons which you can find around. The shooter consists on a bunch of enemies running around, until they decide to stop and shoot, which you have to kill. And the race part is just running into the horizon, shooting cars and throwing dynamite to airplanes.

Actually I only would say the last one is bad, the other two are mediocre, but not painful, they even try to spice things a bit adding crocodiles to the beat-them-up, and bosses the the shooter.

Maybe you can't put it into your favourite games list, but it's not as bad as people may tell you. But thinking it a bit, maybe it's that same fame which makes the game look better, it's not up to it's bad fame.

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