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Company: Metropolis Software House
Year: 1995
Genre: Adventure
Theme: Espionage / Humour
Language: Polski, English, Češký
Licence: Freeware
Views: 15357
Review by Miolon (2014-02-25)

This ain't a story about good boys. This story is about the agent. Teen agent.
If you ever wanted to be the one, here's your chance to try. But I warn you, you'll have to do many weird things – tie up matured ones, make underground passages, run from bears, etc. Anyway, if you are not afraid, this game is for you.

Here's what happened: one day, all gold in the world began to disappear for no obvious reason. All banks are panicked! In a desperate try to find the thief, they hired a medium who pointed to a person possibly able to help. And this is how Mark Hopper, just an ordinary boy, became the government agent. Well, was forced to, actually, but of course, there are always some pluses – girls do like agents, if you know what I mean. Therefore he decided to help.

By the way, in this game you'll have it all – beautiful girls, dangerous enemies, saving the World… or at least world banks' gold. But first, Mark will have to take some training and pass some tests – not every boy can become an agent, you know. And now he is in the training camp, and you can help him to complete these first agent missions.

I will not reveal the plot any further, but let's just say that the game has lot of humor (and references to many well known movies and stories), a little violence (yeah, agents have to do some – fight those bad guys and that stuff) and spy-teenager-oriented story. Light military music, some slang, several beautifully drawn places to explore and investigate and lots of puzzles and “point and click” adventures are included.

This game came from Poland and was released as floppy and CD version (with enhanced music), in Polish and English languages, and later made freeware.

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