Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins
for PC

Company: Cryo
Year: 1994
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Theme: Misc. Fantasy
Language: English, Francais, Castellano
Licence: Commercial
Views: 8955
Review by Wandrell (2014-06-28)

Get into a quest to recover your family's legacy, gain the dragon knights trust and become one of them and travel through a strange world, which had a marked French comic style, solving the challenges in your path through wits or might in what is one of the most iconic games from the CD-Rom age.

This one got a lot of fame back on it's day, but not as much as for being popular but for appearing in those cheap CD-Rom game collections, as otherwise follow the usual Cryo formula, just adding those ugly graphics which were popular on the early CD-Rom days.

Were it not for those graphics, the place would look interesting. It's one of those weird epic fantasy worlds filled with strange places and knights though, sadly, they don't get much into the game's background beyond that. The plot is even succinctly told in the introduction video, but it goes little beyond pointing you into a direction and telling you to walk.

The game, as expected, is an adventure, but this time they added a few combats. These are nothing special, just equip a weapon and keep pressed the mouse button, if you are lucky all your attacks will hit and you will be the one alive at the end of the combat.

Apart from that this is a typical adventure game, and very linear one. Find objects, solve puzzles, talk to a few characters and all that, again nothing special, as all these are quite easy or plainly boring.

The twist, which doesn't work well, is that you are supposedly able to solve the puzzles with wits or brawls. But this means that a few times you can choose to beat an animal instead of giving it an object.

This is supposed to play a big role on the first part of the game, where you have to get the other knights' support for being accepted as one of them, and a bunch will like you if you are violent, while others will do the opposite.

That sounds way better than it is. In reality you just move along and keep gaining the support of the knights, and it matters little which approach you choose.

Then you arrive to the second part and it all changes, because instead of going straight through a road now you are in a huge, yet still very linear, castle, solving lots of boring puzzles.

Well, that's it. Cryo has a few good games, and as usual the mood and looks of the game are good, not as good as it could if they had used real graphics, but still has some charm, but otherwise. You better take a look at the second part of the series, which is much more of a game than this one.

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