News Archive - 2000


Last update of the millenium! And it's also new that the site features more apps than games again. This was the case at the very beginning (4 games, 17 apps) but it changed quickly. But with today's additions it is 79 games and 81 apps! Not that I'm really proud of this section. Without real descriptions, it's not worth very much. But at least they're available!
Of course I also added a new minicomic, bringing the comic-count (weird word) up to 10!


There's more than the normal update today! After having checked my poll today, I just felt I had to comment on that. So here are my thoughts. But better read the post by 'Greg' first!
Oh well, now I'm sad. Or maybe angry. I don't know. Something between that. Because of that silly idiot called Greg who left this ridiculous comment in my poll! You should know I appreciate any serious comment. All of you who left an e-mail address there also got a serious reply from me. With some of you I even got into longer discussions - but always in serious tone, without insults but with respect for the other's point of view - from both sides! But Greg doesn't seem to know the concept of 'respect'. He's just shouting and insulting. Did you ever consider this could hurt someone? All the others were kind enough to stay objective and use a decent language - even Jante could be taken seriously! But in your case I can't. As much as I try to see the good intention in your post, I can't find anything :( But even now, I'll try to answer to your 'points' - because I want to believe in the good in every person!
1. Did I ever state my site is the best one? I know there are many sites with a more 'professional' layout and with a lot more contents! But please consider how old these sites are compared to mine - you most certainly won't find another site that's growing so fast!
2. Did you ever hear of the term 'theme'? You're surely using Windows (users of other OS' aren't that offensive!), so you should be familiar with it. Now of course I don't know how your 'desktop' looks, but I'm pretty sure your background image and everything else isn't necessarily connected to computers or Windows! Oh, shame on you! It doesn't have anything to do with your computer! Ridiculous!
3. Well, you obviously are a beginner as you don't have a homepage and not even an e-mail address (!). Or didn't the guys at AOL tell you how to type an '@'? Anyway, why don't you prove your point? Come on, make your own Abandonware site and then we'll see who attracts more visitors! I can't wait to see your perfect site that will surely crush mine within a week!

-Thanks for 'listening'! Not to the additions:
Five new apps scattered across the page
One minicomic


What did you expect today? No update? Certainly not! Here's what we have for you today:
One game: Tower
Three DOS-Versions
One minicomic


Is it getting boring? I don't think so! 3 apps and a comic.


No surprises today: nine convertors and a minicomic.
Unfortunately, the download of Whose enemy am I anyway was incomplete! This is now solved, you can either download the full version or the page that was missing individually!


Well well! The usual apps,
the usual minicomic and
a mediocre game!


Today, I'm bringing you five new compression utilities!
But that not everything! There's also a new minicomic!


Three versions of Windows today.
And the very first minicomic.
If you celebrate it, have a merry christmas!


A new app.
A new games.
A new comic.


The usual update: some new apps.
The extraordinary update: a whole new section! To celebrate the limited re-release of some of the action figures from the Masters of the Universe series, I put up a very rare comic!


Tapuak made the game count prosper: The Incredible Hulk.
I added four programming languages in the apps-section.


I decided to add more old apps because there are actually only very few sites which have them! The problem: My knowledge in this field is somehow limited, so I can put them up, but without real descriptions and support. To be honest, I'm looking for a co-webmaster to take over this section. If you're interested, e-mail me!
Today, the infamous Jante (whose site is said to cause impotency ;) visited my site! And he was also so kind to leave a comment (no irony here)! (irony)It's always good to see Frontpage-using and layout-stealing webmasters who make their sites for high resolutions only complaining about my design without reading my comments about it!(/irony) But at least his taste concerning compression tools is good :)


Today's addition is AoE! Yes, you read correctly, AoE! It's one of your all-time favourites? Then have fun with Aces over Europe!


Today, I added a bestseller which to my surprise is quite hard to find in the Abandonware scene: Theme Park!
There seems to be something wrong with the newsletter. I sent it out yesterday, but apparantely, it never arrived at any of the subscriber's mailboxes :( I'll surely find a solution soon!
I've moved the newsletter to another free service provider. All subscribers have been moved to the new one and the first edition has been resent!


Tapuak added Rock'n'Roll Racing to the SNES section.
Finally, there are also some pictures of Pirates! Gold. I wasn't able to make some real screenshots, but as all the artwork is included in the game as PCX-files, I put up some of them to give you at least a general impression...
The first edition of the newsletter has been sent. If you've not signed up yet, do it NOW!
The search engine has been updated.


adhoc's turn again: Aces of the Pacific!
Tomorrow, I'll send out the first newsletter, so subscribe it now!


Today's addition is Stronghold.
Vohaul, whose site B.S:O.D made a spectacular return today, made another banner for my site. Thanks very much!
Since my host is loosing more and more money with this site, I'm trying everything I can to improve the situation. That is why I joined the RoA today. It's an oldwarez ring and I don't agree with its ideals! But I hope it'll give the banner more impressions. Oh, and you could also click it maybe...


adhoc's day: Pirates! Gold.


Like every day: Alone in the Dark.
I noticed that the 'games' button was nonsense! This relic of the PC-only era has been replaced by 'PC'!


The usual update: Colonization.


adhoc wrote a very lengthy review on Pirates! Check it out!
I splitted the games in the Amiga section into genres.


Early update today, so I'll keep yesterday's news here: Tapuak is back in action! He added Return of the Double Dragon.


Big update today! Several things added:
Covert Action to satisfy the game-freaks
DOS-RAR 2.00 to satisfy the DOS-freaks
A newsletter (most likely weekly) to satisfy the lazy ones
A site internal search engine to satisfy those who think the site is too confusing to navigate
And last but not least, I customized all the tables on this page to make them fit better!


Looking at the Amiga section, I felt that a very important game was missing so far: It Came From The Desert!


New game: Rick Dangerous 2.



adhoc added M1 Tank Platoon!
I added a link.


It's PC-time! adhoc added Indianapolis 500!


Seems like I can't get away from the Amiga. The games are so great and updating this section is so much easier! 90% SSI - hehe. Oh, almost forgot to name the new game: Shufflepuck Café.


adhoc is now not only our translator anymore, but also a reviewer! He added Gunship 2000.
Also joinded Agames' Banner XChange. It's on the index page.


Added the next Amiga game: Silkworm.
Joined Agames, a new search site. I'm sure it'll become #1, so why don't you check it out? It also offers search boxes, so I added one to this page. Please use it!


Today's game comes from me again, and it really fits to what happened to our former Chancellor today: Einmal Kanzler sein ;)


Today's addition comes from Elwood. It was a kind of deal: I made some screenshots for his site The Keep) and he contributed a game for mine. Well, I think I had the easier part ;) But he wanted it like that! Maybe because he didn't want to download 40 MB just to make three screenshots of games I already had lying around here...
Have fun with Alpha Waves!


Oh well, it seems I'm still bound to the Amiga at the moment! I added Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. This is also the first game I only uploaded because of its historical value!


Today, I bring you the tenth Amiga game: Ivanhoe! Ten games were in fact my first goal for this section. So all you PC-freaks who were already getting annoyed be my priorities can probably expect something for their system again now. Probably...


Another Amiga game: The Spy Who Loved Me!


I'm not feeling very well, so I'm gonna make this short: Added Advanced Destroyer Simulator.


With today's addition (Transplant), The Good Old Days has reached the landmark of 50 games! Who would have believed that this tiny, ugly and useless site would ever be that big? Well, I did! Oh, and I wouldn't mind if you jammed my mailbox with congratulations ;) Thanks to the rest of the crew, all the other people who contributed something and those who critisized constructively. Without all of you this wouldn't have been possible so fast! Let's go for the 100 now!


Added Silent Service II to the Amiga section.


The review on Desert Strike has been translated.


This is really getting on my nerves! Did you ever think about how much time we're spending to create this site? Daily updates: long reviews, many screenshots, cool stories... And we're all doing it in our free time after work/school! Just for fun, we earn not a single cent with it - on the contrary, we even spend money!
Then you all come here, leech files or even enjoy reading some things and then just leave. Why am I writing this? Because the click-through rate of the banners has dropped below 0.1%. This is pathetic! Our host has to pay for the bandwidth you're using! It doesn't take you a second to click on one of the banners. The site will open in a new window, just let it load and you can close it again. Where's the problem? Why is it so hard to click just once per visit?
The Fraud Log has been moved to the navigation bar on the right.
Desert Strike (PC-version) has been added by Gesh.
English version of the Zombies at my Neighbors-review is up.


Tapuak is pretty active at the moment! Today he added Zombies ate my Neighbours.
BSOD Abandonware is down and so is the link. It's a shame!


Translation of the NBA Jam-review is up.
I'm sure you know the 'Abandonware Ring'. Want to learn about its true nature? Read my Fraud Log!


Tapuak added NBA Jam to the SNES section. The translated review will appear here soon!


Added yet another Amiga game: Soccer Kid.
Both Gesh and Tapuak told me they have new games in the pipeline, so the other systems won't die!


Strange things are going on! My site is mentioned as 'updated' at TUOL although I didn't update and logically didn't submit one! But well, I don't want Tox to make a fool of himself - so here is my update (in retrospect): this little story. In fact, it all started yesterday when I submitted my mini-update at Abandoned Places. It wasn't listed with the update when I checked it in the evening. But when I went to the site today, it was even mentioned in the news post! Am I going mad? What's happening? Please tell me, I just need to know...


Readded some cracks which I forgot to implement in the new design.
30000 visitors!!!


There's the next one: Speedball. I think I'll concentrate my work on the Amiga section for a while. Maybe Gesh will bring you some PC games during that period...


Finally, there's an addition by me again: Stunt Car Racer for the Amiga!


The SNES section is now also available in English thanks to adhoc!
I've noticed Black Thorne is still being sold. That is why I replaced the download with a link to the Interplay store!


Gesh remade all title images and the buttons. Believe me, this must have been a huge amount of work! He must be crazy ;)


We have another new crewmember: Tapuak! He's responsible for the new SNES-section. Sorry you have to wait a bit for the translation, but the IE's interpretation of some colours is so srewed up that it took hours to fix it!


Gesh contributed Fury of the Furries. Seems to be a funny game!


Only a small update today: I added a title image for the crew page and replaced the one of the contribute page.


Thanks to our new crew member adhoc, the problem with the biliguality is now solved. So you don't have to worry: Everything will always be here in English! It may happen that there is a short delay sometimes but that's the same the other way round.
The crew page is now open! There you can find contact e-mails and what everybody works on.


And there's Gesh's second game: Bio Menace!
It's good to see that there are actually people who care about this site and want to help!
I do have some jobs to offer: Reviewer (i.e. just add games) and section webmaster. The latter is something new over here! I'd really like to have more classic emulated systems on the site. So if someone wanted to build up an emu-site anyway, I'd gladly accept him here. Your advantage: My site is established quite well already! You could of course make "your" section's design on your own. I'd recommend topical designs (like in my Amiga section) though. An "Abandoned Apps" section would also be great. Anyone?


I included the first game Gesh contributed: Black Thorne. There's still another one lying around, everything's here. I only have to make the html-pages, but I somehow have the feeling I should make this two updates - yes, I learned this from Vohaul ;)
This will most likely not affect you (the readers of the English version of my site), but I'm not so sure about translating everything anyone contributes anymore. These contributions should save me time, but if I have to translate everything, it's almost the same work as adding a game myself! Just to let you know how I feel about it.
I do have some jobs to offer: Reviewer (i.e. just add games) and section webmaster. The latter is something new over here! I'd really like to have more classic emulated systems on the site. So if someone wanted to build up an emu-site anyway, I'd gladly accept him here. Your advantage: My site is established quite well already! You could of course make "your" section's design on your own. I'd recommend topical designs (like in my Amiga section) though. An "Abandoned Apps" section would also be great. Anyone?


The big one! I restructured and redesigned the games section. A credit goes out to Gesh (he's also responsible for the new image map) who proposed the general way to do it. Then I threw in some of my own ideas and fucked it up completely with my insane mind ;) I hope you like it! Maybe it's still full of typos, so please tell me all errors.
I made a new logo. It will probably be replaced again in a few days if Gesh's patience with me isn't gone and if he's skilled enough to fulfill the idea I failed on.


Slowly going back to work. I removed the navigation poll because of the lack of votes. Gesh (aka George) kicked my lazy ass to do something, so you can expect some changes soon!


Fuck! My computer is completely broken! I won't be able to update the next days.


The Amiga section grows: James Pond!
George also worked a bit and contributed these cool animated flags and a banner.


I'm back for another weekend. Someone sent me a cool logo which I immediately put on the index page. Thanks very much George!


One result of the poll so far actually surprised me: Many people seem to think navigation should be improved. To get more detailed feedback on that, I've opened another poll on the bottom of this page.
I rejoined the Abandonware Ring. Not that I like it very much, but with TACT (most likely) disappearing, my site would be too dependent on TUOL.


The Amiga FAQ is temporarily finished. I'll add more content to it when you send me your questions.

I'm can only update on the weekends for three weeks because I'm away. Of course that also means I won't be able to answer e-mails, ICQ messages and entries in my forum. Just be a bit patient!

Ok, ok, this is completely off-topic! But if you like a good laugh, you should have a look at this anyway.

My ISP is down and will most likely never be up again :( Until I've found a new flatrate, there won't be any big updates. I just can't afford that. There will be some small additions though.

Umm... I think I'll just keep the last update message as a curiosity. Should remind me not to update on 3 a.m.!

No, I won't give my poll up!!
Today, I proudly present my new Amiga section! SOMEONE who wanted to do it a long time ago obviously was too lazy, so I did it myself. Not too much contents for now, but I promise it'll grow! And you can of course contribute to it if you want to...

No, I won't give my poll up!
I put the Heureka search box on the main page. So, if you're looking for something, search there before asking me!
It seems as if my site is slowly becoming established in the scene. More and more sites link to it. And even some large sites! I'd really appreciate if you told me when you've decided to put up a link so that I can return that favour.
The BIG update has to be delayed until tomorrow. It's a lot of work and I have to do the TUOL update today...

VOTE ON MY POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've added some links and also descrtiptions for them. Thanks to Vohaul for making a new banner for my site.

VOTE ON MY POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At last the Indycar Racing Data-Disk is up! I'm sorry, but if you want to have it, you have to download the whole game again, because if I had put it up seperately, the download would have been bigger on the whole...
I cleared all of the old news off this page.
I removed the guestbook link since no-one signed it anyway. If you want to leave me a message, please use my forum!
Instead, there is a new button which links to my design notes. I wrote this some time ago, but the link to it was really too well hidden. Please read it before complaining about my design!

VOTE ON MY POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, fuck the IE! It didn't understand my code again! I fixed it now (thanks to Elwood). How DUMB can a browser be?
To make browsing through the games sections easier, I added another drop down box. Now you get listings by alphabet and by genre!

VOTE ON MY POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I changed the design a bit. You see, I do react to criticism!
I also worked on the html-code and implemented some more SSI.
I modified the drop down menu a bit so that it requires less clicks.
I got rid of some scripts to make the site faster.

Added Master of Magic

Oh great! The poll is up for three days now, and already THREE people voted! That's ONE per day! Come on, can this get more ridiculous?

A new game: Border Zone. For all of you who like adventures, but especially for Serpico!
Please note my new e-mail address:

Now the problem with Empire Deluxe should be solved. I scanned a part of the manual. It's full of typos and looks awful. But it's enough to pass the copy protection!

Since I don't get ANY feedback through my forum, I've now opened a poll. Please participate, it only takes some moments!
All the links are fixed again. Thanks to Elwood I don't have to rely on free servers for now, so the files won't be deleted!

One of my accounts has been deleted. Some downloads don't work at the moment.
I'm working on the html-code at the moment. The first step is done. If you don't see any difference, I've succeeded!

The Good Old Days' game count has risen from originally 4 to 35! Browsing through the games has become really annoying. I hope this update helps to make things easier again. Just visit the games section and have a look at it. Some feedback would also be nice!
The disadvantage: Some of the old links from the news section won't work anymore because I'm using SSI now and this only works with .shtml files.

But then again... Try these games

I meant to put up the Indycar Expansion Pack today, but the disks seem to have gone bad. Sorry, I'll try to put it up later.
Would some of you please try if you can get my version of Empire Deluxe to work and leave a message in my forum?

Ok, maybe I won't use military: Railroad Tycoon.

Didn't I promise? Yes I did. And I kept it. Today just for blargy: Empire Deluxe.

Ok, I promise to update more often now. To prove my good will I've put up two new games.

Many new and great games!

A new game. Contributed by a visitor. If this continues I can retire soon ;)

I added another banner. If anyone can tell me what it has to do with my site or Abandonware in general, I'd really like to know ;)

I do have a forum now, so if you want to request a game, have problems running a game, want to discuss, or anything else, just leave a message there.

I made it into a whole section now. So if you want to contribute anything to my site, go there! Well, read it in any case ;)

This is a premiere: The first User-Review for a game. And it's MUCH better than mine! If you want to voice your opinion on one of the games just write a review (.txt please!) and send it to me. I happy about everything. Only very low quality "reviews" will be rejected ("This game sucks! Don't get it!" - that alone is just not enough). So what are you waiting for?
By the way: I'm also looking for all kinds of additional stuff for my games here. So if you happen to have an editor, some self-made levels, FAQs or something like that I'll gladly put it up.

And there is already the first thing. Something for all of you who don't like my design.

I'm back! With some fresh ideas! I do have something really good in the pipeline. So look out for it soon.

I'll be on holiday for a week. So don't expect any updates. You can still send me e-mails or ICQ messages, but I won't answer them until I'm back. And please: Have mercy with my mailbox. Don't send any attachements!

Mad TV. It took me much longer than I expected. But finally it's there.

I'd like to describe different kinds of people now:
First the one I like: People who critisize. Without criticism nothing can be improved.
Then there is the another type: If there's one thing I can't stand it's people who don't tell their opinion directly. I really don't understand these people.
Unfortunately, most people are some kind of mixture of the two. They notice negative things and are curageous enough to voice it. On the other hand they are cowards. For some reason they fear to reveal their identity by giving the critisized person a chance to react. But what are they afraid of? I don't know. As if the citisized person would kill them! Ridiculous!
Now, why am I writing this? Simply because I can't stand it anymore that people sign my guestbook and don't leave an e-mail address. Come on! What should I do with people like Mark Jackson? They tell me they don't like my site, but don't give me the chance to ask what they'd prefer.
And: Yes this also goes out to "i dont like names" aka "Abe88"!

I'll add Mad TV soon. Because many people requested it, I've already uploaded my FAQ.

Because Activision stopped selling the Infocom adventures, here is a true classic: Bureaucracy

New design is done. For now at least. Who knows what will come next? It is possible that some minor errors may occur. Notify me if you find any.

Check out my new design and tell me your opinion. Don't worry about the language, it's really just about design.

More than 10000 visitors! I'll have to expand the counter soon...

A really funny game: International Athletics

Worked on (almost) all reviews

A game again: WWF Wrestlemania

A new banner
The announcement of a new section

A general remark: If you experience problems with my site (downloading,...), ask me! I'll answer every question and I'm open to suggestions.

After a long time it's a new game again: Tapper

At last my own domain:

An extremely interesting foto in the editorial

Moved completely to the TUOL-Server. All links should therefore work permanently. The banner is now always visible and it reloaded everytime you go to another page. Please click it!

All games got deleted. Again!
And: everything up again!

And some more design changes. Comments/suggestions?

Added some hints/walkthroughs
Again some minor design changes. Comments/suggestions?

At last a real banner!
Redesigned a bit. Further suggestions, please.

Again a new game: Master of Orion. I wrote a very lengthy review for it. But I'm unsure if anybody will take the time to read it completely. Please give me feedback: What's better, really long reviews (and because of the time consuming writing less games), or everything like it was?

One new game: Winzer

Moved again. This time with a address change: Please click the sponsor once in a while. The money doesn't go to me, but it is used to pay for the server. Thanks to the TUOL-Crew!

added History Line

two new tools

Changed the whole html-code so that the site looks the same on every computer

Added Hidden Agenda

All downloads working again

My games account on Crosswinds has been deleted; I have to upload everything again

Divided the games section
Added Last Action Hero

The News
Review about this site at Abandonware is not enough completed
Submitted my site for a review at ARS


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