News Archive - 2001


Finally I finished a new design for the Super Nintendo section. The colour scheme changed to different shades of green instead of the blue ones before. Moreover, the games are now either accesible by genre or by first letter or by a direct list. As a bonus, I updated all Emulators to the newest version and added ZSNES for Linux. There could be some mistakes left, it would be nice if you told me!


Aah, it's great to know we have some educated and active visitors! Chris helped my lousy memory and told me the name of the game I couldn't remember two days ago. The review on 3D Cyberpuck has been adjusted accordingly. Thanks!
Mr Creosote


Another great game today, this time for my favourite genre Simulations: Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe.


Not quite as much today, but a great game indeed: 3D Cyberpuck.
Mr Creosote


Woohoo! I did it! I beat my own record in review length of 1771 words on Master of Orion! The new standard is 1784 words now. Eat that, you wannabe-webmasters and pseudo game-freaks! Well ok, this sounds as if writing a long review was the point of this update. I can assure you it wasn't. It's just that Death Gate is one of my favourite games ever, and I kept writing and writing. And suddenly, the review looked quite long to me..... Nice side effect ;)
This is also the first time I've uploaded a game bigger than 10 MB. General rule on this site is 'nothing bigger than 10 MB unless it's genious'. Well, I guess you get the picture...
Mr Creosote


Is my trial over at last? Seems so - and I'm relieved! Jeff has taken over the apps section and he made an excellent start by adding two programs with a great write-ups and a screenshot. This time, it should be for real!
Mr Creosote
A reminder: If you sign up for our newsletter, you'll receive reports about our updates regularly. This is an extra service which we're providing beside all the main work on the site. It's very annoying to have thousands of e-mails bounced back when sending one out though! So please try to ensure your account is able to receive our newsletter. If our e-mail is bounced back with the message 'user unknown' or similar, we'll delete you from our database immediately, if it's 'mailbox full', we'll give you one more chance. But if this happens again next time, we'll also unsubscribe you! Please understand that we just don't have the resources to deliver everything to a database full of dead addresses, please do us a favour and help us by keeping everything up-to-date on your side.


For real this time: the apps section is open! And dead again. Huh? It just didn't work out with the new section webmaster for reasons I don't want to go deeper into, so I threw up two apps myself to demonstrate how this section should look if anyone ever takes care of it. Enjoy these two programs, but that was it from my side.
Mr Creosote


Today marks the reopening of the apps section! We have a new crew member taking care of it: Momo. Please contact him in regards to this section if there is anything. For a start, he has added 5 apps, each with a real description and a screenshot - not like in the crappy old apps section :)
Mr Creosote


Back-to-back update, as usual. We've done that for more than five years now, never missed an update, not a single day! Anyway, thanks to johann67 for today's game. It belongs to the same series as Pool 'm Up and it's called Roll 'm Up. Enjoy!
Mr Creosote


Finally, the Dregenrocks Special is finished! Sorry, Dregen, that was long overdue. All check it out now, CtK must be one of the best games on the whole site!
Mr Creosote


Another step back towards normality: I've added three comics a visitor sent me some time ago, but I couldn't put them up without Internet access. They're all from the Princess of Power series, a spawn off the Masters of the Universe. More of historical interest for me, but also funny somehow: The Story of She-Ra, Disappearing Treasures and The Hidden Symbols Mystery.
Mr Creosote


Yay! Finally a review by me again, and it's also something special for the special section, another home-made game called 'Ugh'. So head over there right now and give it a try ;).


Apps = gone at last.
Mr Creosote


I tidied up the SNES section. Four of the games are now available again: Shadowrun, Super Offroad, WWF Raw and True Lies. Currently, the remaining ones are put "on hold" because of the IDSA warning.


If you're reading this, it means transfering the domain to our new server has taken effect. Yes, that right - we've switched to another server to ensure full speed and availability even with growing visitor counts!
We also have some additions: The Temple of Darkness (thanks to Marvin) and Snake Attack (thanks to Jouni and Marvin) in the minicomics section. Courage and The Motion Picture make the Star collection complete.
Now let's see if the other crewmembers will have something for you again in the future...
Mr Creosote


Two new comics: Mantenna and the Menace of the Evil Horde and Leech - The Master of Power Suction Unleashed! Two of the worst minicomics ever - and that makes them worth checking out! Thanks to Marvin for the scans, you saved me a lot of time :)
Mr Creosote


This is Mr Creosote talking to you from the grave... I added a game for the first time for some months. Ironically, I did it right after my looooooong holidays have ended. Typical!
Mr Creosote


I've moved to another town, but I don't have a phone line at home yet. That is why I can't answer my e-mails and forum posts as promptly as usual. Please only e-mail me if it's really important and stay patient - I assure you I'm doing my best to answer as quickly as possible! Until I get 'fully functional' again, please contact Adhoc or Tapuak if there is anything.
Mr Creosote


Today, I have something new again: Grizzlor - The Legend Comes Alive.
Mr Creosote


Another comic: Rock People to the Rescue. Probably the most common minicomic in existence.
Mr Creosote


Oh well, all this server stuff is taking way to long! I thought we should stall the site until the move, but now it's almost one month since the last update - intolerable! So I'm bringing you two comics today which I've scanned some weeks ago, but held them back: The Menace of Trap-Jaw and The Magic Stealer. The first one is good, the second one genious - even non-Masters fans should check it out!
Mr Creosote
Due to a cease & desist letter from the IDSA and the server going mad shortly thereafter, many downloads don't work. Don't mail us about broken links or a 'forbidden' message because we are aware of them! For more information, check out our news archive. Everything which was added after August, 8th is definitely up! So are the comics and all the specials. For the other files: it's always worth trying to click the download link, but don't complain if it doesn't work.


Just for the sake of completion: Der Planer Gold. Third game of this kind, and again nothing much has changed...


A small update by me today: Der Planer Extra. An addon to the original game with new missions and some minor new features, still only in German, sorry folks...


Still waiting for the new server, so I decided to bring you another update before the move. I added a new special about a neat game called Pudgy. Check it out! I'm sure Spazz (the programmer) will be happy about every player.
Mr Creosote


Argh! All the downloads are gone. And the worst thing about it: we have no idea how this happened! The directory on the server just disappeared :( The server really seems completely screwed. Not only the downloads, our e-mail-accounts also don't work half of the time! So if you sent us something which was bounced back, just try again. About the downloads: we'll do our best to bring them back, but we'll move to another server in a few days anyway, so the question is if it's worth uploading it all again.

Conclusion: Don't mail us about broken links!
Mr Creosote
A rarity: Ever seen a racing game without any scrolling? Super Off Road! Note: The download of this single game works!


Ok, from now on, there are downloadable apps again. No, wait! Only one downloadable application! The programmer of CheatBook-DataBase 2001 v3.0 asked my if we could publish his program and since it's a really great system, I've of course agreed :) So check it out!
That goes also for any other works btw: we'll gladly publish them if they serve any purpose or are just funny or whatever ;)
Mr Creosote


Another little Freeware game which surely many of you won´t know: Blobby Volleyball, a somewhat different volleyball game... ;)


Finally I translated Johann67's review on Secret of Mana into German. Not very interesting for English speaking visitors, I know... ;)


Ok, enough is enough! We're doing our best to keep you up-to-date about the IDSA-thingy, but still the questions, demandings and complaints keep pouring in! So here is how we'll act from now on:
-We expect you to read this and the older pieces of news about this topic
-If you don't and ask us why you can't download something, we'll simply reply with read the news
-If you keep asking questions after this, we won't reply anymore

If you feel you have a valid remark or question, you can of course contact us and we'll gladly reply.
Mr Creosote


After a long time (I know, I know...) I´m adding a new game. It´s freeware, so no thoughts about IDSA are required. The game is Pool 'm Up, a promotion game for the Dutch (?) beer brand Dommelsch. A really nice, but not overly realistic pool simulation.
Apropos IDSA: Some links, especially the apps, still don´t work because of the letter from the IDSA. So please refrain from complaining about non-functioning downloads...


No reaction from the IDSA, so we've begun readding the downloads. Approximately half of the games are up again - the ones of which we're sure that they aren't copyrighted by an IDSA member. More will be readded gradually when we've cleared some cases in which were not sure so far.

e-mails we can't use right now:
"I tried to download one of your game but I got this f*ck'n message: You do not have permission to access the requested file on this server. What the f*ck is that sh*t?!?!?! I really want this game so tell me what to do fast!"
"Fuck u ur site is shit and the game i unziped with winRAR doesnt work u mother fuckin whore!!!!!!"
"Why do I get this 'notice' page when I click the download link?"

We are also aware that the 'download' button leading to the IDSA notice could be interpreted as an unfair promise. But this is only a temporary solution.
Mr Creosote


As you might have read in the forum, we received a cease & desist e-mail from the IDSA in which they demanded the downloads to be taken down. We followed that request of course. But there is no way they can shut down the whole site! Their members only own a part of the games' copyrights, so we've asked them for a list what they claim rights for.
If you feel like protesting, feel free to drop them a line to But please keep it mannered! Swearing and insults will only hurt us in this case.
So remember: None of the software downloads work at the moment!
Mr Creosote


Grand Reopening! We're back and more evil than ever! Maybe you noticed the minor changes compared to our former design. In case you don't, have a look at the screenshot of our old welcome page. We hope you like the new look.
But that's not the only change! The apps section is currently completely redone. It will at least features a short desription of every program! We couldn't implement the whole collection though, but I promise we'll bring it all back gradually.
The game count has also been increased. johann67 contributed Secret of Mana, Secret of Mana 2 and Sunset Riders while our regular crew was working on this new site!
And as if that wasn't enough, we also have four new comics up for download: The Hordes of Hordak, He-Man meets Ram-Man, The Terror of Tri Klops and Energy Zoids! The general descriptions of the series have also been rewritten and the Minicomics part has been split up into series.
Last but not least, please read our new editorial. We'll have new comments and thoughts there from time to time whenever we have the urge to say something.

Please post any comments or questions you might have in the forum!

Funny sidenote: during the downtime, we broke through the barrier of 1000 daily visitors for the first time in the site's history! Thanks a lot for your support!
Mr Creosote


The master of cheats himself, Johann67, reviewed the extraordinary Super Nintendo game Actraiser!


Another contribution, this time by PhotoTropic. It's Frontier: Elite II!
Mr Creosote


Today's addition Super Metroid has been contributed by Little Boy. A rating of 18 points should be worth a look!


And yet another classic racing sim for you: Formula 1 Grand Prix by Microprose. Have fun!


A good start into the new month! With.... a comic: The Cosmic Key. A true gem!
Mr Creosote


Hi everybody! Do you still know what a 'game' is? I mean, after all those comics... Anyway, be sure to check Proliferation out - it's one of my favourite games!
Sad news: another quality site got a cease & desist letter from the IDSA: Wasted Oldies! Why? No idea! It's always the quality sites which get shut down it seems. And this time it's even a relatively young site without too many visitors! Will they every stop?
Mr Creosote


I.... don't know what to say anymore: The Battle of Roboto.
Mr Creosote


At last holiday! Something to celebrate it: Masks of Power.
Mr Creosote


Mr Creosote


The flood continues: The Clash of Arms.
Mr Creosote


I can stop you, Creo :P. Have you missed me? Yes? I thought so ;). Ok, a new game for you: NASCAR Racing.
-No, you can't: Double-Edged Sword.
Mr Creosote


Apparantely nobody. The Treachery of Modulok!
Mr Creosote


Can anyone stop me? The Obelisk.
Mr Creosote


Another nice (and rare) one: Escape from the Slime Pit!.
Mr Creosote


As I promised: The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces!. A true masterpiece of both artwork and storyline!
Mr Creosote


Guess what - a new comic: The Fastest Draw in the Universe!.
The poll is over - you can read all about the final decision in the forum!
I think it's better to leave the last news post up to give you a better overview...
Mr Creosote


New comic: The Powers of Grayskull - The Legend Begins. A true collector's item! If you have the chance to get an original copy, do it!
Mr Creosote
Today Dregenrocls contributed Shadowrun for SNES. Finally you can play your RPGs without losing this immense dice!


And another new comic: The Power of... Point Dread. And again there's something new about it: I've decided to 'watermark' the scans with the site's URL. That is because I'm really pissed with some people (Germans of course...) who think they can just take my scans and put them up without any mention of me or my site! No appreciation of my work >:(
So here's what you can do if you want to use my scans: feel free to take them, but please inform me about it and credit me on your site. That's all I want - is it really that hard?
Mr Creosote


Again, a new comic: The Getaway. Following a suggestion which has come up in the forum, I've linked the pages together with html pages for better viewing and I've also named the files a bit differently to allow the usage of an image viewer.
Mr Creosote


Today I have a very special comic for you, if you understand English: Monstroid. One of the very best superhero stories I ever read, and I read a lot! (sorry, Adhoc, couldn't resist ;)
Mr Creosote


Today I have a very special game for you, if you understand German: Der Planer. One of the very best business sims I ever played, and I played a lot!
Don't forget to vote at our poll!


Tapuak reviewed Descent.
Mr Creosote


Snakes Alive!
Don't forget to vote at our poll!
Mr Creosote


Long time, no see. We have a new poll! It's about the portal for the server I've been working on. We need a name for the server. Read all about it in the forum!
Mr Creosote


Today´s game is an alternative to the many racing games:Destruction Derby. Destroy other cars at your liking and show them: You´re the King of the Road!
Additional (and special) update by me: The Abandonware Oscars are over and The Good Old Days won in SIX categories !!! Here are the ones we got:
For me For Adhoc's review on Aces of the Deep For my review on Master of Orion For NHL Hockey For 'Comanche on drugs' For the full council of Colonization
Mr Creosote


Yeah Finally I got a new script for the Game of the Day! Yotz was involved in this solution, but my lawyers gave me the advice I shouldn't specify how and I shouldn't thank him in public because this could be the basis for financial demands from him. Anyway, now I don't have to add new entries to the database all the time anymore
Mr Creosote


I have a game for you I haven´t seen on any other AW site before:Airline. A nice business simulation, unfortunately only in German. That´s what I call 'original content' ;)


Today I added a map editor for Global Conquest. Big thanks go out to Koivu!
Mr Creosote


The Garden of Evil. Gotta watch TV now.
Mr Creosote


I bet you were all waiting for one game since this site started! Well, Gesh reviewed it now: Syndicate.
Mr Creosote


The second part of Populous: Populous 2. Even better than the first one. But look for yourself!


Today I have another true classic for you: Populous by Bullfrog. Be sure not to miss this one!


It was time for a spring cleaning! I went through the links, removed the dead ones and changed some descriptions to an up-to-date version. The Agames search box is gone as is this site. Then I added some points to the FAQ. Last but not least you should check out the Spam Club for some neat new features!
Mr Creosote


Today I proudly present a masterpiece of modern literature: Lifetime II.
Mr Creosote


After an unusual break Adhoc presents you Great Naval Battles IV.


Gesh makes his comeback with Cool Spot.
He has also changed his e-mail address to
One note about the newsletter: I sent one out today (7 p.m. GMT). If you subscribed, but didn't receive it, you'll have to sign up again because we lost your subscription because of the hacking attack.


Finally a new game by me, Adhoc: Eishockey Manager
Everything should be working again now. If you encounter broken links or anything else which isn´t working properly please drop us an e-mail so we can fix it.


Already up: Amiga, SNES, PC-games, documents, extras, He-Man
Currently uploading: Apps


Already up: Amiga, SNES, PC-games
Still down: Apps
Currently uploading: He-Man


Still more or less the same... Just wanted to give you a quick status report: Amiga- and SNES sections are fully up. You can also try to download PC games, but that just depends on your luck if it works or not. No apps or comics so far. Still way to go!


*%$! This goes too far! Some idiot hacked our server! I have no idea WHY or WHO. But it happened! What did you gain from this, unknown lamer? TGOD, 21st Century Oldies, TUOL and a few other sites all went down because of this. The server's hd had to be formatted. So we lost all the data! That means we have to upload everything again! So no download is working right now! What you're looking at is the raw site. No specials. And the worst thing: I was of course stupid enough not to make a backup copy of the forum. So I have to install it again - all the posts are lost, you all have to register again :( I hope you're satisfied now, Mr Hacker >:(


*%$! What's going on here? First the whole database of the download script disappears. I go offline to fix it. An hour and a half later I want to upload the new database. And what do I find? The server is down! Fortunately this was only for five minutes this time. Phew... Anyway, all the downloads should now work again. Sorry for all the inconvenience!
I've done and uploaded some more smilies for the Spam Club. More to come!


We're back online! It was a hard struggle though. Read all about it in the Spam Club. I'll keep yesterday's news here for another day. This post isn't an update? Considering how many hours I've spent to get the server back online, I'd say this was the biggest update in the site's history!


Today Tapuak brings you Little Big Adventure.


Back to my usual boring update schedule: Mozilla Milstone 17 and 18. The Milestone collection is complete now!


Today a rare weekday´s update by me, adhoc, as even Mr C needs some time to hang off ;). The new game is Speed Haste
IMPORTANT: I´ve once again given in and increased the max. number of users for the downloads at the risk of the server becoming sluggish. If you abuse it, it´ll be your own disadvantage! So I still want to ask you to restrict your downloading to one file simultaneously. Thank you.


At least I've filled the 'gap' now: Mozilla Milestone 10 and 11.
I improved the looks of the He-Man section slightly to prove it's not dead yet.


IMPORTANT: Many people have a hard time downloading something at the moment! The error message is 'Login Incorrect'. I can assure you the file is there and you don't need a login! The reason for this is too many ongoing transfers. For the sake of fairness, I'd like to ask you all to restrict your downloading to only one file transfer at the same time! And please disable segmented downloading! This is killing the server! I don't want to enforce this with any 'punishments' or threats. But please think about all the other people out there and give them a chance to get what they've been looking for. Thank you.
Once again: Mozilla Milestone 7, 8 and 9.


Even more of the same: Mozilla Milestone 5 and 6.
Two new version of Catch the Kreis have been released!



Continuing yesterday's update: Mozilla Milestone 14, 15 and 16.


Interesting addition: Mozilla Milestone 13.
Main update: the long awaited Members List is available at the Spam Club.


At last the apps section sees a good addition again! After much useless/new crap, I'm proud to present you DOS 2.1. Yep, the original IBM DOS! Credits go out to Rebel Terry :)


Two apps to keep you up-to-date: WinRAR 2.80 and DOS-RAR32 2.80.


Today I proudly present a very special game. Available on no other Abandonware site! The cult game of a whole generation: Catch the Kreis!


Continuing yesterday´s update I, adhoc, present you: Premier Manager 3
Just wanted to tell you I'm back - everything will return to normal again! Mr Creosote


Today I, adhoc, have a new game for the sports category: Premier Manager 2 for you. Obviously the weekend has become my domain :P
I'll be away on the weekend. adhoc will take care of the updates. But I won't be able to answer my e-mails of course. If I'm very lucky, I might be able to pop in at the Spam Club once. But don't count on that. If there's something really urgent, mail Adhoc. See you on Monday!


Today I have 3D Floor Planner for you.
I'll be away on the weekend. adhoc will take care of the updates. But I won't be able to answer my e-mails of course. If I'm very lucky, I might be able to pop in at the Spam Club once. But don't count on that. If there's something really urgent, mail Adhoc. See you on Monday!


Sorry, don't have much time to update because I have to follow all the discussions at the Spam Club. The proposed message limit of 100 per minute has been turned down btw ;)
ApplePC 2.52b, Eric the Unready Box Shot


To celebrate the mass of page views in the Spam Club yesterday (more than 1000!), I've added 11 new smilies for all you crazy guys to use.
There are also two new links.


Wow! The number of posts in the Spam Club last night is really impressive :) Keep that up!
And today I even added a game! One if the discussions in the Spam Club inspired me to review Dune.


Your master is back! And look what he brings you today: Speaker.drv.


Today you also have to bear with me, adhoc. For compensation I bring you another simulation: Red Baron.


Due to the known reasons today´s update is again by me, adhoc. I´ll present you a new game as well: Task Force 1942. A true war simulation classic, go check it out!


I'm back. First I want to thank adhoc for jumping in yesterday. It's a great insurance to have reliable people as a 'backup' :) Then I'd like to explain what prevented me from updating yesterday: the cat I grew up with died of cancer. I wasn't able to do anything, not even getting a clear thought. And I'm still quite handicapped because of that. So don't expect such big updates from me in the next time.
Today I'd like to tell you about an experiment I started two days ago. I added Hero Quest, but I deleted the (already written) review from the page before uploading it. Then I especially pointed at the great review (which wasn't there) in the news. Now this state has been up for two full days. And nobody complained about it! This is really sad and once again proves you all don't care about reviews :( The review is of course up now...


Hi folks! Due to personal reasons Mr Creosote can´t update today so here I am, the man with the ever flawless updates: ADHOC! I also brought you a new game:Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator. Have fun!


After a long time of inactivity, the Amiga section has seen a change again: Hero Quest. As usual with an ultra-long and mega-comprehensive review for you to read!


And now for something completely different: the update. It's so great and groundbreaking that you'll certainly all storm the site to download it! Get ready for the biggest change in your life! It's RAR 3.01!
For some unknown reason, the screenshot of the game of the day wasn't displayed. Anyway, it was (and still is) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which still needs a review btw...


The next one: Eternam.
I added a poll. Please vote!
I still need a replacement-review for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!


I bet you were already waiting for the next 'new' game. And here it is: Face Off!
And please use the game store search box on the right!


And another of Vohaul's reviews is gone: Legend of Kyrandia 2. I also need a new review on Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but since I haven't read the book, I can't really get into the game. Can anyone help out?
I also added the copy protection codes for the German version of Stronghold.
SiL (thanks ;) notified me of a bug in Word which prevents some .rtf-files to be displayed correctly. He converted the manual of Legend to raw text because of that and it's now up.


Today I replaced one of Vohaul's reviews (Legend of Kyrandia) with one written by me because Vohaul's reviews suck badly :P Err ok, in fact I just can't tell you the real reason yet...


adhoc added Stunts - he's still without a flawless self-update :P


Especially for the poor Windows ME users out there, Tapuak uploaded ZSNES for Windows today. The DOS version of this emulator has also been replaced by the current version.



Finally! Empire Deluxe is now available in two usable versions (DOS and Windows) thanks to Andrew from The Empire Vault!


The rip-off of The Keep continues: Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom.


Today I have worked personally again and found Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 Beta in my archive.
I also uploaded an English version of Master of Magic and the pdf-manual of Master of Orion.
If you have more alternate language versions, please tell me!


The same person as yesterday uploaded even more! There are some huge files, and so far I've only managed to activate one of them: Turbo Prolog 2.0. More to come!


Sorry for yesterday! I completely forgot to add the manual for Panzer General as promised. But now it's up!
I decided to feature alternate language versions for the games. For a start I uploaded the English versions of Battle Bugs, Colonization and Stronghold. If you have any versions to donate, please use the Upload page.
This is exactly what one visitor did! He uploaded the following apps and even wrote short descriptions: Autodesk Animator 1.0, Print Artist, Clipper 5, Microsim Eval 6, Stacker 3 and Microsoft Works. Thanks very much :)
Lane gave up and removed GOD from his listing! When the first 'other' webmaster wanted to quit, he maybe understood there was nothing to gain for him here... Thanks again for your support!


Returned from work late, did some trading with action figures. Not much time left to update. ASCII Picture 1.1.


Day 1 after the anniversary. For some reason I didn't feel like updating today at all :( This is the first time I have this feeling since more than 100 day ago. Somehow I feel I have achieved everything! One year old, 100 games, No. 1 in apps, comics, masses of visitors, a big forum, my own server, more than 100 updates in a row... From now on I can just be repeating myself, no matter what I do :(
Fortunately, Elwood donated one of his games from his deceased site: Falcon Beertender!


Birthday! The Good Old Days is now one year old! I started it on February, 26th 2000 with four games and 16 apps. The games were Balance of Power - The 1990 Edition, Battle Bugs, Brutal Sports Football and Chaos Engine. They all had quite the same (long) reviews as today (I only revised two of them once) and the same screenshots. The apps were all unreviewed and only up because they're 'useful'. No single of them had a real historical value. The site's design was also completely different. You can see some screenshots here.
To celebrate this anniversary, I've added the hundredth game today: Stunt Island. This was in fact one of the games I planned to review since I started the site. But I never did it. Even today (with all my 'routine' ;) it was still pretty hard and tricky to write about it. Read the review to learn why.
I've also implemented a new feature: the Game of the Day! As the name implies, another game will be presented on the main page every day. But only the site's 'underdogs' will move there, not the ones which are downloaded in masses anyway. I hope you enjoy it.
All congratulations can be done it the Spam Club :)


Today's additions are two versions of LapLink.
I consider the case Forsakenware closed. Why? Well, try to come here via one of their links ;)


Capitalist adhoc added Ports of Call.
Please click the 'send' button above! If you have any questions about the background, please read the old news or ask me.


Now we're at 'more than 100 updates in a row' ;)
After The Keep went down because of exactly this, I removed three programming languages from the apps section.
But I also added five new ones, so the app count even rose: WinAMP 0.2a, WinAMP 1.10, WinAMP 1.20, Netscape 1.0 and Netscape 2.02.
Lane still doesn't want to give in. That is why I added this form above. Please support me!


Tata! Here it is! Update No. 100! Woohoo! It's brought to you by Tapuak who has done a lot of brawling in Super Street Fighter 2!
On a sad note, Lane, the webmaster of a search list, has insulted me and some other people in his news. I politely asked him to remove my site from his listing. He refused to do that and continued to insult me. This behaviour is completely unacceptable, especially since he just lists sites without asking for permission first. And as if that wasn't enough, he doesn't even leave the choice to the webmasters! I can only advice every webmaster and visitor to protest! Here's his e-mail address:


Now at last here it is: Ugh! Thanks to Cillmatic for reminding me of it :)


Because of one silly flame war (the follow-up of the logged 'discussion, I didn't have the time to finish the update I wanted to do. Instead, I'll give you VidPlay 3.


Tapuak reviewed Z today and he also typed the manual in html-format!
Here's my reason to quit the RoA: discussion log.


Mega update coming soon.....NOW!
adhoc added Championship Manager 93.
I removed all the unnecessary buttons on the right. The apps have moved to 'PC'.
Tapuak changed his e-mail address to
I wrote a FAQ.
I've listed the people I want to thank.
I added a small button on the right. It's from Allclicks, so if you want to support me, please click it!


I've installed a download script to protect the links from being stolen. It hides the real location of the file to a certain extent and it let's me change the name of the directory it points to quickly without having to change all the links. The downloads are all ftp now to ensure that you get a working file.
adhoc changed his e-mail address to


Everything is up and running: the domain, the forum and all the downloads!
And as if that wasn't enough, I also have a new feature for you: the Upload Page! It's a sub-page of the contribute section. If you want to send us files, do it there.


Everything in the apps section from # to G is up!
The domain works for me now but I'll keep the address at the rings for another day just to be on the safe side.
Now that the domain is up, you can expect new cool features starting tomorrow!


After a lot of uploading, the PC-section is now fully up! So everything's working now apart from the apps section.


I can proudly announce today, that the sections Amiga, SNES and He-Man are fully up now! There are still some download files missing in the PC section, but I'm working on it.
The domain has been transfered, but it'll take one or two more days until it takes effect everywhere. So it is possible to access the site via with a bit of luck, but I'll still recomment until it's really safe.


Second update on the new server: The Coming Of Hordak.


Welcome to our new server! The domain is still pointing to the old one, but that won't stop us from updating the site ;) Please bookmark for now.
Note that not all the downloads are up yet - so please don't mail us about them!
adhoc added Imperium.


After yesterday's shocking news, I've something very positive today: The server has arrived and I'm currently uploading everything! I hope you understand that I want to finish that as soon as possible, so there's no addition today. And when you wake up tomorrow, you'll hopefully be able to access The Good Old Days on its own server :)


I don't feel like talking much today because (as you might have already noticed) The Keep has closed its doors today. The SPA sent a 'cease and desist' letter :(
I'm glad Tapuak jumped in to do today's update: Panzer General.


App day: Unload 1.0.


From my collection of obscure and useless apps: Top Secret 1.1.


From my collection of obscure comics: From here to Eternia.


From my collection of rare and obscure games: Tube.


Today I proudly present adhoc's first self-update! Before, I always had to do half of the work, he only sent me the raw contents. But now he's independent. Well, at least almost ;) So have fun with the game! Which game? Oh, didn't I say? Ok then, it's Civilization for Windows.


Quick update: Task Man


From now on, I won't mention the new descriptions anymore. Just trust me, I'm working on it!
One new comic: Falling Stars.


Apart from the usual descriptions, there's also a new one: Russian Notepad!


The same as yesterday: more descriptions in the apps section!


I've continued with the quality improvements in the apps section. Not really too much so far, but I'm on the way!


Now the moment has come. I can't stand the apps section anymore! It's completely useless because how should anyone know from the programs' titles what they are for? Because of that, I'll now start including one-liners for all of them. I know that's still not much, but it's all I can do :( If someone would like to become a co-webmaster for the apps section, someone who is really dedicated to these tools, he would of course be the better choice. But since noone seems to be willing to do it, you'll have to live with it...
Five new apps: PGP Shell 1.00, Phoebe 1.21, PopCal 2.0, Pot Pourrie, RGB Vue 0.99


Today we have.... ten new apps! Surprise, surprise! They are: WinMol, MPEG Viewer, Scalable MPEG 2.0, MsgBox Editor, Nustuff for Windows 1.0, NONAG 2.0, Micro-OdoMeter 1.2, OKFonts, PagePlus and Compute used Disk-Space 2.0.
By request of the copyright holder, the download of Deluxe Ski Jumping has been removed. I'm linking to their official site now instead.




CDR Check, DropIT, CCF Soundmaker 1.0, CD Sound Off, Book Binder 2.0, CD Labeller, CRT Alignment Tools, CT Bench, Cybercom and DIR Info: all these apps have been added today!
I started a thread at the Spam Club which might be important for the site's future. Please leave a comment there!


The review on Legend has been translated. And the new game is Metal Marines. Ten more to go!


Pretty lousy update today. Sorry for this, but I only just returned from work :(
WinRAR 2.71, WinACE 1.5 and VGA Copy 386 6.24


Yet another game today, added by Vemperor: Legend. Thanks again!
I added the remaining DC-comic: Fate is the Killer.


And here it is: Comanche! I've ripped the CD-Intro from it to push it down under the (for me) acceptable size of 10 MB. And what I really wanted to prove with this is the fact that I still can add games myself and that the simulation category doesn't completely belong to adhoc :P Oh, and please have a look at the very first Screenshot: Comanche on drugs!


Much work, but only one thing has worked out:
Within these walls...Armageddon! is the worthy ending of the DC-trilogy.
I spent the rest of the day ripping the next game down to an acceptable size. More of it tomorrow.


Most of the stuff that was scheduled for yesterday is done now:
Some new graphics made by Gesh
'Das Spiel ohne Namen' is now available as a compiled version thanks to MS - you know you're meant :)
One new comic: The Key to Castle Grayskull


Yawn! I'm so exhausted that I almost fell asleep doing this update. I didn't nearly do all the stuff I wanted to do! So it's only one new game added by Gesh today: The Lost Vikings.


Ah well... 'More than 200' sounds much better than '200', so I added two more apps: HotDIR 2.1 and MITE 2.81.
To Tempt the Gods is new in the comics-section.
Regarding games, Tapuak took care of Goof Troop.


I just returned home after hours and hours of work. Fortunately, adhoc cared for today's update: Deluxe Ski Jumping!
Gesh tweaked some of the graphics.
Join The Spam Club now!


I'll make this one short: Syncompudox 1.20, Stuff, System Speed Test 2.0, Space 1.30, Norton Speed Disk 4.50, Clicker. 200 apps. PLEASE someone has to take over this section!!!
The Spam Club is open! It takes the place of The Good Old Days' Forum. Go there NOW and start posting! Huge thanks to Derek for helping me on setting it up :)
If you're familiar with the Ikonboard script, you can maybe help me: I've put up several custom Avatars but the script scrunches them all to 32x32. Is there any way around that?


Only routine today: Turbo C++ 2.01, Norton UnRemove Directory 4.50, Norton Text Search 4.50, WinG, Clock, Telix Communications v3.21 and King of the Snake Men.
I'm really growing tired of the apps section. I don't think it'll be expanded much more if there's nobody who wants to continue working on it. If you're willing to do that, contact me!


First the routine: Visual Basic 3.00, VPic, DOS-RAR 2.50, DOS-RAR 2.50 German, Volkov Commander and Long live the King.
As you can see, the poll on the right is gone. I did that because with so many votes, the new ones didn't change anything anymore anyway (hehe), so it was just the short comments which were still interesting. And you can as well leave those in the forum!
I've updated the links, changing the status of some sites.
The Contribute-section now contains a list of the 'open jobs'. It will always represent the latest needs, so be sure to check it out!



Apps: MS-DOS 1.1, Neo Book 2.1 Basic, Neo Book 2.1 Professional, Cheat Engine 2.50c, News Room Pro, Num Off, NetWare Lite v1.1, Lotus Organizer 1.12.
Finally a comics again: King of Castle Grayskull! I know it's a bad scan, but it was the best I could get out it without ripping it apart.



And another 14 apps! Yesterday's update already made The Good Old Days the largest site for old tools. But with these additions, it should be made completely official! All news ones are copy tools but one: Complete Program Deleter 2.3.
The sad event of the day is that Vohaul closed B.S:O.D forever! BUT he gave me three of his reviews: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the first two parts of the Legend of Kyrandia-series. But what is the addition of three games compared to the loss of a great site?
The ad on top has been changed to a pure 'Click-Banner'. So impressions aren't enough anymore! I'd be more than glad if you just clicked it once per visit, or at least if you download something!


"15.12.2000: Mega update coming soon!" Nah, I won't give you that ;) Here it is! 22 new apps today. I won't list them all, just go to the Graphics- and Other-page and find out yourself!



Six apps have been added: Bremze 5.01, Caps Lock Tool, Crackaid 3.39, DProtect, Locksmith 1.31 and Patcher 6.5.
Today's Review Of The Day is Aces of the Deep by adhoc. Check out the Abandonware Oscars!


adhoc added NHL Hockey today.
I added the usual apps: Neo Paint 3.2d, PKZIP 2.50, RAR32 2.71, UnARJ 2.43 and UnRAR 1.05
Without any connection to The Abandonware Oscars, I'd like to point your attention to my review on Master of Orion...


Two landmarks are achieved today! The Good Old Days now features its 80th game (True Lies reviewed by Tapuak and with world exclusive hints) and 107 apps (ARJ 2.75a, ARJ32 3.08a, JAR 1.02, DOS4GW 1.97, 2MB Disk Format and 800 KB Disk Format). The second number is also a landmark? Well, insiders will surely understand...
And don't forget to check out The Abandonware Oscars and nominate some of my reviews!


It finally happened! The loss my site makes has grown too much! Now this is really some kind of 'last compromise': I'll move the apps and comics somewhere else, I'll split the site up to more pages and put up 'back'-buttons to get more banner impressions. If that all doesn't help, it is 'Goodbye Good Old Days' :( I simply can't keep up the work on so many different sites (TUOL, Abandonweb, Gamport, GOD) and still fight the daily struggle against free servers. I'll of course update as long as it lasts, so let's see how it developes. If you know any alternative, please let me know!
As you probably can imagine, I'm not really in the mood of doing a big update now. So it's only two new apps today: Voyetra Sequencer Pro Plus and The Draw 3.3. But at least that brings us to the nice number of 100 apps...
Tapuak changed the SNES-section's design a bit and uploaded another emulator. Err... 101 apps...
50 updates in a row!
And don't forget to check out The Abandonware Oscars and nominate my site :P


The sad news first: Agames' banner XChange is gone because the server couldn't handle the traffic :(
The good news: The Abandonware Oscars are open! I happen to be the organizer and head of the jury, but that doesn't mean you can't nominate me and my site - go over there immediately! ;)
The usual news: No comic today, but 12 new apps: At-Slow 4.00, CCS64 1.09, Minus/4 for DOS and Windows, Moslo Deluxe 2.1, Mosaic Netscape 0.9, PCXDump 5.00, Screen Thief 1.56, Stella 1.1, WinEMU 0.48 and YAPE 0.27! Most of them are emulators :)


Happy new year everyone! The new year begins like the last one ended: with an update! What else?
Five new apps (GW-Basic 3.22, MS-DOS 6.22, Qemm 7.04, Rawrite and Unpackexe 1.0) and one new comic (The Hate Stones) today.


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