Welcome to the Super Nintendo-section. It's all about a system which is just now getting really affordable. Due to very exorbitant prices for games it was in the best years of the SNES (around 1994) almost impossible to get a decent collection. Who is ready to pay up to 130DM (about 60$) for usually very simple games?
Obviously many people are as in 1994 the SNES was the most popular and the most common video console of the world and it was a serious contender for other systems like the Amiga, but in the end it attracted a different target group. Reasons for this can be found in the games and in operating the SNES (putting in the cartridge and turning on). Most games are very action-orientated and simple, but are still entertaining and a good choice for quick multiplayer duels. Even today, a few years after their appearance, the games already have a certain nostalgic attraction which is almost perfectly emulated on the PC. So have a lot of fun!