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To Tempt the Gods

DownloadPlot: Horrible Demons appear throughout Eternia. Adam (aka He-Man) wants to ask the Sorceress about this. But in the Cave of Power, he is greeted by Skeletor who has magically imprisoned the Sorceress. Holding her as his hostage, he wants to force He-Man to search three talismans, each representing either sea, sky or cosmos, which will lead him to the Power Sword. He-Man has no choice but to agree for the Sorceress' sake! He rushes to the royal palace where he finds the court wizard Tarrak fighting with even more demons. Together with Teela and Man-at-Arms, he fights them off. But the evil creatures managed to steal the first talisman! Meanwhile, Avion is under attack of by a horde of Beastmen. They seem to be after Stratos' amulet, so he escapes to save the city. Aided by Tarrak's magic, he manages to get to the palace safely. He-Man immediately recognizes his amulet as one of the talismans. To be continued...
Comments: Very intense story! Skeletor's plan is really genious: using He-Man's powers for himself is a great idea! Beastman isn't an individual character but there's a whole lot of him. And this is even one of the very few stories in which Adam is obviously heterosexual. Or at least he pretends he is - it could be part of his disguise ;)

The Key To Castle Grayskull

DownloadPlot: On his search for another talisman, He-Man rides through the jungle on Battle Cat. They meet a guy called Ceril and his tribe who knows He-Man because he had once saved these people from the evil sorcerer Damon. Ceril wants to lead He-Man to a talisman. Suddenly a very bright light and even more demons appear. Ceril and his men delay the monsters while He-Man enters a cave in which the next talisman is. He-Man grabs it and he and Battle Cat disappear in a flash of light. Meanwhile, Man-At-Arms, Teela and Stratos are flying over the Sea of Blackness where they hope to find the third talisman. They use a potion which enables them to breathe under water for an hour. After some searching, they find the city of the Mer-People. Mer-Man stands in their way and a fight ensues. More and more Mer-People arrive and it doesn't look good for the heroic warriors. Skeletor intervenes, ordering Mer-Man to retreat, but Teela doesn't want to have his help. So Skeletor disappears again, laughing about her foolishness. The hour has passed and the heroes don't have any air left. With his last breath (litteraly), Stratos grabs the talisman and there's the same phenomenon as before: the three disappear in a flash of light. They find themselves flying in a strange world but reunited with He-Man and Battle Cat. Skeletor shows up. He wants the warriors to go enter the void which has appeared using the talismans and to get the Power Sword in exchange for the Sorceress' life. They have no choice but to obey. On the other side, an army of demons awaits them once again. But Zodac intervenes and the fight ceases...
Comments: This part of the story is even deeper than the first part! Full of tension! Interesting sidenote: Mentioning Ceril and his tribe is obviously a try to cross the bridge between the He-Man of the first Minicomics and the 'modern' version (aka Adam).

Within these walls...Armageddon!

DownloadPlot: Zodac tells He-Man that apart from Skeletor there's another evil force involved; someone who sent all these demons. It is Damon who has found the swords halves but can't reach them because of an energy field around them. Zodac uses the talismans to open yet another portal and he calls Zoar. The heroic warriors enter it. Damon attacks Skeletor with a giant monster but Skeletor is stronger. Now he knows who his competitor is and the two meet. They start fighting. The combination of their powers causes Castle Grayskull to open. Man-E-Faces, standing outside, is hit by a magical ray. Skeletor brutally kills Damon and he enters the heart of the castle via a portal. The heroes also appear somewhere in the castle but they have to face several traps and problems at first. Teela finally meets Skeletor who already has both halves of the sword in his hands. Teela's energy weapon can't cause any harm to Skeletor. He puts the sword together just when He-Man arrives. After a short battle with Beastman and Man-E-Faces, whom Skeletor has turned into a monster, He-Man faces Skeletor himself. With heavy help from Teela, the Sorceress and Zoar, he finally manages to knock Skeletor out. The Sorceress is free at last.
Comments: The interesting point in this part is the rivalry between Damon and Skeletor. The two need each others power, and both their plans are really tricky!


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