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How do I log in?

You can't (the accounts are not shared with the forum), but you don't need to, either. The accounts have purely administrative functions, you can access all contents without authentication.

Why don't the cover images show?

Most likely because your browser does not accept session cookies.

Why can't I download anything?

Same as with the cover images, you need a valid session to download comics. Session cookies (i.e. non-permanent ones) are enough.

Cookies are usually used for tracking. What personal data do you collect?

The cookies used on this website are solely used to grant access to cover images and downloads. No personal information is collected. You are not tracked.

Why are some scans so crappy?

They have been made over the period of some years, so there has been a learning curve. Also, they have been made by different people. A 'crappy' scan is probably still better than none at all. Superior replacements are always welcome!

Why are only so few scans readable online?

The idea of this was to provide some (entertaining) running commentary along with the pages. Since this didn't really seem to catch on, it was abandoned. Amendments are welcome!

I never got credit for my scan!

As you can clearly see, we give credit where credit is due. If someone else sent 'your' scan in, we have no way of knowing, though. Drop us a line and we will amend this.

You just took all the scans from this other website!

In fact, it is exactly the other way around. All current websites now offering similar (or the same) scans came much later than this one. Many use our scans. Some (lamely) without credit.