Lost in Time (Lost_in_Time_-_Manual.7z)

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Herr M.:

Although I never got very far in this game, I do have some fond memories of it. For one it was probably the first interactive movie game I saw that looked and played somewhat decent and for two my sister used to play it a lot, trying very hard to finish it. But as far as I remember there was a point (something with a bottle of champagne and shooting something from a beam with it) were she got stuck. So yes you are right: The puzzles are rather hard in this one. We even had a walkthrough in a gaming magazine, put it was only for the latter areas, she never reached. Well that was before the internet ruined any kind of suspense in adventure games. ;)

Personally I like Coktels Gobliiins games better, but I do agree with you, that this one does have a certain charm. And compared to King's Quest it is certainly more user friendly.