Fury of the Furries (furycheats.txt)

Fury Of The Furries
There are no cheats for this game as far as I know,
but here's something small guaranteed to make your
life with the Furries a little easier.

First thing, get a hex editor. Almost any will do,
although I strongly recommend Hex Workshop from www.bpsoft.com.
Then make a backup copy of the fury.exe file. Open
the fury.exe in your hex editor and do the following:

1. To get infinite lives:
   Locate the string: FF 0E F7 1E (offset 00007708)
   Change to: 90 90 90 90
2. To get immune to most (but not all!) traps and enemies:
   Locate the string: 83 3C FF 74 40 A1 (offset 0000708A)
   Change to: 83 3C FF EB 40 A1
   Locate the string: E9 11 FF C7 06 BF (offset 00007235)
   Change to: E9 11 FF E9 0E FF