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Master of the Universe - the cult lives on! There are only very few things most people from all around the world who grew up in the 80s share. But their childhood with the Masters is one of them! Who didn't support He-Man wholehearted in his daily struggle against Skeletor? Or maybe you were one of the few who felt Skeletor was much cooler and hoped his genious plans would work someday (like me)?
To keep all these memories alive (or to renew them in some cases), I built up this section. It is not meant as a Masters-Encyclopedia, but merely as a place to download these abandoned Comics! For more information about the series in general, browse the links.

And before anyone complains: Yes, I am aware that Princess of Power is in fact an independent series, but I just put it here, ok? You won't die a horrible death because of that!

In case you want to give being He-Man a try yourself, try the unofficial Masters of the Universe computer game exclusively by your favourite programmer!

Mr Creosote

Technical stuff: Some scans are simple RAR archives which consist of a bunch of JPG files. It can be extracted and the comics can be read by opening one of the included files (index.htm) in a web browser. There are numerous more elegant solutions. See Cyperswipe's forum post on this topic.

If you have any comic-scans and you're willing to contribute them, contact me!

Webmasters: feel free to use these scans on your sites, but please let me know and credit me!